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Creating an organized discipline of study out of random techniques and seals that were all haphazardly thrown together into the melting pot that was dubbed "fuinjutsu" was not an easy task; Naruto Namikaze was discovering this the hard way! This was a project that he had been toiling at for four years thus far, and he was just now beginning the second phase of it. His friends and comrades had found it astonishing that Naruto had developed such a great interest in this ambiguous and obscure ninja art. Even more astonishing to them was the ease with which he picked it up, as well as the seemingly limitless aptitude that he displayed for it. After all, it wasn't exactly expected of the "Number One Knucklehead of the Hidden Leaf" to have the capacity to learn such a complex ninja art, much less create an orderly discipline out of it!

'I still don't get why some people won't let go of "The Knucklehead". I haven't been like that for years,' thought Naruto to himself with mild curiosity, but colored mostly by disinterest, 'oh well, nothing to do about it right now, I guess. If people don't want to acknowledge what's right in front of them, that's not my problem.'

As he had just "officially" declared the first phase of his "Discipline of Fuinjutsu" project complete, he couldn't help but reflect on the journey that this endeavor had taken him on since its inception. Naruto had effectively ended the Fourth Great Shinobi War singlehandedly, ironically using basic fuinjutsu augmented by some of his own creativity. All he did was create a basic chakra inhibitor array that covered the area within a 300 meter radius upon activation. After luring Madara Uchiha to the area where he had created the seal, his Sage Mode in combination with his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, allowed him to detect Madara's chakra just before Madara himself materialized in front of Naruto, along with his six paths. As Madara and his paths finished materializing, Naruto was fast enough to activate the array, draining the chakra of every living (or pseudo-living) being in the area for a period of ten minutes. Madara's paths immediately became incapacitated without Madara's ability to pass chakra back and forth between them. This was more than enough time for Naruto to use what remained of his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and his Sage Mode to quickly subdue and kill Madara, and as Madara had no chakra, he could not use Izanagi with his remaining Sharingan to alter reality. He was dead, and the war was over; it was surprisingly anti-climactic once everyone thought about it, and many people were actually kicking themselves for not having thought of Naruto's idea beforehand.

A few days after the war had ended, Naruto's heritage was revealed to the Shinobi Nations, Naruto himself being hailed as the greatest hero in the shinobi world (of course, in Konoha, he was still "the knucklehead". People in the Leaf just seemed to have a very difficult time of seeing underneath the underneath). Naruto had received the small property and 4000 square foot two-story home that his parents had lived in. He had also learned that his mother and father were in the process of building their own compound, as they wanted to revive the Uzumaki clan in Konoha, but under both of their names. The compound had not quite been finished when Naruto was born, and it had remianed incomplete, yet untouched out of respect for the late Hokage and his wife, for the last 18 years. After looking at the grounds and the compound, Naruto decided that he would finish the compound and build the clan that his parents wanted to start.

The room in the current house that grabbed Naruto's interest the most was his parents' library, which was locked shut with a blood seal. When Naruto unsealed it, he spent several days familiarizing himself with the contents of the library, taking particular interest in anything that was fuinjutsu-related. After studying said contents, he was surprised that the only works on fuinjutsu as an art in the library were rather basic, especially considering how talented both of his parents where with this art. Did any books beyond such content on fuinjutsu as a ninja art exist? The truth was that Naruto had learned primarily by picking things up here and there, and also by studying both Gerotora's key seal and his own seal. Deciding that he wanted to try to find any works on fuinjutsu that contained concepts, techniques and other things that he didn't already know, he went to Tsunade, who had as a reward for his service to the village and the alliance, given Naruto full traveling rights to come and go from the village as he pleased, so long as he answered any summons that the Hokage felt the need to send his way while he was traveling. And so it was that Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze began to travel around the Elemental Continent, his purpose being to try to find any more advanced works on fuinjutsu that might be in existence anywhere.

His journey led him to Suna, where Gaara and Temari assisted him in his search of their village and surrounding lands, but alas, they had found nothing of interest on sealing. Similar scenarios happened in all of the other hidden villages as well, first in Kiri, then Kumo, and then the remaining minor nations that either had shinobi villages, or that might have had any traces of knowledge of fuinjutsu. Even the ruins of Uzushio proved to hold very little, but he was able to get his hands on some foundational sealing theory there. This information would become the foundation for his documentation of the discipline of fuinjutsu that he was trying to define.

Iwa was the last place that he decided to go, primarily because he didn't know what to expect if he showed up there from most of the populace. He was pleasantly surprised, however, when he received a much warmer welcome and reception than he expected. In particular, he was quite happy to be reunited with one Kurotsuchi, whose admiration Naruto had won when he stepped in to save her life in a battle where she was being overwhelmed by Zetsu clones. It wasn't just that he saved her, but he also took the time to make sure she was OK, and then removing her from the field of battle before rejoining it. She went from admiration to infatuation that very night, when, after the battle had ended and the White Zetsu army repulsed, Naruto went and sought her out, just to make sure that she was still OK, since things had by then calmed down a bit. As the night wore on, they both found that they were able to connect with each other on a level that neither had been able to do with anyone else. It was the encroachment of the oncoming dawn that interrupted the time that they had spent together simply talking and getting to know each other…though neither would openly acknowledge that they were developing feelings for each other…at least not right then. Of course, this didn't stop rumors from spreading when, day after day, they could be seen together any time that both of them happened to be in camp. Of course, the fact that when on missions, they made a spectacular team, didn't help to slow down the rumors, either. After a while, knowing that the rumors wouldn't die down, they simply accepted the facts, and their feelings towards each other (of course, they also found it fun to give everyone else in the camp something to talk about that was of a happier nature, as the alliance forces were growing tired of war).

Naruto had brought the war to a close shortly after that, and after the war ended, affairs were settled, and everyone went their separate ways, with both Naruto and Kurotsuchi returning to their own villages, not knowing what the future would hold for them. Of course, Tsunade and Onoki, both being crafty, meddling busybodies who loved to interfere in the lives of their loved ones, would begin communicating back and forth, using "alliance proposals" and "policies of open communication" to cover their plans and schemes to get these two together, knowing how much each one missed the other, and seeing just how incomplete they both seemed without the other present.

He smiled as he remembered the time that he spent with the calm, yet spunky Hidden Stone jounin after not having seen her for close to three years. Onoki, seeing that the absence between these two had only made their hearts grow fonder, decided to spring the trap that he and Tsunade had been working together to set for the two: A political marriage between the Hero of the Shinobi Nations and the Granddaughter of the Third Tsuchikage! Naruto seemed to be unsure of the idea, particularly Krurotsuchi's reaction to it, but both he and Onoki were quite surprised when she almost instantly agreed, rather enthusiastically at that, even going so far as to ask if her "gramps" could marry them right then and there! This, of course, caused both men to face-fault comically.

After she had calmed down, and come back to her senses with a blush of embarrassment and a sheepish grin and giggle, Onoki informed them that he and Tsunade had been in communication with each other and had been discussing the opening of relations between the two great shinobi powers. Both parties also approved of and supported the idea of a marriage between the two. Each would send a liaison to the other's village to foster friendly relations, and the only two pairs that would be suited for such a job at the moment were Naruto and Kurotsuchi, as well as Akatsuchi and Hinata Hyuuga, who had both grown close themselves during the war. Hinata had found that the gentle giant's calming presence helped her to live relatively free of insecurity and fear, while Akatsuchi loved Hinata beautiful, delicate appearance, and her own caring, gentle nature…while being both excited and scared by the prowess that she could display on the battlefield! Each pair would trade places between the villages for now, one pair would stay in Iwa while the other would stay in Konoha, and then they would trade off after one year to see who would work better in which village, or if they would continue trading places on an annual basis. Naruto and Kurotsuchi would begin their one-year tour of duty in Iwa, while Naruto continued to try to find what sources and documents he could on fuinjutsu. Surprisingly, within about two weeks after he had arrived there, Naruto's passion for the art had infected Kurotsuchi, and he found himself with an apprentice as well as a fiancée!

Even though Naruto could find nothing new (at least to him) about fuinjutsu in Iwa, he had a blast teaching Kurotsuchi what he knew, and he found it very satisfying to watch her learn and grow; a veritable sealmaster in the making! She also helped him in categorizing and organizing the different seals that they knew, and even the seals that Naruto had created, into branches, and even sub-branches when further division was called for. The year in Iwa had passed quite quickly for the pair, between establishing relations and working on what had become their project. About six months in, word had been received of Hinata and Akatsuchi's nuptials; Hiashi Hyuuga was adamant about having the ceremony in Konoha, and about paying for everything himself, much to Hinata's shock, and to Akatsuchi's (and Onoki's) glee! Only Onoki and a handful of guards could make the trip, as Naruto and Kurotsuchi had diplomatic duties that kept them in Iwagakure. The pair made sure to send their regards and a gift to the newlyweds with Onoki and party, however.

As the last six months came to a close, Onoki and Tsunade had been communicating back and forth even more frequently than usual, as they were planning Naruto and Kurotsuchi's wedding, which would take place immediately after the end of their one-year-tour in Iwa, and before their tour of duty in Konoha. As this was a political wedding, Naruto and Kurotsuchi had very little say in the actual time that this took place, but they were consulted as to the details of what they wanted in their wedding. As part of the diplomatic team between the two great nations, Hinata and Akatsuchi were brought in to help make the arrangements and organize the event. It was decided that the wedding would take place in a nation between the two powers, as to encourage any attendees from both nations who wished to attend to make the journey. Shibuki was gracious enough to provide the locale for the wedding: the lake and the waterfall that served at the entrance to his village. He would also perform the ceremony, allowing Tsunade and Onoki to simply be "family" to the bride and groom.

Their wedding was a grand affair, with thousands of people from almost every nation in attendance. All five Kages made the trip, Gaara himself serving as Naruto's Best Man, Mei Terumi of all people serving as Kurotsuchi's Matron of Honor (they had bonded over Lava-style ninjutsu), as Mei had wed Chojuro shortly after the war had ended. Warm congratulations were given by all, and the wedding of Naruto and Kurotsuchi had been named one of the most celebrated events in recent history. They spend their honeymoon in the Land of Waves, courtesy of Tazuna and family setting them up in a private little bungalow, out in the middle of nowhere, so that there would be no chance of the newlyweds being disturbed by unwanted visitors.

By the end of their two-week honeymoon, the pair thanked Tazuna, Tsunami and Inari profusely for their hospitality, and for providing them with meals by way of daily drop-off at the bungalow's front doorstep, Naruto and Kurotsuchi Namikaze made the trip to Konoha, where they would begin their diplomatic duties to the Leaf.

Once they got there, they reported immediately to Tsunade's office, who hugged them both and warmly congratulated them on their wedding once again. Never had she seen Naruto so happy, and from what Onoki had told her about Kurotsuchi, she was uncharacteristically joyful as well. As they were briefed on what their duties would be, Tsunade also gave Naruto one more wedding present: the keys to the newly-completed Namikaze Clan Compound, which Tsunade had taken the liberty of overseeing in Naruto's absence. She had even gone so far as to move all of the furniture from the old house into the new mansion, making it liveable for the newlyweds!

This is where we currently find Naruto hard at work. Naruto was in the study, writing what he hoped would become the foundation of the newly organized "Discipline of Fuinjutsu". As he was writing, he received a welcome interruption in the form of the voice of the woman that he loved more than life itself.

"How's it coming, honey?" she asked, the love in her tone as evident as the love in her eyes as she looked at her prince.

Naruto looked up and smiled at her, "It's coming along real well, actually. We're now officially in Phase II of the project!"

Kurotsuchi grinned in excitement at this, her own love for the art that they were working to bring to greater numbers of shinobi having grown to be as great as his own in the time that they began to work together on it. She couldn't wait until the first edition of Naruto's Fuinjutsu book was set to print, and brought to the public; it could very well change the ninja world as they knew it, seeing a greater number of ninja taking up the art of sealing. It brought them both shivers of excitement just thinking about it!

"Oh, I can't wait to see the first chapter! This is so exciting!" Kurotsuchi exclaimed, with the giddiness of an over-excited child.

"Yeah, I feel the same way, babe!" exclaimed Naruto, showing just as much excitement as his beloved wife as he continued, "I should have the intro done in a couple of days; I'll let you look at it, and if there's anything you want to add…"

She simply smiled and nodded before leaving, stopping just long enough to turn back and ask, "Naru, is there anything I can get you while you're working?"

"Nah, babe, I'm great! But I appreciate the offer!" he responded in gratitude.

She nodded and turned to leave once more, this time going to the office that they had set up for their diplomatic duties and getting some work done on that front while Naruto continued to chip away at the intro to foundational fuinjutsu!

Only two short days later, Naruto had just finished the introduction! He was running around the house to find Kurotsuchi so that he could show her the completed introductory chapter to the new book:

"Fundamentals of Sealing Theory and Practice: A Foundation to the Discipline of Fuinjutsu"
by Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze,
with Kurotsuchi Namikaze

Looking around to see where she might be, he found her in the kitchen, preparing lunch for the two of them. He sneaked quietly behind her, suppressing his chakra signature, and quickly wrapped his arms around her stomach from the back.

Kurotsuchi gave an "EEP!" which following by laughter as Naruto picked her up pulled away from the counter and started spinning in place, causing her arms and legs to extend outward as her body spinned with his. After a few moments, he placed her down, where she turned around, placed her arms around his neck while he placed his arms around her waist, and both of them leaned in to give each other a warm kiss.

Naruto simply looked into her eyes with a soft, loving smile, "You're the most beautiful woman in the world to me, you know that?"

Kurotsuchi simply blushed at his praise, knowing he meant it from the bottom of his heart, as she responded in kind, "And you, mister…are the most…handsome…and wonderful man…ever!" she said with a warm, loving smile of her own.

Naruto released her, and showed her the scroll he had brought, "I've finished putting the introduction together, and I've added all your parts as well!"

Her eyes lit up, "Really? Here, let me read it!" she exclaimed as she extended her arms to take the scroll and read it. He gladly relinquished it to her so that she could read the very first fruit of what started as Naruto's labor, and then became Naruto's and her labor. She didn't even bother going up to the library; she just took a seat at the kitchen table, opened the scroll and started reading…

Welcome, Aspiring Sealer,

It is amazing to me that so few people are aware of, or interested in, what I know for a fact to be the most versatile, most flexible, and most dangerous and deadly ninja art in existence! The reason for my amazement at this peculiarity is two-fold. One – Fuinjutsu is capable of doing literally anything that any other ninja art can do (including taijutsu and kenjutsu), and it can do an infinite number of things that no other ninja art can do! Two – the biggest complaint that I encounter, even from those that can see the value of Fuinjutsu and have even attempted to take up the art, is that it seems too complex and obscure to them to be able to make any marked progress in learning it or being able to use it effectively, when the fact is that with an understanding of certain fundamentals, fuinjutsu is not as hard to learn as one might be led to believe. Of course, without those fundamentals, and without a solid foundation upon which to build, a potential sealer's efforts can prove to be in vain. It is for these two reasons, both to expose the world to the amazing things that Fuinjutsu can do, as well as to demystify the fundamentals for the majority of the shinobi world, that I have sought to create the first-ever true work that would serve as that solid foundation upon which you can build your fuinjutsu knowledge and skills. Having said this, welcome to the wonderful and amazingly diverse world of sealing, also known as Fuinjutsu!

Contained herein are many of the building blocks and tools that will assist you in your journey from seal novice to seal master! I can only hope that you find this journey to be as wonderful and as rewarding as I have. It is also my sincerest hope that many of you reading this can add to this work, and that there will never be an end to the number of revisions and editions that will be printed. It is my dream that Fuinjutsu, as an organized discipline of study, will one day take its rightful place as a major ninja art, alongside ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu, and that you will play a major role in making this possible!

Good luck, and Good Hunting,

Naruto Namikaze, Seal Master of Konohagakure

Hello, friend,

I cannot begin to express my excitement in your choice to pick this book up and begin to study the art of sealing! I was an elite jounin for years before I even considered studying fuinjutsu, and even with all of the techniques and jutsu that I've learned over the years, none of them could even begin to compare to the impact that fuinjutsu has made on my life, and in my career as a ninja. As of this writing, I have only been studying fuinjutsu for a year under the instruction of my fuinjutsu master and husband, Naruto Namikaze, and in that time, this wonderful art has opened up whole new worlds for me in the realm of what's possible.

There is no other ninja art around that can do the things that fuinjutsu can do. The most amazing thing about this field of study is that once you have the basics down as they are defined in this book, the only limit that you will have in what you can create or achieve will be your own imagination! My sincerest hope for you in reading this book and studying the discipline of fuinjutsu is that it will reveal new realms of possibility and richness into your life, and into your ninja career, just as it has for me.

Warmest regards and blessings,

Kurotsuchi Namikaze, Seal Expert, Aspiring Seal Master of Iwagakure and Konohagakure


For all intents and purposes of this book, the following definitions will be standard:

Seal – a single pattern or kanji of a specific design that serves a single specific function or purpose, most commonly the storing of something (not necessarily an object) inside of something else. An example of this would be storing either a single item, or a collection of like items, into a scroll.

Seal Array – A sequential series of seals, activated in a specific order, each dependent on the seal before it, in order to allow the combining of simple functions of single seals to enable more complex and advanced functions. Can also simply be called an "array". An example of this would be the seal that holds a tailed beast inside of its Jinchuriki: the beast is kept in its cage by one portion of the seal array, and its youki is purified and converted into chakra that is added to the Jinchuriki's own by another portion of the seal array. The conversion seal is dependent on the containment seal to function.

Conduit – A connecting bridge between two distinct seals or arrays, creating a pattern or flow of functionality. It is conduits that link seals and create seal arrays. It is also the conduits and the way in which they are connected to each seal that determine the exact order in which the seals will activate and function, ultimately determining the effect of the array. Every conduit has a source seal and a destination seal. The source seal is where the conduits "precedes from", and the destination seal is where the conduit "proceeds to". For example, if a two-seal array, consisting of a storage seal and an electricity-to-chakra converter seal are linked, the conduit will determine the effect of the array, because it is the conduit that determines the order in which the seals activate. If the electricity-to-chakra converter seal was the source seal and the storage seal was the destination seal, then the array would convert electricity (assuming that the converter seal was connected to a source of its own) into chakra and store it into the chakra storage seal. If the chakra storage seal was the source seal, and the electricity-to-chakra converter seal was the destination seal, then nothing would happen, as the converter seal converts electricity into chakra, not the other way around.

So what exactly is Fuinjutsu?

Simply put, fuinjutsu, at its most basic level, is the art of sealing something into something else. Now, considering all of the things that you've heard fuinjutsu can do, this particular definition doesn't exactly seem to do the art justice, does it? Allow me to explain the definition in greater detail, as well as give you a few concrete examples.

Fuinjutsu can store anything into any medium. Anything can be: matter, energy, chakra, information, even decisions, instructions and courses of action, can all be stored into seals. What makes all of the amazing things that can be accomplished with fuinjutsu possible is not the storing of "things", but the releasing or executing of the stored contents, at least as defined by the seals themselves. For example, a barrier seal is simply the storing of energy or force into a seal. The design of the seal will determine how to release said energy or force given a certain stimulus or catalyst, creating the effect desired, in this case, a barrier of some sort. In effect, it is the design of the seal that gives the energy its "instructions," so to speak, when the seal is executed or released as part of its function (this is not to be confused with manual release of a seal in order to remove its effect).

It is this combination of storing and executing/releasing, that gives fuinjutsu its versatility and its flexibility, and is the ability to store anything at all into any medium at all that makes fuinjutsu so dangerious and deadly. Even though you will find, after studying this book and learning to apply the principles that are explained within its pages, that fuinjutsu is not nearly as mystifying as once believed, like any ninja art, it must be handled with care and caution, just like taijutsu, ninjutsu or genjutsu. Many accidents, injuries, and even deaths have occurred that did not have to, simply because people did not exercise the proper care or show the proper respect for the art or the technique that they were trying to use, and it ended up blowing up in their faces. Fuinjutsu is no different; handle it with the same care, caution and precision that you would accord any other ninja discipline, and you will have nothing to worry about. It has been said that with great power comes even greater responsibility; in no instance is this statement more true than when referring to the discipline of Fuinjutsu.

Branches of Fuinjutsu

In an effort to organize this once-obscure ninja art into logical units or schools of study, several branches of fuinjutsu were created and identified, based in the effects that the seals and sealing methods within each branch create. At current, there are four main branches of Fuinjutsu: Security Fuinjutsu, which is the branch in which most of the basic seals that people learn tend to fall, Intelligence Fuinjutsu, Energy Manipulation Fuinjutsu, and the newest branch to date, Supplemental Fuinjutsu. So that these branches can be studied in order of complexity, this book will discuss each of the branches of Fuinjutsu in the following order:

Security Fuinjutsu: The discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to secure objects, buildings, persons, or other entities/articles of importance. While many seals and arrays that serve such functions have existed for decades and even centuries, we have taken the foundation laid previously and created an entire branch of Fuinjutsu from it, creating numerous other types of seals and arrays and security methods that serve this purpose. There are three current sub-branches of security fuinjutsu as we can best define them. The first is containment fuinjutsu, which isthe discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to prevent infiltration of a geographical area, or to prevent escape of a person from a geographical area or removal of an object from either a geographical area or from the object in which it is sealed. The second is surveillance/detection fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to assist in the monitoring of a geographical area, person or group. The third is override fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to assist in the securing and neutralization of compromised seals.

Supplemental Fuinjutsu: The discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to supplement already-existing seals and arrays in some manner. There are two current sub-branches of supplemental fuinjutsu as we can best define them. The first is supplemental protection fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to protect, preserve, or otherwise provide added security to existing seals and arrays. The second is supplemental augmentation fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to augment or enhance the performance and functionality of existing seals and arrays.

Intelligence Fuinjutsu: The discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to assist in the gathering of accurate intelligence. There are three current sub-branches of intelligence fuinjutsu as we can best define them. The first is reconnaissance fuinjutsu, or recon fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to assist in the gathering of accurate intelligence over a large area or at long range. The second is interrogation fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to assist in the gathering or forcible extraction of accurate intelligence from an individual or individuals at close range. The third is counter-intelligence fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to deter or hinder the gathering of accurate intelligence by others. Seals and arrays for counter-surveillance also fall into this category.

Energy Manipulation Fuinjutsu: The discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to manipulate either the nature, or the usage, of various types of energy. There are two current sub-branches of energy manipulation fuinjutsu created, or more accurately, organized, as we can best define them, due to the fact that so many of these seals were already in existence. The first is chakra manipulation fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to alter the nature or usage of chakra in some manner. This discipline is closely related to some techniques in supplemental augmentation fuinjutsu, though there are differences. The second is bodily-energy manipulation fuinjutsu, which is the discipline of seals and arrays specifically designed to alter the nature or usage of the energy produced by various organs in the body. Since the development of this second sub-branch of energy manipulation fuinjutsu, many have mistakenly called it "medical fuinjutsu", and while this particular discipline certainly has medical applications, it is not limited to this. See the detailed entry on energy manipulation fuinjutsu for further exposition on this. NOTE: proper use of this sub-branch requires a solid working knowledge of human anatomy and its functions; in theory, an Inuzuka could learn such techniques for use with their nin-dogs, as all that is required is a working knowledge of the anatomy of the life-form upon which the seals in this discipline would be applied.

Kurotsuchi put the scroll down with a satisfied smile as she looked up at her husband, who had not stopped watching her read the opening.

"This is great," she said, her satisfaction at the opening of the book evident in the tone of her voice.

Naruto smiled at her, "Yeah, I think so, too. I'm so excited about what this will bring to our world."

Kurotsuchi simply continued smiling at her husband. Her smile become somewhat sly as she spoke in a playful, yet husky tone, "You know…with all the work you've put into this, and the fact that you've done this much…I think you've earned a break…don't you?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her, a playful smirk of his own making itself known, "Hmm…what exactly did you…have in mind?"

Kurotsuchi simply stood up and walked towards the stairs, swaying her hips in a sultry manner. Turning her head in a suggestive way, she looked back over her shoulder at her husband and said, "Come follow me, and I'll be happy to show you…"

Naruto, needing no further prompting, followed his wife up the stairs, knowing exactly what it was she wanted to "show" him.

And that's a wrap for chapter 1 of the rewrite - now titled "The Discipline of Fuinjutsu". Please read and review.