As requested by Lis-Snappy-Forever, here is the epilogue for the Happy Ending! Yeah, yeah, yeah I know the Alternate Ending was sad, Not So Happy Ending was what I call it. Haha well I posted Not So Alone Anymore, my Avatar the Last Airbender fanfic the other day so go ahead and take a peek at it. Enjoy the last chapter in Mixed Princess of an Elf. I enjoyed writing this wonderful story for you all through the ups and downs, but I'm just glad that it made it through it all. :D This is twelve years in the future after chapter 30.

It's been over twelve years since I was kidnapped. It's been. . . nice living with Firefoy and the others. Firefoy and I married six years ago, and now have boy twins named Hass and Rein and a young daughter named Tyrande. It took us forever to decide on the names, but finally Somfar gave us the ideas for them. Rein said he was honored to have a child named after him.

Little Tyrande is two. She has a smile like her grandfathers's and hair like her grandmother's, but she has my eyes, my shifting eyes. The twins are almost six and they have short, ruffled hair like their father's. Heck, they are a spitting image of him! But they do have my smile.

Rein got married too, it was to one of his old childhood friends, not the girl that got married a long time ago that he told me so much about; I still don't know what happened to her. His wife is pregnant too, in a couple of weeks the baby will come.

Somfar, sweet Somfar. . . Somfar never married but he talks to Marie a lot now. Marie, she moved into Darnassus sometime back and I see the kids a lot more. I still don't know what happened to Jason, no one does. Not a soul knows if he is living or dead.

Lar, Teher, and Tinsi are all doing well. They've moved on in their lives and no longer live in the city, even though I miss them being here.

Firefoy once smelled the Alwaysdream and said it smelled just like me, but he didn't give the description. I wonder what that means? I have put the flower in a potnear the entrances to the city, where everyone can smell it. I hope it fills them with happiness.

Somebody tugging on my dress pulls me out of thoughts from the past. It's little Rein smiling up at me. "Mother, can we go see Jacob and the others now?"

"Yes, go get your brother and father," I reply to him. Jacob, I forgot all about him. He's married now, married to someone at his old town. They have three children, two boys, Josh and Oliver, and a girl, Rosa. The boys are seven and six and have their father's blue eyes and their mother's blonde hair. Rosa, she looks just like her father, brown hair and twinkling blue eyes.

I stand from the chair I've been sitting in and walk over to the olay pen where Tryande has been chewing on a rattle for the past half hour. "Come here, De," I call her by her nickname. She stands and walks over to me. She's been walking over six months, much faster than the boys. I grab her by the armpits, toss her into the air, receiving a giggle, and I hold her off the side.

Firefoy comes into the room with Hass and Rein by his side. "To Rein's?"

I nod. "That's where they said we'd meet."

We walk outside to be greeted by my spirit animal, Da'an the tiger. The children run ahead to play and Da'an rubs against my side. He then runs up to play with the boys. We walk down the path that leads to the city. "I can't believe it's been over twelve years," I say to Firefoy.

"I know the feeling, it seems just like yesterday I was reading your letter, and now we have three wonderful children," Firefoy replies.

"And we have amazing friends. There have been some emotional breakdowns here and there, but I've lived through them, and that's what matters most."

"It is," Firefoy whispers, ending the conversation. Da'an and the children slowly join us as we enter the city. It's quiet like it is on most days and we find the house of Rein somewhere in the Tradesmen's Terrance.

It's the same as most of the houses here. You can see most of the city from the top floor, as it is open to the sir and there are only two walls on either side to hold up the roof. Downstairs holds the living room and kitchen, as the upstairs holds the beds to sleep in. My house is different, it is like the cottage we stayed in on the journey here, but with more rooms.

"Rein!" I call into the house to see the same man I have seen for ages before. He hasn't changed, but his face is tired with the long nights of staying up with his pregnant wife, Amelia. I know this look, it is the same look that Firefoy had whenever I was pregnant.

"Hello, everyone's here," Rein says. I set De down and she runs into the living room with the boys, Da'an sits outside the house, staring at the water, and Firefoy and I walk into the house.

Everyone is sitting in chairs and on the couch talking, Marie is here with eighteen year old James, and Jacob is sitting with his wife, Hannah, watching their children play together. Hass is sitting next to Rosa talking up a storm, telling her stories of everything that happened.

I sit next to Byen, who has just arrived alone, and Firefoy. I tell Jacob, "Rosa and Hass sure like each other."

"Yeah, I've noticed," Hannah jokes.

The group laughs. Everyone is here, Marie, Somfar, James, Jacob, Hannah, Rien, Amelia, Firefoy, and Byen. It seems like both my worlds have collided to make one ultimate one. It is nearly impossible for me to stop smiling. "James, you've grown quite a lot," I comment.

Marie laughs and James replies, "Ye, I have. It seems like quite a long time ago when I thought you looked like Lady Tyrande."

"And you were right," I laugh.

"I was, wasn't I?"

Then I notice someone is missing so I ask, "Where's Starmoon?"

The whole room turns silent, even the children. "Arcissa, he's ill, very ill," Byen says quietly.

"What? Since when?"

"It's been going on for some time. He had a horrible cough. . . and he's getting old, Arcissa," Byen whispers.

I stand fast, the children's eyes go to me. I run out of the house and toward Starmoon's house. Nobody told me he was dying. Why would nobody tell me my father was dying? ! Why? Da'an is on my heels. I can't hear if the others are following, but I just run.

I burst into Starmoon's house, tripping over a chair and somehow landing near his bed. "Starmoon?" I ask out of breath, because the person in front of me seems so wrinkled and different the the one I've come to know.

"Arcissa," he replies forcing a smile on his face.

"What's wrong? Can we get a healer?"

He tries to laugh, but stops himself. "Arcissa, everyone has to go sometime. Now it is my turn to leave this wonderful world, and sometime it will be your's. Never think you can live forever. Never!"

"Starmoon, I'll miss you," I mutter, tears falling down my face as I grip his hand. I can hear noise downstairs, most likely the others finally arriving.

"I'll meet you again," he replies with a smile on his face and his glowing green eyes staring at me. Byen and Firefoy have made their way up into the room by now. Starmoon's hand goes limp and I finally understand just how old he is. He taught my father, that was over twenty years ago, and he taught me, that was over fifteen years ago, so he had to be over fifty right?

"Good-bye, Master Starmoon," Byen says as he closes his teacher's eyes with his fingers.

"I'll see you again," I whisper to the limp form of my father.

"Come on, Arcissa, we'll send someone to get him. I don't want the children to see him like this," Firefoy whispers to me, as if he talks any louder he'll wake Starmoon.

I take a look at Firefoy and notice he hasn't been crying. "Firefoy, you don't have to put n a brave face for me," I tell him as he helps me up. "It's alright if you cry."

"I know, Arcissa. I know." At that comment he leads me downstairs with Byen right behind us.

"James," Byen says, "can you please send for someone to get him?'

James rushes out of the house without a seconds wait. "It was his time," Rein says, patting my shoulder.

"I know," I whisper. "Let's head back to your house." Together we walk quietly back to the house with Jacob watching the kids nad Da'an walking slowly behind. Everyone was sad, but no one knows how much it felt to lose all of your parents. No one knows how much I will miss them all. And everyone knows that I will see them again.

Someday, I will. Maybe not tomorrow, or the next day. Maybe in ten years, or a thousand, all I know is that I will see them again, someday.

Also I might make an epilogue for the other ending, just to show you what goes on while she's *cough* dead. Until next time, I'll be watching Harry Potter.