"Bethany! Hurry up or we're going to be late!" My best friend Emily shouted over to me as I quickly picked up my school books from my desk. The newest Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, was out in cinemas, Emily and I, had booked our tickets an hour after school finished so we had to rush. Emily and I, where the biggest Harry Potter geeks ever! We had read the books and seen most of the movies the day they went into cinemas. Once all my books were in my bag, I sprinted out the door making my long curly, red hair flow behind me. My bright green eyes shone with excitement as we ran to my house to get into normal clothes. I pick up the folded clothing on my bed before running into the bathroom. I take off my tie before throwing it into the corner of the bathroom. The rest of my uniform is thrown into the wash basket to be washed over the weekend.

Quickly, I slip on a pair of blue skinny jeans and a white top with long sleeves but no shoulders. (This may not make sense. So to save you guys being confused. I've drawn Bethany for you. The link will be on my page :) ) Once dressed, I ran out of the bathroom back into my room, throwing my school tie onto my bed. After putting my white ballet shoes on, I grab my light blue side bag and throw it over my shoulder. Grabbing my house keys, sprint out the house with Emily following behind me. "Beth! Lock the house." Emily laughed. I turn round and job back to the house, after locking it we run to the cinema. After showing our tickets, We sit in our chosen seats and wait for the movie to start. The excitement nearly burst as the 'Warner Brothers' logo appeared. Then the movie started. I grinned as Severus Snape appeared onto the screen. I glanced over at Emily who grinned as Ronald Weasley appeared. I stared at the screen as a silvery white doe showed Harry where the sword of Godric Gryffindor was, I couldn't help but imagine that I was there with Harry, Ron and Hermione finding the Horcrux'. Suddenly, the screen went black and everything went black. Fear ran through my body as I tried to look round. I grabbed onto Emily's hand and squeezed it, I felt her grip it back. Out of habit, I bit my lip, a thing I did when I was nervous or afraid. The Fire alarm rang through the building. Everyone in the cinema room ran towards the door. Only to find out that the door had been locked on the outside. I turn toward Emily, who was now crying, and hug her. Then I felt my lung tighten, I started coughing. "Beth!" Emily coughed out as I fell to the floor. The room were the projector was exploded, breaking the wall into millions of pieces, causing it to fly in many directions. The fire grew bigger and bigger as the flames ate on the fabric of the chairs. All 200 people including; Babies, toddlers, teens everyone started screaming looking for a way out. My grip on Emily's hand weakened within the crowd. Then, I lost grip. "EMILY!" I shouted trying to look for her. I mind went to 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire' when the death eaters were at the Quidditch world cup but that wasn't something I should be thinking about at this moment. "BETH!" I hear, just as the ceiling collapsed. Everyone ducked out, covering their heads and eyes. While everyone was down I stood up to look for Emily. That's when my eyes landed onto something that made my heart stop. "Emily?" I whispered before coughing, someone then grabbed my wrist pulling me down. "You need to stay down girl" The person shouted over the screams.

"It's my friend! Something happened to her, I need to go and get her!" I shout back before standing up and running towards the debris that collapse not too long ago. The fire was still eating that the chairs, heating the room to an unbearable temperature. I look back to where I last saw Emily, and then found the sight that had made my heart stop earlier. Sticking out from a fallen plank of wood was Emily's hand. Tears filled my green eyes and they ran down my heated red cheeks. Without thinking, I sprinted over to the hand. "EMILY!" I scream while trying to get her from under the wood but end up burning my hand instead. I manage to move the plank of wood using my hands and my forearms, making me covered in raw red with burns. I look down at Emily to see her eyes glazed over and wide open and staring into nothing, just by look you could see that she was dead. The tears ran down my cheeks like rivers. I had lost my best friend; sobs ran through my body making it shake. I lean down, ignoring any fresh burns on my body and kiss her cheek. Coughs rack through my body as the fresh smoke clogs up my lungs. "LOOK OUT!" someone screamed but it was too late. The ceiling collapsed. I glanced up at the falling debris. I felt like I was staring death in the face, it was then I realized. I was. Out of instinct I throw my body onto the floor and cover my head with my arms. I knew that I would not survive this, so I whispered my goodbyes before my breathing stopped. What I didn't know, was what fate had in store for me on the other side.