66 Thursdays: Tomorrow Tragedy Preview

"And I'm grateful, I'm so grateful," Marlene said fiercely. She begged Marc to believe her with large round yielding eyes. "I don't think you understand that I'm grown up now, and if I want to fight I will. I've accepted that you might not come home one time, I think you should start to accept the same, but with me."

Marc looked down, breaking eye contact with her. She'd struck a nerve. Marc's chest swelled and then without looking at her, he asked, "Do you honestly believe I haven't thought about that?" Marlene's eyebrows shot up. Marc looked back at her. "Do you think I don't think about that? Maize is almost five years younger than me. I taught him how to ride his first broomstick, I carried him to the house when he broke his leg jumping out of that tree, I helped him study his first year at Hogwarts – and every day, I think about the fact that he could die. Michael could die. Max almost died twice now. You almost died, and one time it wasn't even because of death eaters." His eyes burned into hers. She looked away from him, shame coloring her face and burning up her throat, turning her stomach and pounding in her head. "I identified Mother and Father the day they were murdered. I watched you go through hell. I watched it change you," Marc toned. She caught his eye, blinking back the stinging in hers as she noticed the glassy look of his own. "Death and its reality are very real to me, Marlene. I think about it all of the time," he finished quietly.

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