The Jedi heroes of the Mandalorian Wars – Revan and Malak, and all their forces arrayed under them – have returned to the galaxy, as Sith. Their reason for going into the Unknown Regions - to hunt down cells of remaining Mandalorians - an obvious con, the two new Sith Lords have begun forming a new Sith Empire in the Outer Rim.

Due to this terrible new development, the Republic declares war on its former hero. In a twist of irony, the Republic prepares its defenses, ready for all out attack, while Darth Revan avoids military engagements with the Republic altogether. Coined "The Sitting War," the first year of the Jedi Civil War was oddly uneventful.

As the "Sitting War" reaches the end of its first year, there is talk in the galaxy that the threat of the Sith is a mere hoax, a ploy by Republic Senators to deceive the galaxy for their own twisted ends. But for Darth Revan and Darth Malak, there is no trick. There is only the looming storm they will unleash upon the galaxy…

In this strange lull, surviving Mandalorian warriours find opportunities a plenty, both as mercenaries and bandits. And for a small few, some find themselves still plagued by the bounty the Jedi Knight Revan had posted two years earlier. One Mandalore warriour, on the run, finds himself targeted everywhere he goes.

This is that story.

Dramatis Personae

Douglas Fett – Male Human Mandalorian
Zu'mar Duras'sie – Male Assembler
Allo'mi'Xoe – Male Falleen

And several surprise cameos…

Author's Note: A new RP idea I thought up while talking with Seroth several months ago, I sought to finally bring the Sith into the fold – they had been notoriously absent in my past stories. In keeping with continuity, I made sure with past stories, and this one, to keep the dates right. If you check wookiepedia, its mentioned that 3,959 was the beginning of the war – but there were no battles. The actual first battle of the war was in 3,958…so, technically, the Republic was sitting on its butt for a year. As I tried to think up titles, I was reminded of The Doors song "Riders of the Storm." After some research and finding that it ultimately came from an ancient Pagan myth called "Wild Hunt," I played with some words and came up with this one. Enjoy.



The Outer Rim – Sith Space

The Dark Lord stared out the viewport of his flagship's bridge. Despite being deep in thought, he was well aware of his apprentice approaching.

"You wished to see me?"

"I did." Was all his Master said. This was a test, Malak knew. For all the years he had known his friend, Malak knew full well that Revan was clever – annoyingly clever – sometimes merely to frustrate him. Revan was many things, especially a 'button pusher.' Malak couldn't help it though. He never held back from expressing his emotions, as dark as they were, as much as it backfired on him. Malak was reminded of that humiliating conversation with his Master's own assassin droid.


Acknowledgement: Greetings Darth Malak!

So you are HK-47? I admit, I'm impressed Revan.

I try.

Well, droid, I understand your Master has told you much about me. What do you think of me, droid?

Statement: It is my pleasure to inform you that I think you are a meatbag, Lord Malak.


Stop laughing! I don't find that funny at all, Revan!

I do. HK, remind me to program that into your memory core for you. I want you to use that for everyone. Especially Malak.

That's absurd! I have work to do! You shall rue this day, Revan!

Mockery: Good day, meatbag!


Malak blocked the memory and focused on the present. Revan's mind games had grown tiring, and Malak felt his anger surge like fire inside him. "Just tell me what-" Malak's breathing intensified like an angry bull as his Master cut him off.

"You have lost yet again, my friend." Revan replied. Malak's breathing relaxed as he tried to control himself. There was a reason he was the apprentice, and Revan the Master. Malak remained silent, and was reminded of his place in this relationship. He felt like an angry, upset fool – the same fool that had lost his lower jawbone to his Master's blade years prior. The two had never spoken of that incident to each other, but they didn't need to. The official story released to the troops was that it was a sparring accident. But Malak knew what Revan had told him, without verbalizing it. In the same fashion as Echani duels, Revan displayed his superior power over his friend in their heated argument and subsequent lightsaber battle – I am the Dark Lord. You are the apprentice. You shall always be beneath me.

"What did you wish to see me about?" Malak asked again. This time Revan answered clearly. Sort of.

"Its time, my friend." Revan answered. Malak was in disbelief for a moment.

"But are you sure? Are the troops ready for this? Are we ready? We can still-"

"You hesitate too often, Alek." Revan replied quickly. To everyone else beneath them, Revan and Malak had truly transformed into Sith Lords…but between the two of them, they were sometimes still the two young men that had joined the Jedi Order together, defeated the Mandalorians together, shed blood together…they were brothers in every way, except by bloodlines. "You never hesitated before Dantooine, my friend. I sometimes wonder if you are committed."

"I am committed." Was Malak's reply, his synthesized voice unnerving a nearby crewman.

"Good. Head to your ship, and follow my lead. There can be no mistakes Alek."

"And there will be none." Malak replied. He turned and left the bridge, leaving his master to his private thoughts.


Wild Space – Zonju V

Zonju was at the far southern reaches of the galaxy. It was a good place to lay low on. Not that I had much to worry about lately – when once being pursued by bounty hunters was commonplace, now I was avoided. Sure, I would get plenty of attention at space ports, but news traveled fast in the galaxy, and any smart hunter steered clear. Here on Zonju, the only 'dangerous' characters were small groups of smugglers, but they didn't want trouble. They were simply hiding out as well. And there was plenty of space on Zonju to hide – most of the planet was desert, and only a small handful of space ports and moisture farms littered the surface. And where was I? A small cantina in one of said space ports. This time around, I kept my rifle ready. Just in case. As I sat at the bar musing, nursing a Whisky, the bartender turned up the holonet. Some political talk show with 'talking heads.' Great. Whatever.

Welcome back to the show, my guest today is Martin Augo, author of the best-selling novel "Revan: Then and…Who? Where? Why?"

Thanks for having me Jim.

Martin, in your book you take great lengths to try and explain Revan the 'person.' You seek to humanize him, shed away the 'hero' and 'villain' sides to him so the average reader can have a greater understanding of the former Jedi turned Sith Lord. Can you tell us a little of what your overall message is in the book?

Jim, I've interviewed many of Revan's past Jedi Masters. These men and women knew him before he turned to the "Dark Side," and they all said many things. But in speaking to each of them, they all made similar observations – his overall compassion and eagerness, his pride, which led him to defy the Order and engage the Mandalorians.

Compassion? That's an odd word for a guy who became a Sith Lord. Did his Masters ever compare him and his friend Alek to Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma?

Plenty of times. But naturally, the wisdom of the Masters showed that such comparisons are easy to make. All four individuals did what they did for different reasons. They are all unique in their makeup.

Of course. Let me ask you something Martin, this is something a lot of people are wondering lately, and that is, where ARE Revan and Alek? We have officially been at war with them for a year now, but so far there has been no war to speak of.

Good question Jim. Yes, the Republic declared war and there have been no battles with the Sith. This is the root cause of many who believe the whole affair is…well, a joke, something hatched by the Senate. It is extremely odd, but I think this is where we can easily compare the current situation to the Mandalorian Wars. Just as the Mandalorians built up their territories within the Outer Rim before attacking, I believe Revan and Malak are doing the same. Its not a question of 'IF they will attack,' its 'WHEN they will attack.'

Ladies and gentlemen, Martin Augo

The bartender shook his head at the holonet transceiver and glanced over at me. For a moment he seemed to want to converse with me on the topic…then he felt odd, and walked away to serve some other patron. Whatever. I took a sip of the Whisky and then glanced out the cantina window. Off in the distance, local ranchers were herding Dewbacks. I was suddenly reminded of Cwn Annwn, an archaic Mando'a term meaning "hounds of hell," or something of that regard. It alluded to an ancient Mandalorian myth, that when one looked up into the sky and saw terrible, maddened beasts being hunted by mounted warriours, that there was great chaos coming….the beasts and their pursuers were harbingers of devastation. I furrowed my brow, troubled, and went back to my drink. The holonet channel resumed its broadcast with another speaker. I catched a smidge of the discussion.

…What are you saying exactly?

Well Jim, this recent attack on Iridonia was not some random attack by Mandalorian scavengers. I think this was pre-meditated. I believe those Mandalorians involved were hired to do this.

Certainly, but for what purpose?

I don't know Jim. Its just a feeling in my gut.

Annoyed at the 'talking heads,' I tuned out the conversation and looked down into the amber Whisky. I lightly rotated the glass about, eyeing the drink as it swirled. Political commentators were always annoying, but it was something else. I hated to say it, but I feared what they were all alluding to. Something out there…invading the galaxy. Not now. But soon. Revan and Malak, and their Legions of Sith Troopers. Their massive Navies which had left Malachor victorious.

Is this what the Republic felt like when it was readying for our invasion? I thought to myself. I sucked up my fear, but I still felt a tremble deep down. Osik. I casually glanced back out the window, and spotted the ranchers and the Dewback herds again. Hounds of Hell and the Riders of the Apocalypse… At that thought, I knocked back the Whisky, dropped some creds on the counter, and walked out. I had one thought on my mind.

Be prepared


I had left Zonju behind, and began flying casually in space over the planet below. Revan was coming. I knew it. Did he want to destroy the Republic, or maybe just put pressure on them? I didn't know that. But I knew I had to somehow safeguard myself. I concluded that my first line of defense was my Basilisk…it had to be upgraded. Somehow. If there was one person in the galaxy who knew where I could take on such a task, it was Bogart, a friend of mine on Arbra. We had survived an encounter with Sith Troops and…something else…on that planet, and it had created an impromptu, unsuspected friendship. I patched a line through. Tejah, his Zeltron bartender, picked up.

"Doug! Its good to hear from you. Are you doing well?"

"Doing better now Doll. Is Bogart around?"

"Yah sug, hold on." Came the reply. A few moments later Bogart came on. "Hey kid. What do you need?"

"Bogart, I need a bit of help. I want to spruce up the ol' Basilisk. Any ideas where?"

"…Sure, sure…I know someone. You can talk to him. He can point you in the right direction."

"Is he reliable?"

"As long as I've known him." Bogart replied. I could tell he was being vague. How typical.

"What does he do?"

"He dabbles in this and that. 'Information technology,' if you will. You'll find him on Lydos Station, next door to Isde Naha just off the Lipsec Run and Corellian Trade Spine. I'll send you coordinates, and tell him your coming."

"Thanks Bogart. I owe you."

"I'll keep that in mind."