The Jedi heroes of the Mandalorian Wars – Revan and Malak, and all their forces arrayed under them – have returned to the galaxy, as Sith. Their reason for going into the Unknown Regions - to hunt down cells of remaining Mandalorians - an obvious con, the two new Sith Lords have begun forming a new Sith Empire in the Outer Rim.

Due to this terrible new development, the Republic declares war on its former hero. In a twist of irony, the Republic prepares its defenses, ready for all out attack, while Darth Revan avoids military engagements with the Republic altogether. Coined "The Sitting War," the first year of the Jedi Civil War was oddly uneventful.

In this strange lull, surviving Mandalorian warriours find opportunities a plenty, both as mercenaries and bandits. And for a small few, some find themselves still plagued by the bounty the Jedi Knight Revan had posted a year earlier. One Mandalore warriour, on the run, finds himself targeted everywhere he goes.

This is that story.

Dramatis Personae

Douglas Fett – Male Human Mandalorian
Soody Wumba – Male Peripleen
Huag – Male Ailon
Strask Girov – Male Bothan
Reeko – Female Cerean

Author's Note: The plot for this RP is a complete rewrite of my original idea, which has since been lost. Still, what I do remember is that it was the same gist - Fett was just fighting off a bunch of bounty hunters. Like, A LOT. I rewrote it and trimmed it down into what I have here now. Enjoy.



Colony Regions – Carida

Well, this place ain't so bad I thought dryly to myself. Carida reminded me an awful lot of Dxun, as I trekked through the jungle floor. The rest of the planet was covered by other terrains, which were rough, sure, but they weren't this. This sort of place was where someone could get lost in, throw off attackers, and find themselves.

Find myself? What am I, a goddamn psych droid? I thought cynically. Something was eating away at me, something in the back of my mind I couldn't quite describe. Something…sentimental, nothing I wanted to explore. Safer to keep my mind on reality, the situation at hand, the mission. But there was no mission. It was only me, running, from everything. But for my sake, for my sanity, I kept reminding myself I had work to do. Whatever it was I didn't know. All I had been doing since Malachor was running.


The place and the events surrounding it left a stain in my mind I couldn't quite clean up. Some times all I could think about was Malachor. The image of the planet imploding, all the ships in its orbit being sucked into a vortex, wouldn't escape my mind. But that couldn't be what was bothering me. It happened. It was done. It was in the past. And because of it, my culture was dead, and I found myself with no purpose to life

Suck it up dammit I thought to myself, annoyed. I stepped over a fallen tree, and kept my mind on what I was doing. I was walking around in Carida's jungles, with no real objective in my mind. Mostly I just wanted to lay low from bounty hunters and the like. Sometimes I thought about Camille, but there was nothing to be gained there. I kept walking. The afternoon sun slowly dipped down, allowing my black and red armour to eventually blend in with the evening shadows. I had no main objective to reach, besides scaring off possibly threatening wildlife, until my eyes settled on something in the distance. Nothing bad, not apparent at least. No, it was a shack. A hand made hovel out in the middle of the jungle. There was a glow of light peering out from one of the small windows.

Someones home I thought, weary. I equipped my rifle and crept forward, towards the side of the shack. Did I want to knock and say hello, or break down the door and rob the place? My own intentions were unclear even to me, but as I continued, I spotted somebody just outside the place, on the opposite side of the shack where I was. Some odd looking alien, barbequing some hogtied animal over an open fire. The alien had black safety goggles on.

What the hell?

"Hello? Someone there?" The alien asked in Basic. The alien looked in my direction, but seemed unable to spot me, due to his goggles and my armour's camo. "Heh heh, I won't hurt you. Show yourself, I mean you no harm." The alien said. I cautiously approached the fire where he was standing. "Ah, there you are stranga. The name is Soody Wumba, friends call me Sud." The alien said. I recognized him finally as a Peripleen. He reached out his hand to shake mine. He was an odd fellow. Besides the fact that he put out his hand to my right, he was looking up, everywhere, as if not recognizing where I was standing. I shook his hand, turning him towards my direction. "You'll forgive me, I'm blind you see."


"Please, sit down, let me pour you some tea." Sud said as he turned to pick up a pitcher. His tail nearly fell into the fire, as he picked up marinade instead. I stepped past him.

"Let me take care of that, old timer." I said, picking up the pitcher of tea and a cup, and pouring myself some. I returned, and sat down. After one final scan of the helmet to make sure I was mostly in the clear, I removed my helmet and took a sip of the tea.

"You sound quite young, my boy. Whats a young lad like yourself doing out in the middle of the Carida jungles, hmm?" Sud asked. I paused for a few moments, mulling some thoughts over while I took another sip. I shrugged.

"Not sure."

"Eh, don't sweat it. Maybe after you eat, something will come to you, eh?"

After dinner, Sud and I began finishing off a bottle of Dobra Zemlja Wine. Ironically, Whisky did nothing to me, but wine kicked my ass hardcore. Which wasn't bad, Sud himself was also inebriated. Sud and I sat at his dinner table, finished eating, as he began asking questions again.

"So stranga, have you found out why you're on Carida yet?" Sud asked. Under the influence, I grinned and laughed to myself.

"My friend, I have no reason. There's no reason for me doing anything. There's no point to anything. Hahahahaha!" I replied, laughing my ass off. Sud laughed as well, and after a few moments we descended into an awkward silence.

"Tell me. What's your name, hmm?" Sud asked, growing serious. I looked up from the table, though Sud's attention was facing forward, to my left, away from me. Despite my exterior drunkenness, there was an aspect of my mind fully sober. That fire inside that keeps me alert, on my toes, weary, and always looking over my shoulder.

"Does it matter?" I replied, hoping to evade the question. I subtly checked my holstered pistol. My rifle was on the table on the other side of the room. The Peripleen elder laughed.

"Relax! I have nothing against Mandalorians." Sud replied.


"What?" I replied surprised.

"Eh, its no big deal. Who else would be roaming around these parts except somebody trying to get lost? Don't worry, I won't turn you in stranga. Even if you didn't kill me as I'd attempt to arrest you, I wouldn't have anywhere to spend the bounty money!" Sud said, amused. I snorted.

"Well, that's a relief, because I wouldn't like to kill you Sud." I replied, at a loss for words again. I took another sip of wine and thought of something. "So, you really don't have anything against me?" I asked. The Peripleen shrugged.

"Bah, I have no love for the Republic. Its because of them I lost use of my eyes, you see. And whatever happened between your people and them, well none of my business. You boys never did anything against me. Come to think of it, you're the only Mandalorian I've ever met…" Sud replied, trailing off as he scratched his chin, pondering. I raised my brow and grinned.

"Well, let's hope I don't disappoint then."

"Eh, your doin fine lad. Cheers." Sud replied, as we clanked our glasses together. "Speaking of Mandalorians, something you might be interested in. There's a military academy here on Carida. In fact, the boys are having the Ailon as their guests."

"The who?"

"Don't you know who the Ailon Nova Guard are? Warriours, mercenaries, brutes, real pros for those who have the creds to hire them. Anyway, the Academy invited them to celebrate some victory of theirs. From what I heard, this contingent of Ailon just captured and executed a big group of Mandalorians." Sud said. I slammed my glass on the table, shattering it as I stood up.


"Yes sir, the Ailon captured a number of your comrades and killed them in cold blood."

"But how? That's bullshit!" I yelled. Sud nodded, unphased by my anger. He was old and wise enough to know I wasn't mad at him.

"I hear they used a ploy. Out in space. Beaming out some message from a station, pretending to be a Mandalorian refuge group. Your boys hooked up with this space station, ventured inside, and were ambushed by a whole legion of A.N.G. mercs. They captured the survivors, brought them to the academy, and executed them. The Republic paid them immediately, I hear." Sud explained. My breathing sharpened, as my blood began to boil. I looked about his small hovel, not looking for anything. Just at a loss of what to do and what to feel. Sud pulled his seat out, stood up, plucked a glass from a kitchen cabinet, and poured me another glass of wine. For a blind guy, he knew his way around. "Eh, I know your angry lad. I would be too." Sud said. I was more than angry. Not just rage. Inexorably offended, grossly appalled. Sud set the glass down on the table, but annoyed, I stood up. "I know its not the best vintage, but…"

"I want to get the bastards. Stick their heads on pikes and mail them first class back to their homeworld." I blurted out. Sud was quiet for a few moments, standing opposite me while he looked to my left.

"Revenge is a dirty and bloody game lad. No one wins."

"But someone always loses. Enough for me."

"And if that someone is you?"

"You don't know me well, old timer."

"I know you're pissed. Attempting revenge with the state your in is suicide."

"I didn't ask for your advice."

"Alright, I won't give it." Sud replied. A few caustic and tense moments passed, as Sud turned away, picking up the glass of wine he poured for me and began drinking it himself. I stewed in thought for a few moments before speaking.

"I would like your help though." To this, Sud laughed as he finished the wine. "What's so funny?"

"You don't need to ask for my help lad. I was about to offer it." He replied. I tilted my head to the side, confused.

"You want to help me?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Something you're not telling me, old timer."

"Yah, my armory is in the room there." Sud replied, pointing. I looked to the closed wooden door where Sud pointed, walked over, opened it, and looked inside. It was an armory all right. Blasters of all makes and models, explosives, weapon attachments, the works.

"Holy shit. Sud, where did you get all this?"

"Didn't I tell you? I used to be G.R.A." Sud replied, walking up beside me. Oh. Former Galactic Republic Army soldier.

"You failed to mention that."

"Eh, not a big deal. Its in the past. Go ahead, take whatever you'd like." Sud said. I went in and began inspecting weapons. All of the blasters were manufactured by various companies that made a fortune off of the Republic – Czerka, Aratech, Systech, and the like. While none of the weapons in Sud's armory compared to my M.A.R., I did pick up a few as backups. I also snatched a few grenades of various types I myself did not have, incendiary, flash, and plasma. Sud himself went inside, blind of course but knowing exactly where everything was. Of all the equipment inside, he picked up fireworks. I shook my head and walked back into the kitchen.

"I still don't know why you want to help me, but thanks."

"Eh, save your thanks till this is over stranga."

"Right. Let's go."