Despite the reports that the Mandalorian who killed Reeko and her gang died along with them, the whole smuggler's moon became alight with greed to find the Mandalorian, as many believed the Mandalorian was never actually killed. Bounty hunters, assassins, and mercenaries alike, now no longer inhibited by third party crimelords, engaged on the hunt for Mandalorians.

Soody Wumba continued living peacefully in the jungles of Carida, and still currently resides there. He never heard from the Mandalorian stranger again.

The Ailon Nova Guard, along with other mercenary groups of the galaxy, unleashed the full force of their abilities to hunt and fight Mandalorians. Due to the Mandalorian tradition of being nomads, the hunted easily outmaneuvered large organizations such as the Ailon. The latter eventually disengaged from the hunt, having never again achieved the success they had early on.

The bounty on Mandalorians stood, even as tensions with Darth Revan grew. In the coming years, less than 25 Mandalorians were successfully killed, though this was due more to individual Mandalorians being ambushed and outnumbered by large groups of gunmen. For every Mandalorian killed, an average of 12 bounty hunters were killed in return. This devastating kill/death ratio frightened away many hunters, and over time the underworld gave up on hunting the Mandalorians.

Fett, disturbed by his thoughts, fled the known galaxy to hide in the remote territories of the Outer Rim. Though Fett never physically died, perhaps his instructions to Magnus eluded to some other death, a spiritual death.