The Jedi heroes of the Mandalorian Wars – Revan and Malak, and all their forces arrayed under them – have returned to the galaxy, as Sith. Their reason for going into the Unknown Regions - to hunt down cells of remaining Mandalorians - an obvious con, the two new Sith Lords have begun forming a new Sith Empire in the Outer Rim.

Due to this terrible new development, the Republic declares war on its former hero. In a twist of irony, the Republic prepares its defenses, ready for all out attack, while Darth Revan avoids military engagements with the Republic altogether. Coined "The Sitting War," the first year of the Jedi Civil War was oddly uneventful.

In this strange lull, surviving Mandalorian warriours find opportunities a plenty, both as mercenaries and bandits. And for a small few, some find themselves still plagued by the bounty the Jedi Knight Revan had posted a year earlier. One Mandalore warriour, on the run, finds himself targeted everywhere he goes.

This is that story.

Dramatis Personae

Douglas Fett – Male Human Mandalorian
Cpt Renault Blackfoot – Male Human
Garwrraar – Male Wookie
Tenlar – Male Mon Cal
Mothais – Male Chev
Major Halloran – Male Pau'an
Tejah Vuu – Female Zeltron
Mezyl Muuurv – Male Togorian
Bogart – Male Human

Author's Note: For those cultured folks out there who love good ol' fashioned American movies, you'll catch on easily. In any case...this was another RP I thought up back in 2006. My original idea was Fett teaming up with the same folks, but fighting off a horde of religious zealots from another city [I may or may not have stolen that idea from history itself. Muhammad? Medina? Mecca? Yes? No? Anyway...]. Earlier this year I took a lot of my older RP ideas and fixed them up to make them presentable. Also note that my initial reference to "Iridorian" is a direct reply to LFL for being dumb. Enjoy



Outer Rim – Arbra

This guy is good I thought to myself, as I frantically charged over underbrush, across mud and small pools of water. The jungles of Arbra, like those of Carida and Dxun, were formidable to those not up to snuff. But my pursuer – an Iridonian bounty hunter – was in top shape. For every defense I launched, he had a counter-attack. He had been tracking me for roughly an hour now, after spotting me in the nearby city of Bar-Yuba. To think I had come to this planet to hide, only to find a headhunter waiting for me.

Wonderful. Well. At least he's not an Iridorian I mused with dry sarcasm. A blaster bolt zipped over head, frying an overhanging branch. It crashed behind me as I continued running forward. Just up ahead was a much larger pool of water – a swamp was up ahead. As I stepped into it, my foot sunk in up to my ankle. As I tried to step forward, the thick mud of the pool nearly kept me pinned. It wasn't quick sand, nothing silly like that, but it was a heavy duty pool of water and mud regardless. Annoyed, I fired my gauntlet whipcord up, caught a high branch, and used the strength of the branch to lift me up into the canopy above.

As I caught my breath before moving along, I noticed something odd about the water in the small pool. Using my helmet's sensors, I scanned the residue of water that was left on my boot. My sensor revealed an interesting fact – it wasn't water at all. It was oil. Not crude oil like one finds being repurposed for starship fuel, but some substance produced by the native fauna. Well. How 'bout that. Thinking for a few moments, I came up with a plan. I waited.

A minute later, my 'friend' showed up on the path below. He paused to look around, obviously wondering where I was. He had medium armour on, and was armed with some spruced up version of the latest and greatest blaster rifle from 'Guns R Us inc.' No helmet though, not surprising. Iridonians were not fond of headgear, due to their physiology. This worked to my advantage, as I tossed down a flash grenade. It exploded in mid air just in front of him, sending him to the ground as he held his head in pain. I jumped from branch to branch, reaching the jungle floor soon enough. The Zabrak had fallen into the pool, and was slowly recovering. Both his ears and eyes had began bleeding from the grenade.

I walked forward, nabbed his rifle and tossed it away. He had no other weapons. I stepped back, giving him some space as I pulled my pistol on him. "Easy way or the hard way. Understood?"

The Zabrak sighed, clearly distraught as he sat up in the pool. "You're a tough sonofabitch. Fine, I'll play along." He responded. Annoyed by his snark, I fired a shot into his armour. The force of the bolt at this range didn't pierce his armour, but it did knock him down into the mud.

"Play time was yesterday when you were hunting smugglers and gamblers. Who are you here with?" I asked. The Zabrak groaned as he slowly sat back up.

"I'm alone, you-" I cut him off as I shot his armour again. He groaned louder this time, more annoyed than in pain as he lay back in the mud.

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" I yelled furiously as I walked forward, pressing my boot to his neck.

"Alright alright! I'm here with Blackfoot. Captain Blackfoot." He hissed, my boot pressing into his throat.

"What the hell kind of name is that?"

"Its not his real name! Like a, uh, uh, a nickname, yah! He had frostbite on some ice planet years ago. But, uh, hey, if you let me go, I can put in a good word for you, know what I'm saying?" The Zabrak pleaded. I furrowed my brow.

"What do you think I am, an infant?" I shot back, pressing harder into his neck. The Zabrak coughed for breath.

"No, no! But really, I could take you to him! He needs guys like you!"

"He only needs 'guys like me' because he has pitiful excuses for mercs like you in his crew. Stop bullshitting me. Blackfoot is the town's watch dog. Why would he send you out to hunt me?"

"It ain't that simple!"

"Sure, sure. Here's simple for you. How about I kill you, and take your place?" I replied. To this the Zabrak finally fought back. With his arms he grabbed my leg and threw me backwards. I stumbled a few paces as he began to stand up, but I was ready. I quickly lifted my gauntlet flamethrower, and let it loose. The flames barely licked the oil that the Zabrak was doused in, and he immediately caught fire. I backed away, and watched as he ran off into the jungle. I casually followed behind, trailing him via the smoke cloud left behind.

I eventually caught up with my prey, and found him face first on a patch of grass outside the jungles, on a hill overlooking the city of Bar-Yuba below. After a quick check of my 'friend,' I found that he was dead. It was the late afternoon, as the Sun began to slowly set off in the distance. I gazed down at the town, then focused my attention on my prey. "Well. This 'Blackfoot' will probably want to know what happened to you." I muttered. I unsheathed a vibro-dagger, and went to work.