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"So how did Papa take the news that we weren't going to spend Thanksgiving break with him?" Nina rolled her eyes as we made our way through the bitter Boston air.

"Mama Pep stepped in and said that we need to spread our wings and spend it with each other. Total bullshit, but, Pepper knows us far too well." Laughing lightly, we made it to my apartment. Somehow my father had pulled some strings and gotten me out of the mandatory dorm for my freshman/sophomore year.

"Has anybody given you shit about testing out of most of your freshman classes?" Glancing over my shoulder, Nina threw off her beanie and began pulling off her massive scarf that was wrapped tightly over her grey pea cot. "Seriously? You're such a California girl."

"So are you, I just chose to go to Stanford, while you chose to freeze your testes off and go to MIT." Laughing we both dragged her bag(s) toward the elevator and loaded in once the doors opened. "And to answer your question, yes, people have been giving me loads of shit for it. I mean, we can't help that we're fucking brilliant, get off my ass people. I think they're just pissed that we've got double majors, I mean Nuclear Medicine and Chemistry aren't the easiest majors in the world. And you're doing Nuclear Science and Chemical Engineering with a minor in Latin, which is weird by the way." The elevator opened and we stumbled out in to the wide hallway.

"Papabear hooked it up! Actually Pepper did, he just forks up the cash." Nina nodded in approval as I dug in my massive hobo bag for my keys. "Seriously, next break, I'm coming to Cali and we're having a West Coast adventure! Ah ha!" Pulling my evasive keys from my purse I opened the door to my apartment.

"Very nice, like the brick, oh wow, and the huge windows, well done Pep," Giving her a quick tour, we ended with the spare bedroom, throwing her bags to the wayside. Without thinking twice, we both plopped down on the bed , rolling on our backs.

"California is weird without you." Nina whispered, the top of her head bumping mine slightly. "Dad is weirded out, Pepper is the same though, Rhodey is still trying to keep dad's ass in line. So I mean, it's not too out of the ordinary, we just all know there's something missing."I glanced at her from the corner of my eye. Nodding in agreement, I stretched. I knew they all would miss me, but I needed to see what I could do on my own. Especially since the diagnosis, it's only been six months and I have noticed minor changes, but I want to live life now. By my own damn rules, by myself, in my own city.

"I need a drink." Sitting up, I thumped Na' lightly on the leg before rolling of the bed.

"I couldn't agree more."

"This is Sam!" Holding out my hand, I pointed to the tall blonde girl in front of me. "Sam this is my twin sister, Nina." They both smiled and said their hellos. "Nina here has never been to Roxobees." Sam feigned a look of horror before wrapping her arm around Nina and began leading her from the parking lot towards the door to our favorite local.

"Come, young lady, welcome to paradise." Throwing open the door in front of them, Sam pushed Nina through the doors and in to low key, indie, food joint, bar, coffee brewin' paradise, awe was written on Nina's face as she walked in to our personal Narnia..

"You weren't kidding, this is absolute perfection." We quickly seated ourselves against the far wall to get away from the winter draft. Laughing, Sam, Nina and I began the 'unfluffing' process, pulling off all of our layers and started going over the menu.

"They've got coffee, fantastic vegan food to the best chicken fingers in the world." We all began to search through the menu as Sufjan Stevens played lightly in the background. Nina looked awed as she twisted her hair around her fingers, still gazing intently at the glorious menu.

"They have humus? Is it any good?" Scoffing at her, I glanced at Sam. She had the same appalled look that I knew my face held.

"It's the best. It's beyond the best. It's orgasmic." Sam nodded every time I complimented the humus. Her blonde hair bouncing around her heart shaped face. "Seriously, it's made fresh everyday and it's the best thing I've ever had. Get it and thank me later." Rolling her eyes at my dramatics she raised her hand to flag the waitress. Once the tall redhead had our orders, the small talk and soon the fake ID's came out.

"You both have fakes?" Sam's thin blind eyebrows shot up her small tanned forehead in surprise.

"Quit acting so surprised. We're seventeen, billionaires daughters and have a taste for fine wine. Now excuse me."Nina threw back her head laughing loudly as I swaggered over to the bar.

"Hi, I need two Cajun coffees and a hot whiskey."The bartender gave me a hard glare as he grabbed my ID and handed it back smiling at me.

"You've got such a baby face." He smiled, winking at me.

"It's a blessing and a curse." Winking back, I handed him a twenty before he assured me they would be delivered to our table.

"So what's the deal? You two didn't go back to your father's for Thanksgiving." Sam leaned back in her chair, her hands resting lightly on her flat stomach.

"We want independence." Wiggling my eyebrows, Nina laughed, as Sam rolled her eyes. "That and we want to see what it's like spending thanksgiving without Dad burning the turkey, Pepper showing up with Pizza, The football game blaring and an impromptu soccer game on the beach. We want to break the tradition." Nina smiled, agreeing, a far off look in her eyes. Clearly she had the same feelings as well.

"Oh holy mother of god, look what just walked in." Sam and Nina's eyes grew to the size of saucers; both the blonde and brunette gazing intently at whatever had just waltzed in the door. "Can you look at make it not overly obvious?" Sam whispered as Nina began fixing her French braid. Nodding slightly, I turned my head to look over my right shoulder and was completely caught off guard.

A group of four of the prettiest men I had ever laid eyes on had just walked in, and were now seated at the bar just a few feet away from our table. Letting out the breath I didn't know I was holding I turned to around in my wooden chair and stared open mouthed at my companions.

"Holy fuck." Glancing back, my breath was knocked out of me as I saw the one seated closest to the table. The dark haired man was leaning casually against the bar, his long legs crossed at the ankles as he bantered and laughed with his friends. Then I actually comprehended it.

"THEY'RE FUCKING BRITISH." Stage whispering, I threw my head in my hands as Nina once again began playing with a stray piece of hair as Sam began looking at her phone.

"That's Luke Wellington, he's in my Relativistic Quantum Field Theory III class, along Mark and Alex, the fella in the red v-neck and green polo." Sam casually pointed towards two of the other men who were seated next to where Luke was standing. " I haven't the faintest who the other guy is though."

"Wellington, as in Wellington Science Research?" Sam nodded as Nina slyly glanced at the group of young men. "I want him, actually, I need him in my life," Nina gaped at me as I turned around, unsubtly this time, and rose to go and check on our drinks. Their eyes grew large as I winked at them before standing, throwing my hair casually over my shoulder and strutted over to the bar, and next to Luke.

"Sorry it's taking so long, sweetheart. We got a little bit of a rush." Smiling genuinely, I could see a bead of sweat building on the bartender's brow.

"You're fine, it's absolutely fine! The girls just wanted to make sure you hadn't forgotten about us." The chatter next to me had died down; I could feel every single one of their eyes roaming over me and on to the girls at the table.

"And who might you be?" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Luke had turned himself around, elbows now planted on the bar as he gazed at me. Turning towards him, I smiled, holding out my hand.

"Lena… Just Lena at the moment." Cocking his head slightly, his brown curls falling around his face, he grinned, grabbing my small hand in his own.

"Well Lena, I'm Luke Wellington," still holding my hand in his own he turned to his friends. "That one is Mark, the one in Green is Alex, and this one right here," He patted a dark haired man in a white button up, "is my eldest brother Jacob."

"It's lovely to meet you all," I heard my drinks get set on the thick wooden slab behind me. "Would you guys like to come join us?" Picking up all three mugs, I began walking backwards toward the occupied table.

"What do you say lads?" They all nodded and began making their way towards an awe struck Nina and Sam. Luke quickly caught up with my stride before pulling out my chair for me. They all snagged chairs and began to introduce themselves as they settled in.

I threw my hands out in an attempt to catch myself. Searing pain shot through my body as my head clipped the corner table before landing in a crumpled heap on the floor. The pain was blinding as my entire body trembled, unable to control itself.

"LENA ARE YOU OK?" Sudden hands were on me as I was rolled on my back. "Oh fucking shit damn Christ, fucking shit, she's bleeding." My father had a way with words.

"Way to keep it cool dad," Muttering I tried to right myself, before I got dizzy and lay back on the wooden floor.

"Should we call an ambulance?" Opening my eyes I saw pepper standing there in jean capris and red v-neck t-shirt. She was clutching her cell phone to her chest with a panicked look in her eyes.

"DO NOT CALL AN AMBULANCE I'M FINE." My dad and Pepper shared a quick look, clearly communicating something between one another.

"What's going- oh shit." Nina shoved my father out of the way before snatching her purse off of the cursed table I smacked my head on, throwing it open and digging through the contents. "Lena, I need you to stay conscious, ok?" I hummed in agreement, as she quickly threw her long curly brown hair in a messy ponytail.

"Open your eyes," throwing my eyes open I was met with a blinding light. "Lena, let your eyes follow the light." My eyes followed the light, swiftly, never hesitating. "Good, you don't have a concussion. I'll need to butterfly the small wound on your head and give you some Excedrin migraine." She grabbed both of my hands in her own, hauling me off the floor; my dad's hands wrapped around form lifting me off my feet before I could even gain my balance.

"Pepper, grab the first aid kit, Nina bring the badass bones impersonation, Lena let's stay conscious. Let's assemble in the bathroom shall we?" My dad quickly bound through our house and in to his spacious master bathroom, he sat me on the toilet before perching himself on the counter.

Leaning back against the toilet and let my head rest against the cool tiled wall. Closing my eyes I thought about how my day had started out so lovely and went to this.

"It's not breaking and entering when you own the company." Sighing I leaned against the wall in the basement of Stark Industries. Nina shook her head and began to bat an imaginary cob web away from her face.

"It's breaking and entering when you don't have the key to get in." Nina once again tried the handle to the Archives room, still locked.

"Where's the God of douchery when you need him. He could just pop in there grab the stuff and pop back with it." Rolling my eyes, I crouched in front of the door before pulling out a small pick locking kit.

"Since when do you know how to pick a lock, Lena?" The sarcasm was dripping from Nina's voice as she began to tap her stiletto clad foot.

"Since our father became Ironass… And seriously, that dude getting mauled in Florida was just the beginning. The Zombie Apocalypse is near! You'll thank me when I am saving your ass from a horde of the undead little sister." Jiggling the pick, it gave a beautiful pop as I shoved the door open. "Anyways, we need this research, Nina. For the first time since I got sick, I actually think we are near finding a cure." Nina breezed past me and cut to the left.

Taking my queue I broke right, searching through piles and piles of boxes. Sighing, I kicked the nearest box as hard as I could in to the wall, a hollow thud greeted me. Cocking my head slightly to the side I began to exam the wall.

"Uh, Nina, I think I found the bat cave."Nina began to wander through the maze toward me. Her lab coat now hung over her shoulder as her long chocolate locks were now tied back in a thick braid.

"Excuse me?" She had finally made to where I was. My head was now flush with the wall as I gave it a knock.

"Shhhhh. Just listen." Nina gave me an odd lock before sticking her ear to the wall as I gave it yet another knock. Her jaw dropped slightly, before she gave it a knock herself.

"I couldn't find the files."We both began throwing the boxes that were up against the walls carelessly back. "I mean prior to and post world war two are all here… But not what we need."

"I know! I smell a hidden room!" She laughed as we finally cleared the area and were met with an empty wall.

"There has to be a door." Nina began running her hands along the wall as I began knocking it and checking for any sort of airway. Finally we met in the middle, both of us having thoroughly checked the wall. "The fuck."

"Simmer down, Indiana Jones. I think I have an idea. Look, there are numbers." Stepping back we looked up and saw numbers on almost every stone. They were worn and wouldn't be seen at a passing glance. We both took a few steps back and began reading the sequences of numbers on each stone.

"They're dates," Nina whispered, more to herself than to me.

"Goddammit, could he not have just had a thumb print scanner? I mean he have to have had the tech to do that for god sakes. I mean come on; this is so ancient Egypt, not mid-to late twentieth century. I thought the great Howard 'I treated my son like shit, so now he has a complex and wants to dress up in an iron suit' Stark would have had something more up his sleeve." My eyes began to scan the dates more closely, now that I had the frustration out of my system. It was either yelling, or chucking my Jimmy Choos across the room. So I went with plan A, far more constructive.

"Nina, do you see what I'm seeing?" Whispering, I could see Nina nod out of the corner of my eye.

"That's dad's birthday, Howard's birthday, they date that Stark Industries was founded, May 8th 1945? What is that?" Nina whispered to herself.

"Victory in Europe, that's the date that the Allies won the war in Europe." We slowly went through all of the dates, accounting for each one and whether it was personally significant or not.

"Do we put them in chronological order?" Nina questioned. Shaking my head, I pressed the cement block that had my father's birthday on it. My gut instinct paid off as blocks began to move and form a doorway.

"Holy shit, this is serious Harry Potter stuff," Nina mumbled as she stepped behind me, clearly wanting me to lead the way.

"No kidding," stepping forward, I slipped my iPhone out of my pocket and turned on the flashlight app before continuing in. "Dude, if there's a three headed dog down here, I want a different family." I could sense Nina nod behind me. The short dark hallway finally broke in to a cavernous room. Glancing to my right, I saw a switch.

"And God said, 'Let there be light'." I flipped the switch and lit up a complete laboratory and what looked like a storage facility.

"Fifty bucks on that we're the first people in here since Grandpa."

"NO shit." We both broke in to a slight sprint to where we saw filing cabinets and what looked like storage for research.

Tossing my cardigan off, I began to look at the now piles of research we needed. Nina was up to her elbows in formulas that even surpassed my knowledge… That or my brain was completely fried after the past two hours of reading file after file of top notch Howard Stark brilliance.

"We've got it. Now we need to figure where we can test this." Glancing at my watch, I gasped. Nina's head whipped up from her file and starred at me expectantly. "What?!"

"WE ARE LATE FOR DINNER AT PEPPERS." Her eyes grew to the size of golf balls as we both began to gather all of the folders and binders in to bags we had stumbled upon before we began to run in the general direction of our cars.

"You're late!" We swept in to Pep's apartment, well 'living' area… She was more at the padre's house than here. Especially after their attempt to live together in the Stark Tower... Again. After the whole Loki fiasco they took it as a sign not to live together. I took it as a sign to kick this 'God's' ass all the way back to Asgard and castrate him. The only person that agreed with my twisted plan was my father; Thor (the god of idiocy part two) actually cracked a smile. After I mention I knew Jane he wasn't such a chauvinistic douche, and warmed up to me.

"We know we're late and we're sorry." We both grinned at her as I handed her a bottle of her favorite wine. Sighing dramatically, she pinched the bridge of her nose before swiping the bottle out of my out stretched hand.

"You're not forgiven. The guests are in the dining room."

"Wait… What?" Nina was as confused as I was; So much for just having a family dinner. "Pepper, so help me god, if this is an intervention, I'll bust a cap… JANE!" We rounded the corner to see Jane Foster, Natasha, and Darcy all sitting at the table.

"Bout damn time!" Darcy shot up from her seat, before throwing her arms swiftly around both Nina and me. "I thought Pepper here was going to have a conniption fit." Rolling her eyes dramatically she smiled before wrapping an arm around Pepper.

"Lena," Jane was already up and over to us before I could blink. Her petite form could clearly move like the wind. "I've missed you so much." Jane had her arms already around me in a loving fashion. "You look so good."

"Your boyfriend is a dick!" I shot back without thinking.

"THANK YOU!" Darcy shrieked, before shrugging and reaching for her glass of wine. Jane just looked at me slyly, raising her brow ever so slightly.

"And I missed you too. So much." Squeezing her tightly one more time, I finally released her from my death grip. Nina and Jane quickly hugged, rocking slightly.

"So are we ready?" Darcy questioned, as she and Natasha both slipped on their jackets. Pepper just shook her head and walked out of the room.

"What do you mean are we ready?" Nina questioned, her head cocking to the side. Darcy and Jane shared a look before Jane began wrapping herself in a parka.

"This wasn't my idea, I swear," Jane mumbled, draining the contents of wine glass.

"Actually it was my idea," Pepper had reappeared in the dining room with our jackets in her arms.

"Ok, what the fuck is going on." Snatching my jacket out of her outstretched hand I began to fluff back up and waited for somebody to explain.

"We're going on a bar crawl, bitches!" Darcy smiled mischievously before snagging Nina's arm and leading her out of the apartment. Natasha grinned at me, wrapping her arm around my shoulders we began to make our way from the apartment and in to god knows what kind of bullshit.