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"This used to be my room. Did you know that?" I woke up groggily the next morning to the sound of someone sitting next to me on the bed. I rubbed at my eyes, slowly focusing on Dante's face, with his tightly drawn frown. "We used to trade beds. One night, I'd get the one by the window…the next night, Verg would. I'm guessing Nanie told you about him?" I nodded slowly, sitting up and yawning.

"Yeah…she told me all about everything."

"Everything?" Dante looked doubtful, and I understood why; he knew Anine would never tell me what happened that night when Dante's family was killed, and one of the main reasons was because she didn't know about the demons. I had seen Dante hide Ol' Reliable as soon as he had gotten out of the shower last night; this woman, living in this peaceful little house, had no idea about the hell that was outside.

"Almost everything." He nodded, as though I confirmed what he was thinking.

"Did you sleep well?" I yawned again, nodding.

"Yeah; what time is it?"

"4. I just got up an hour ago, myself." My eyes widened and I couldn't help my jaw dropping. This was certainly the latest I had ever slept in; even when we were in Limbo, I had always gotten up reasonably early. "Do you want…I wanted to…bring you…get dressed. I want to show you something. Anine left clothes out for both of us." Dante mumbled, while looking down at the mattress.

I stretched and looked at Dante, for the first time noticing what he was wearing. A clean white tee-shirt and a pair of what looked like khaki pants my father would wear. I grinned, sliding out from underneath the covers. "You certainly look different." I commented, as something resembling a blush spread over Dante's face. "Are you going to leave so I can change?" Dante grinned, and stood up, walking over to me.

"Wouldn't be the first time I saw you undressed, Kitty." I rolled my eyes as I shoved him outside, picking up the clothes that Anine had laid out for me.

The day was comfortable as Dante and I walked out of the house, the sunlight hitting my legs in the dress that Anine had given to me. Dante took my hand and we began walking behind the house, up the hill, towards the pile of rubble I had glanced at the night before. A sinking feeling appeared in the pit of my stomach, and I looked up at Dante, whose face was blank, almost emotionless.

We got to the top of the hill, and the first thing I noticed as how lifeless it felt. There was decay and the feeling of death, and even though the day was warm and cloudless, it felt cold and gloomy. It felt like tragedy was in the air and I couldn't take a breath without feeling as though I would cry.

"This is my old house." Dante stated quietly, and I felt his grip tighten on my hand. I looked at the rubble; so much stone- it was larger than it had appeared last night, and I could only guess how large the house had been when it was still standing.

All of a sudden, I felt Dante sit down on the lawn, pulling me down with him. I tried to read his face; see if he was feeling anything, anything at all- but it was completely blank, steady, collected. Seeing him like that was completely unnerving- I would've rather him been acting like an ass, or making some comment, or even crying; even that, I would've picked over what felt like this unbreakable front he was showing.

"Hey, Kitty?" His voice, breaking the silence was unexpected, and I think I jumped.


"You know when the medication your dad gave us began wearing off?"


"You got memories back too, right?" He asked, and I nodded, sitting next to him on the grass.

"I did…that was how I found out you weren't lying. About the demons and stuff."

"Do you think you remember everything now?" I bit down on my lip, staring down at the grass, plucking it between my fingers. That was something I hadn't thought of in a while; the regaining of memories had slowed to a stop by the time we had reached the outskirts of Limbo city, and I tried recalling everything that had finally come back to me.

"I think so; I still don't remember my mom…maybe it was because she died when I was too little."

"Do you…Kitty, do you ever wish…you didn't remember all of it?" I stared at him, but he was looking up, away from me.

"Sometimes." I admitted, and he looked over at me, possibly surprised by my answer. "Sometimes I wish I could go back to the before…when I didn't know and was ignorant and naïve. But I think I'm glad, in a way, that I remembered. Because…it let me help you." I smiled at him, and he scoffed, looking away from me. He was quiet once again, before sighing.

"Demons attacked that night. That's how it got ruined. It was so strong I thought it would never fall. But it did. My mother and Vergil were still fighting them…when Vergil told me to leave. Because I wasn't strong enough and I couldn't do anything. So I ran. And I just kept going until I got to Limbo." He stated, clipped but calm and I pulled his hand into my lap,



"Why…why did you run away that night? Why didn't you go to Anine?" I looked down at him, and he brought his eyes to mine, locking our gazes together.

"I felt guilty." I think my jaw must have dropped then, because Dante cast his gaze away from mine, his mouth set in a tight line. "I didn't stay that night, when everything happened. Vergil told me to run away and I listened." He spit, as though the words left a pungent taste on his tongue.

"You were so young Dante. So young. You shouldn't feel guilty about any of it."

"My mother and brother died and I ran away." He stated sharply, and I reached out, pulling him closer to me. He lay down, resting against my lap, and I sighed.

"I'm sorry that they passed, Dante." I murmured, and he shut his eyes, silently listening. "And I'm sorry that you feel guilty…and I wish I had the words to convince you that it's not your fault, but I can tell you that no one's going to blame you but yourself."

We stayed there for a few moments, Dante's head resting in my lap, as I stared at the crumbled remains of a once beautiful house. I could picture it if I closed my eyes; three-stories, with a wraparound porch and ivy growing in tendrils up the supports. A wide living room for birthdays and enough space for two growing boys to roam around. Upstairs, three bedrooms, maybe four, and a study with a giant library.

"I'm half-demon, half-angel, Kitty. I'm a nephilim." Were the words that broke the tranquil silence, and I looked down at the boy in my lap who had spoken them.

"Oh? I never knew." Though maybe I had assumed, way back, when Mo had given Dante that look when talking about half-breeds.

"I'm not human at all. Does that bother you?" He looked at me, and I smiled, shaking my head.

"Should it? Dante, this whole…year has been crazy. I've changed what I've believed so much and I've grew to believe things I never thought I would. So no, it doesn't."

"…Katelynn?" I felt my heart stutter at him using my full-name.


"I-…never mind." He sat up, rubbing at his jeans before helping me up. "Come on; Nanie was making dinner and she used to be upset if we were late for it."

Dante turned around, looking at the house, before sighing, closing his eyes, and turning away.

We walked hand and hand back to the house, even though we weren't running and there was no immediate danger around. Perhaps it was just natural now; perhaps it was just comforting. Either way, I knew I wouldn't be the one to break this bond.

When we got inside, there was a man with greying hair standing next to Anine at the stove, his large reading glass perched on his nose, his tie hanging neatly down the front of his shirt. His face was lined with wrinkles and his frame thin, lean looking. He looked over at us, his brown eyes scanning our appearance.

"Dante, are you going to introduce your friend to me?" His voice was deep, thick, and Dante stood up straighter as he led me over to him.

"Katelynn…this is Mr. Lawrence, Nanie's husband." I could hear the politeness is Dante's voice, and it caused me to smile as Mr. Lawrence stuck out his hand to me.

"It's nice to meet you Katie; I heard that you and Dante have been doing some traveling." I nodded, feeling a blush rise to my face.

"Well, I mean, we just came here from Limbo city, so-" I felt my words trail off, and Mr. Lawrence offered me a smile.

"So Ani tells me." From behind him, Anine laughed, walking towards us with a plate in her hand.

"Are we ready for dinner?" She suggested as Mr. Lawrence kissed her on the forehead. I looked over at Dante, who smiled and shrugged.

We sat around the table, as conversation about Dante and I continued, along with pleasant chatter about other more ordinary matters, and I felt myself relaxing, falling into this quiet lifestyle. It was nice to believe that two people could live a life like this- one without running and one without fear.

"So, where are you two planning on heading?" Mr. Lawrence asked, as Dante cleared his throat.

"To Ethor- my dad had a…place there and its…I want to get there so I can protect myself. And Katelynn." I tried to figure out why it was Dante just didn't mention about the demons and suddenly the realization that Anine and Mr. Lawrence knew nothing of those creatures fell upon me, breaking my soft smile as I watched Anine nod.

"That's sweet Dante, but don't you think you should stay here?" Dante shook his head, reaching for his glass. He drank deeply, shaking his head.

"No; I don't have anything…I have no way of protecting Katelynn and I…if anything were to happen to us and we needed something. Plus I feel that in a big city, we could blend in better. Not be so recognized, after some of the initial fuss dies down."

Anine sighed and nodded, before looking over at Mr. Lawrence.

"Dante, Lawrence and I have wanted to give you this for a long time…and since you want to go away again, I think this might be the best time." Anine whispered quietly, as the clattering of utensils against plates completely stopped. Lawrence cleared his throat, and took Anine's hand in his own.

"It's nothing much, really…it's just-" Anine fumbled in her pocket, and gently, she pulled out a necklace- a golden locket.

"My mom's. She must have left this-" Dante's face began to crumple up, as though he was about to cry, and quickly, he cast his eyes away from the table.

"She left this over here the day before she passed away; she had actually given it to me, with instruction to give it to you boys…if ever you needed it." She gently lay the locket down in front of Dante, who was still biting down hard on his cheek.

"She always wore that. It was from my dad, Vergil and me, for her birthday." Dante turned back towards the table, taking the locket in his trembling hands. He undid the clasp, and his eyes swelled with tears as he saw the picture on the inside.

It was a family picture- everyone smiling, everyone together. Dante pushed his seat back from the table, standing up with the locket tightly clutched in his hands. Wordlessly, he walked out of the room, and up the stairs, where I could hear the door to his bedroom close. Anine, Mr. Lawrence and I sat there quietly, until finally Anine sighed, giving Lawrence's hand a tight squeeze.

"I think I'll just go up and check on him…just to make sure." I whispered, following Dante up the steps.

"Dante?" I quietly knocked on the bedroom door where he had stayed last night, but inside, I heard no noise. No movement whatsoever- and as I pushed open the door, I realized it was because Dante was not inside that room. However, I had a feeling I know where he'd be.

I went into the room that used to be Dante and Vergil's and now was mine, and gently eased open the door. Proving my assumption right was Dante, sitting on one of the old beds with his head bowed, the necklace cupped in his hands. I walked over to him and sat down on the bed, biting down on my lip.

"Dante, I'm so sorry."

"I'm fine, Kitty." His voice was rough and I took a deep breath inward, tilting my head back.

"I think…I think it's natural to cry over being alone, don't you?" I whispered, feeling tears fill my own eyes as I turned back to face Dante.

He was staring at me, his eyes red and puffy, and I reached over, brushing away the few damp lines that remained on his face. He closed his eyes and I pulled him tightly against me, holding him in my arms. We stayed that way for a long while, long enough to hear the quiet sobs that passed Dante's lips, long enough for him to cling tighter to me- until, eventually, Dante sat up, wiping at his eyes.

"Here- I want…I want you to have this." He held the necklace out towards me, and I shook my head quickly.

"No, Dante, I couldn't possibly-"

"You said that people cried over being alone, right? Well, I'm…I'm not alone anymore." I felt my eyes begin to tear up and Dante quickly fastened the necklace around me.

"Dante, I-" He shook his head, and I closed my mouth, watching as he stood up and walked to the other side of the room.

"I think I'll stay in here tonight." I felt a soft smile form on my lips, and I stood up, walking over to him.

"So, since I've been staying in that bed all week, are you suggesting we share it?" Dante shrugged, a smile playing on his lips.

"Well, only if you are." I lay down next to him, feeling him press against me, holding me tightly in his arms.

"You know, I think I might actually sleep really well tonight." I whispered, turning so that I faced him.

"Me too."

I closed my eyes, and it was a while later when I opened them, I found him staring at me with such calm, patient eyes that I thought I must have been dreaming. Had I never realized how truly blue his eyes were? Like ice…but unlike ice they were not cold and harsh…they were so…captivating, really breath taking actually- they were those same eyes that could be killer-serious and then sensuously teasing and calm and gentle, or a combination of all three, as they were now.

I found my gaze trailing down to his lips. They were so…so nice looking. I wondered what it may feel like….oh, no, that was a stupid thought, I could never…but if I did, what would they feel like? Taste like? I didn't know anything about kissing- if I kissed him, Dante would be my first kiss and the thought made my mind fuzzy as though I was the static on a broken television set.

I felt Dante's hand snake down to my lower back, drawing me closer to him. For a moment, I was pulled out of my own thoughts, only to find him studying me in much the same way I had just been looking at him. Appreciatively. Hungrily.


I reached up, as though my hand was out of my control, and slowly brushed the dark hair off of his face, letting my hand feel the smoothness of his skin, the contours his cheekbones made.

"Kitty…are you trying to-"

I didn't wait to hear the rest of his sentence- all of a sudden, my impulse overcame me, and I wanted to feel those lips pressed against my own more than anything I had wanted in my whole life. I wanted to pull him closer and express the passion that was building up inside me, to let him know how much I hungered for this- for one simple, passionate, lustful kiss.

And so I clamped his mouth off with my own, closing my eyes as he kissed me back and in that moment I felt as though I were floating, and I was soaring and maybe first-kisses weren't supposed to taste this sweet and this good and maybe he wasn't supposed to be as skilled as he was, and maybe I wasn't supposed to feel so secure, because maybe I had just gotten lucky. Because it felt like there was lightning racing through my body and a storm raging in every one of my nerves, and I was sure nothing could, or would, ever feel this great again.

I broke the kiss with a soft sigh, and I closed my eyes, smiling to myself.

"Wow." I whispered, and I felt a chuckle rumble in Dante's chest.


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