Welcome to my new story. Actually, this one is quite older than all the others. So old, in fact, it dates back to the year 2008! It's titled Beyond the Ocean (originally The Girl I Am), and here's the summary:

Could one person possibly make a difference?

"…My mind drifted farther and farther away from reality, only to stop to see a young woman holding onto the railings of the stern as the rest of her body stayed suspended in the air. If her hands and feet weren't planted on the rail like they were now, then she surely would've fallen. And as my mind saw these images, I pleaded the woman to just come back over the rail. And just like God answering my prayers, I saw a young man with unruly mud-blond hair and worn clothes say, 'Don't do it.' Almost making the woman lose her grip, I saw for the first time how cold it was. Their breath stayed suspended in the air like early morning mist. One fall and she'd freeze. Twenty-eight degrees… Above freezing…

With a cracked voice, the woman made a desperate, 'Stay back! Don't come any closer!'…"

16-year Danielle Fitz only wanted to stay home and live her peaceful life in Southampton, England, instead of being forced to move to America on the new ocean liner, the R.M.S. Titanic. But like life, she can't always get what she wants…

After the pure sights and hearings of a ship sinking in the distance, Danielle is prepared for a voyage of a lifetime. Though her superstitions lead her to see the lovers of Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson, she knows that something is going to go wrong.

Join Danielle on a journey where she learns that no matter how hard you try, you may never succeed.

Though only twelve chapters, excluding this author's note, they are quite decent in length. This was originally my longest story, but now many of my others are exceeding this.

My Original Author's Note:

This is my first book ever written, something I've been working on for a whole year. *Phew* It's been hard work. The first copy of this storywas the first actual book (but only 90-something pages) that I've written. But like all starters, there were a lot of errors and what I call "unprofessional writing." I have to be good to be in an enriched Language Arts class! Anyhow, let me explain about this book you're about to read, titled Beyond the Ocean. All books involve a disclaimer, and some things (correction: some peoples) that are NOT mine and NEVER will be.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Rose DeWitt Bukater, Jack Dawson, Cal Hockley, Fabrizio de Rossi, Tommy Ryan or any other of James Cameron's characters.

Those characters ring a bell? Okay, I admit I'm obsessed. But somehow using these characters give out my best writing. These characters belong to James Cameron, famous director with two of his hit movies at the top of highest-grossing films: Avatar at one with 2.5 billion, and Titanic at two with 1.8 billion.

Now I want you ALL to get psyched! In April, 2012, Titanic will be released AGAIN in 3D! Hopefully it would reclaim it's number one reputation!

Now back to this book. It involves Jack and Rose partially; It involves something known as Second Sight, something I learned about in Richard Peck's amazing Blossom Culp series, but is a little different. This new "Second Sight" will be explained throughout the chapters of suspense, courage, and mystery.

This book has a sequel I have thought little of but will be written.

I also want to mention that this story is like a remake of the Titanic story. Romeo and Juliet, ya know? Kinda like that. Friendships grow really quickly, love as well... I want to go into more detail on the main character's relationship with this sweet boy named John, but yet, why does it have to be like that? Just because we think love shouldn't happen in three days doesn't mean it's impossible. Same goes with friendships.

I did my best to copy the fashion styles of students and teens. I got most of the detail from a book that took place in 1914, the Blossom Culp series that I mentioned before.

So, enjoy, readers. Just flip the page for the first chapter. :)