The buzzer crackled letting out a small shriek and the chopper flew to hover dam. If zombies were in this town and had an exit one option said to flood the town. The disease cannot spread, cops set up a blockade so the zombies would be stalled while the mission began. The dam was easy to give way when shot but the water stopped near a bay. Zombies made it over the blockade and infected cops. Now the bridge was needed to be tooken out although the zombies will walk up and down the mountain to get across. More time to evacuate at least, the zombies began to go across and was blocked by the hole. Then another outbreak was started in Washington. The reason was because meteors crash down with the plague. Zombies walked to food industries mostly and that was how people began blocking exits when they go inside. More zombies arrive each day by bites, scratches, meteors, and age. At the age of 90 the bodies can't fight air disease and turns zombie. A group of survivors live and shoot 88 year olds to be sure no one goes Sysco. 400 people are in this group and they move each day to survive.