Blackfoot and his small crew, without the aid of their Police forces from before, would continue to watch over the city of Bar-Yuba. When Rick decided to leave Arbra and set up shop on another planet almost 20 years later, Blackfoot and co. left Arbra for good. While their current whereabouts have been unascertained, its been rumoured the small band returned to pirating…within the Unknown Regions.

Rick continued to manage his small saloon for years. Tejah and Mezyl never left his side. When his old friend Douglas Fett contacted him many years later as Mandalore, offering him a job with Mandalorian Intelligence, Bogart and his friends left Arbra and rebuilt Rick's Café Corellia on Nar Shaddaa.

The odd peace between Revan's Sith and the Republic continued for another year before exploding into all out war. Though Revan continued his agenda within the Outer Rim, he never sent troops to Arbra again.

The being that Halloran and his troops encountered continued to haunt that underground city on Arbra for several thousand years, its existence unexplained. Many believed it to be a myth, a local legend passed down from parents to their children as scary campfire tales. Only a small handful of people in the galaxy ever truly understood what it was, but their knowledge was lost over several generations.

Fett, now more confident in himself and his abilities, stopped trying to hide from the galaxy, and instead began enjoying it whenever he could. He no longer feared bounty hunters, nor the Sith. Nevertheless, despite many opportunities to settle down and relax after years of war, Fett never stopped fighting.