The tears were almost flooding out of her now. They weren't only imposters of the Mauraders, but they had been hired! Hired to be imposters of both the Mauraders and….the "Princes of Mori High." Her anger consumed her, but her hurt was what lead her to shredding the paper. Who would hate her this much to do this to her.

She stormed from her cell the next day and passed the four masked Mauraders. They were no longer worth her time she decided. They looked at her confused as she passed by them and one tried to talk to her. She turned and punched him in the mouth. She could see the blood trickling from his mouth and nose, staining the sack. "Do not associate yourselves with me. I don't associate myself around hired copies!"

They all looked at her as if she were from another planet now. "How did you know that?" They asked. "You knew we weren't the mauraders, but how did you know that we were hired?"

She glared and growled low, "Ask another question and I'll kill you." She turned after that and headed in the other direction. Her emotions were running all over the place. She knew he was dead, why was she trying to bring him back up now? Making similarities with him and other people.

It wasn't fair that all these imposters were able to bring back these memories that she had kept hidden. She demanded to be locked back in her cell for the rest of the day and the guards didn't seem to mind her orders. They kindly obliged and opened the cell door for her and slowly shut it. She sat in her cell, undisturbed for the rest of the day.

It was well after nightfall now and she was still awake. Just thinking of what she missed. What she found she was longing for. She was trying to understand why she had wasted all of the time that she did hating them. Why did she do that when, when it mattered most, she loved them. All of them.

The moonlight was filtering in through the bars and she followed the dust that floated down in it, to the shredded paper. She moved to turn her head away but it jerked back. The bottom of the paper had been signed.

She froze and stared at it, her eyes widening. She felt her breath picking up and panic hitting her harder and harder witch each beat of her pulse. "I killed you…" She whispered. "I was there when you did die…" She murmured under her breath. The name on the paper was the name of the leader of the Real Mauaders….

Even more disturbing, it wasn't his handwriting. She ripped out the piece of paper that she kept on her. The piece of paper that was on the front porch of the burning building that night. The message from them. They had killed them. Her loved ones! They had killed them and she had killed them for it, so why were they still alive and why was the handwriting different if they were? She was almost panting now, her aura darkening even the moonbeams.

Everything was pitch black that night…