Hey, everybody. This is for yougotburned's contest. It's a 1/10 family one-shot. Here we go!

It was just another day at the Roberts household. Nigel was currently over and playing Mario Kart Wii with his cousin. Eva smirked as she was coming in first place, but her smirk died down when Nigel sped up behind her and crossed the finish line beforehand.

"YES! And Nigel Uno comes out victorious once again!"

"That's not fair! I saw you take those shortcuts!"

"It's not technically cheating if they put in the game. If anything, it's called being strategic. It's all a part of being a good Kids Next Door operative!"

"Oh? You mean like you?" With that, Eva snatched away his sunglasses and put them on, standing up and clearing her throat. "Ahem: 'Oh, look at me! I'm Nigel Uno! I LOVE the Kids Next Door so much!'" she exclaimed, mimicking a British accent like Nigel's. "'So much, that I put my personal life, like my girlfriend, aside and pretend the Kids Next Door is the only thing that matters! OH, I love you, Kids Next Door! Will you marry me?'"

Nigel growled at this. "Well, two can play at that game! Ahem!" With that, he stood up and made pretty poses like Eva. "'Oh, look at me! I'm Eva Roberts! And I don't really care about the Kids Next Door! I just joined to meet all the hot and sexy boys there!'"

Eva just laughed at this. "Is that supposed to me? Please! I can do a mean 363! Watch!" With that, she grabbed a marker and drew little dots on her face, grabbed a bowl and put it on like a helmet, squished her nose up, and held two front teeth in front of her lips as she spoke. "'Ooh, look at me! I'm Harvey McKenzie! And I didn't get into the Kids Next Door fairly! I just got on my knees and begged my sister's attention, so she let me in! I also hog all the credit on missions and don't give a crap about my teammates!'" she finished, all in a perfect imitation of Harvey's voice.

Nigel just burst into laugher at this. "Oh, that was hysterical! I'm gonna try and do Numbuh 2!" With that, he pushed on his nose and said, "'Hey, everybody! I'm Hoagie Gilligan! And I'll eat anything! Watch! NOM! NOM! NOM! NOM!'" Eva laughed as Nigel pretended to eat his arm.

Eva then made two small curls in her hair and said, "'Hi, everybody! I'm Mushi Sanban! And I HATE HOAGIE GILLIGAN! I HATE HIM SO MUCH THAT I WANNA STAB HIM WITH A CRAYON! MWAH HA HA HA HA!'"

Nigel took his sunglasses back and said, "'Hey, Cutie! I'm Antonio! But you can call me…Ace.'"

Eva twisted her hair into two pigtails and spoke in a German accent. "'Oh, Ace! I, Henrietta Von Marzipan, think you're SO hot! Let us go to ze beach and see you take you're-'"

"Ahem." At this, the two imitators looked to see the people they mimicked watching from the window.

"…shirt off?" Eva finished.

"That is NOT funny, you two!" Harvey shouted.

"Yeah!" Mushi exclaimed. "Harvey sounds more like this! Watch! Ahem: 'DUUH! I'm Harvey and I can bite through metal with my beaver teeth!'"

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm Mushi and I'm a psychotic little demon!" Harvey exclaimed.

"I'm Nigel and I can cook an egg on my head!" Hoagie shouted.

"I'm Hoagie, and I'm so fat, I can shake the whole universe by jumping!" Eva retorted.

"I'm Eva, and I'm a know-it-all little-" Mushi tried to say.

"I'm Mushi, and I'm a b&#*!" Eva shouted. With that, they were all in a mimicking duel.

Ace and Heinie just stood back and watched as all this happened. "Well, at least they got us right!" Ace said.

"Ja, zey did!" With that, the two lovers made out.

"Oh yeah?" Harvey shouted. "Well, I'm Gamewizard2008 and I-"

-am ending this right now! Okay, here's my contest entry thing. Kinda sucks, but what the heck. You don't really see too many family one-shots of them. Well, back to Monty's Galactic Days. Later.