Bridgettalladega: Hello everyone! See, I promised you a DMC story that would restore Dante back to...well, Dante, and this will be it! It's taken me about...oh, 5 tries? Just to get the opening right.

Best Friend: Putting her heart and soul into this story!

Bridgettalladega: So, this is just the prologue. I might add that I don't own DMC, nor will this story follow that videogame...this is mine, and with the help of my friend Fallon529, this the outcome. Please enjoy!

Believe me when I say that the sanest of people can actually be the craziest, while the ones that appear the craziest are actually the most reasonable. In this world of false-fronts, of lies and deception, who is to judge what is crazy? What is normal? How do we know for a fact that our behavior now is not a side-effect of the insanity imposed upon a mass population?

Some crazy people may not even be psychotic. Some of them, well, they just notice things that sane people chose to ignore. They notice the shadows dancing in the halls; they notice the other personalities we have, bubbling under our skin.

Sometimes, they notice the blood-lust that we have in our heritage, and who can say it isn't normal behavior that they act on it? We use to act on it, we use to be savages- how do we know that our evolution wasn't a flaw, a seam in the system? That we were supposed to turn out like every person that society now calls crazy?

Sane people think that noticing these things will make them crazy- crazy people know that by noticing these things, they feel enlightened. The whole I-know-something-you-don't-know feeling, alive in their bodies and then they are condemned for it, and begin thinking that maybe, noticing the voices wasn't the best idea.

And you may think that this sounds like a whole bunch of psychobabble, but in reality, I'm merely stating the truth.

That the sanest of us are just the ones that chose to ignore all possibility of something else, while the craziest of us are the ones with their eyes, and their minds, open.

And we call ourselves an advanced society…how can we be? If our minds and our eyes are closed to the fact that maybe, just maybe, we've got all this wrong…how is there room for progress?

How would we know that any of this is right?...And more importantly, if we did figure out we were backwards, wrong, our way of thinking was actually the one that was diseased…

Would we be able to handle it?

Bridgettalladega: Eh, nothing too exciting yet, but this is just the opener! Expect another chapter up...relatively soon.