After chaos lifted and the survivors had a base to be in for a while they made brown or white hooded rag doll mysterious clothes to help against zombies, white for day and brown for night. The zombies have weak eyes that only see bright colors at a bright time and dark colors near night time. Only if selected a good color they might not see as if the sun was part of you. Or the night is you either way it works. The zombies also get smarter each second for some reason. The zombies start smelling and knowing which weapons hurt or who to attack. The people also got smarter, if each day they move and night they stop zombies are on a small scale to attack. Only at night they move with better eye sight except for black or brown. The survivors set up chairs and busses to block zombies and also chosen a school to hide out in, guards are set up in the busses and radio in if spotted any zombies. That night a zombie the size of hulk smashed open a window and grabbed one of the guard's faces. The other shot it frantically but then was pulled out a window against him and eaten. Zombies got in and the oldest people went into battle while everyone else escaped. The kids were in the basement because the zombies can't smell that deep. Only the kids woke up to a grunt. A slouched tall thing limped in a shadow and the kids split up. One kid found the exit but when he opened it zombies ran at him. A man ran in from the entrance and shot it down with his shotgun. The other zombies pulled the kid out and let the others escape. The other people were locked in a classroom hoping no one finds them.