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Warnings: Yummy Yaoi~! LEMONY GOODNESS~! Ichigo's usual bad temper and language.

Pairing: Aizen/Ichigo

Hot! So hot! Damnit! I groaned and glared at the full moon in annoyance. The moon's call started three days ago and I still haven't been able to fuck anyone! I began mumbling every curse word I knew. It was so fucking hot! My boyfriend just fucking broke up with me (the bastard) and now he's probably off whoring throughout Seattle, having the time of his life before dancing to the moon. I bet he dumped me the night before the moon fever just to screw with me! Fucking asshole. Now I'm stuck feeling like my skin is being stabbed by tiny pitchforks from hell.

I walked back as fast as I could to my apartment. Usually it helped when I had some type of cover blocking me from the moon. I need a cold shower. A really long cold shower. I should just stay in there all night. Damnit!

Not for the first time, I cursed my blood, what I was. If I was just a normal fucking shifter I could change soon and join the moon dance! But no! I had to be part fucking vampire didn't I! Damnit, damnit, damnit! Screw you all! Damnit! I couldn't even hook up with another shifter and just fuck madly! Because they're all doing what shifters do best! Turning into animals and dancing! My vampire blood seriously pisses me off! It decided that it would be much more fun to not allow me to fully shift the few nights I desperately needed too and torture my insides with the fires of hell!

I was absently chewing on my hand. Pain was a nice distraction from this damnable heat. Fuck. I really need to have sex with someone. Anyone. But who! Not humans. That's just too fucking complicated for a one night fuck session. They needed to be a supernatural. And most of the supes are busy enjoying the moon. Nice. Fuck them. I sighed through my hand. I get really bitchy during the full moon. But, hey, can you blame me? I was on fire, spent all my money getting wasted, and I'm still fucking sober. Wasn't my life perfect? The only brightside to this was I get leave off of work during this hell week. But that meant I didn't get any money from work. Right. Fucking brightsides. I growled under my breath. Fuck everything!

Damn. I could barely concentrate on anything. Just get back to your apartment Ichigo. You can do this! You've survived this week countless times! But for some reason it felt worse. I never remembered it being this intense. Not even gnawing on my hand seemed to help much. It was so hot I could barely register the pain. I could register the blood trickling in my mouth though. Ugh. Great. I may like the taste of blood sometimes, but that didn't mean I liked mine. At least it'll heal in a couple hours.

"Are you what smells so delectable, little shifter?" Came a smooth deep voice from in front of me. My head snapped up in surprise. I let someone get that close without realizing! Damn, what a day. Fucking heat. My nose crinkled from the sudden smell of blood and death…and jasmine? What the fuck? No matter how weird that smell combo was he looked fucking badass. His dark brown hair was slicked back and curled down his pale neck with a soft lock resting between his deep brown eyes…shit. I glanced away from his face (and eyes) and took in the rest of his outfit. He was wearing a black trench coat that swayed in the wind and a white dress shirt with three buttons unbuttoned, revealing a well toned chest. Black leather pants fit his legs rather nicely and disappeared in black boots that came up midthigh. He was fucking hot, that was for sure.

He smirked at the obvious way I was checking him out and fang glinted in the moonlight. But, first things first.

"What do you want, vampire?" I practically seethed at him. No matter how hot he was I wasn't in the mood for conversation and vampires were notorious bastards. I continued walking forward and passed him. I had to get home. As I passed him a shiver passed through me and the heat flared. I walked faster.

Holy fuck! I have to get away from this fucking vamp before I spontaneously combust!

"Now that's rude. Where did you learn your manners? You are a shifter though. I suppose it cannot be helped." I scowled back at his condescending tone and realized he was following me. Fuck! Get your hot ass away from me! And I thought the heat was bad before. Damnit all to hell!

"Why are you following me, smug bastard?" I growled without turning around to face him. I quickened my pace. Home's the one place he can't go and I focused on how fun it would be to mock him from inside my door frame. At times I loved vamp rules.

"I think I prefer 'vampire' over 'smug bastard'." I could practically hear the frown in his voice. Like I give a fuck what you prefer? "However, if you must know, I am following you because you smell delicious and if you are going to ignore that blood dripping from your hand then I would be more than happy to see that it doesn't go to waste."

"If you're asking for permission to drink my blood you can go fuck yourself." My hands were clenching and unclenching by my sides and I tried to walk faster. He, however, seemed to easily keep up. Fuck, fuck, fuck! You're definitely making the moon fever worse! Fuck you! Fuck me!…which is exactly what I wanted. But vamps were good at pissing me off and my relationships with them never ended well. Though the sex was bound to great, afterwards is what worried me. Vampires tended to be obsessive, possessive bastards that always wanted things to go their way. The question was, was I ready for such a relationship again? The answer was no. The problem was that if he asked me I wouldn't be able to say no. My control was in tatters at this point and I was more than willing to be fucked madly. So, my goal: get to the apartment before he asks. Simple right?

"I was wondering, as well," he continued, obviously ignoring my last statement. "What such a cute shifter was doing alone during the full moon. It piqued my curiosity, I must say."

"None of your business," I mumbled under my breath. My apartment building came into view and I mentally whooped in victory. Almost there!

"I suppose it is not," he mused. Damn vampire ears hear everything. "You must be quite hot." No shit, Sherlock!

I walked into the building and rushed up the stairs. Key, key, key! Where are you damn key! I checked my back pocket last and pulled it out. It's always the last fucking thing you check, isn't it! I fumbled with the lock and hastily opened the door. Phew.

I felt a rush of air behind me and turned around quickly. I gulped and stepped back with surprise. Holy shit! There was the hot vampire leaning against my door frame with his face inches from mine. I avoided his eyes. I wasn't effected by vamp mind games, but that was a something I'd rather keep secret. A red-jewel glittered in his ear and his smile sent a wave of heat straight to my groin. Fuck! Hot fucking bastard! I almost jumped him right there and then. Control Ichigo! He's a vamp, remember! So what? Said the little voice in my head. Very persuasive.

"I could assist you with that pesky heat, little shifter," he said in a sultry voice better suited for my bedroom and not the hallway. I licked my lip nervously and looked at him though narrowed eyes.

"Can you, now?" I said with barely concealed sarcasm. This vampire was dangerously hot. Was I flirting with him! I was, damnit!

His eyes darkened with lust "I most certainly can. All you have to do is invite me in. And both our needs will be satisfied." He said the last with a whisper and I shivered in delight. Fuck! So what if he was a vampire! I need to be fucked damnit! And he was offering!

I smirked. "You're a seductive bastard, you know that right?" I said, matching his lust filled look with one of my own. "Fine, what's your name?"

"Aizen. Sousuke Aizen." He said with satisfaction. Sousuke huh?

"Well, Sousuke, the name's Ichigo Kurosaki, and I suppose you could come in for a good fuck." He raised an eyebrow in amusement at that.

"Good enough." Sousuke said and before I knew it I was against my wall with a hard vampire pressed against me. He licked my lips and nibbled lightly on my bottom lip. I opened my mouth without hesitation and our tongues tangled in haste. He quickly won that battle and his tongue explored my wet cavern. His sharp fangs nicked me, but I was far from caring and he sucked up the blood before I could even taste it. I moaned against his mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. Damn, this man had a talented fucking tongue! He tasted better than I thought he would. Jasmine and the faint, but recognizable, metallic taste of blood. I gasped and broke the kiss as I felt wandering hands tweak a nipple. When did he get under my shirt? He was fucking sneaky.

I was breathing heavily and looked up at him with hazy eyes. "D-Door…?"

He smirked and licked away a drop of blood from my lips.

"I closed it." He leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Bedroom?" His breath ghosted down my neck and I shuddered with need. I moaned just from anticipation. I needed to feed this wretched heat! I pressed closer to him and looked in the direction of the bedroom. "There" was my needy whisper. I was too hot to think how pathetic that sounded. I needed it so badly. I needed him so badly. So hot. Sousuke made it so much worse. And insanely better.

He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. With the speed of a vampire we were in my room and I was dropped on my queen-sized bed. I was suddenly glad I decided to clean my room. He dropped his trench coat on the floor and started unbuttoning his shirt. I took this opportunity to fully admire his body. His muscled chest and nicely toned legs. Not to mention his great ass. Pale unblemished skin. I blushed slightly as he dropped his boxers and gave me a knowing look. Even with the crappy lighting in my apartment he was probably one of the hottest people I've ever met. And I've met a lot.

"Undress Ichigo." And any other time I would have scoffed at his authoritative tone. Now, however, I was more than happy to comply with that order. I began undressing with the skill of a top stripper. I was usually paid for this, but hey, the look he was giving me was totally worth it. He growled and jumped me, ripping the rest of my clothes off. Great there goes another outfit. You wouldn't guess how many fucking clothes I go through.

"You shouldn't tease me, Ichigo." He said in a hoarse voice. He stared down at me and looked over my body. His eyes held the promise of violence. And pleasure. The look caused a new band of heat to constrict in me.

I felt incredibly smug that I was able to break through his calm demeanor. I smiled and gave him a sultry look. I was an aggressive person and that didn't stop in bed either. There was more than one reason I was called a tiger in the sack, after all.

"You realize your paying for that, right?" I said in feigned annoyance.

"Of course." He said offhandedly and began trailing kisses along my collar bone, nipping at my sensitive spots and sending jolts of pleasure to my groin. A sound closely resembling a moan reverberated deep in my throat as he continued his ministrations further down and licked one of my pert nipples. He chuckled and blew cold air on his wet trail, making me shiver.

"You're quite adorable, my little shifter." Before I could comment on that 'adorable' statement his skillful tongue circled my nipple and he took it in his mouth. He purposely grazed his teeth against it and began sucking. A gasp escaped me and I arched into him with a (embarrassing) mewling sound. Fuck!

He smirked against my skin and watched me with lustful eyes. His hands began to wander down and he made light scratches down my sides.

"So-Sousuke…" I moaned his name and tangled my fingers in his soft hair. He gave a final lick to that nipple before he started on the other. The last bit of my control snapped at last and my ears and tail quickly appeared, the same color as my bright orange hair, but with the addition of dark orange stripes. My teeth and nails elongated with the change. Damn! His tongue was more than fucking talented. It was godlike!

His fingers ghosted around my inner thighs and lower stomach, intentionally avoiding my hardened length. I attempted to grind my hips against his for friction and he easily evaded me. Bastard! I growled at him and my ears flattened against my head.

"F-Fuck! I get it already! I won't fucking tease you so hurry up and fuck me already!" I glared down at him with the eyes of my beast.

He rose his head and my hands fell away from his hair. "I see you've learned your lesson, Ichigo." His looked at me smugly.

I glared at him and smirked as I noticed his now unruly hair. "Nice hair, Sousuke." I returned his look with one just as smug.

The corner of his lip twitched in amusement and he suddenly grabbed my length and I let out a startled gasp. His thumb circled the head, smearing pre-cum, and he slipped a fingernail into my dripping slit. A loud moan went through the room and I dimly realized it was me. My hips involuntarily bucked and I fisted the sheets.

"Nnnnmm~ S-Sou~suke~! Nnngh!" It was surprising how quickly he could make me such a wanton mess, but he did. I was putty in his hands and I was pretty damn happy to be there at the moment.

"Hmmm~ Such lovely sounds you're making, Ichigo." A sadistic gleam came to his eyes. "Now, tell me what you want nicely, or perhaps I'll leave you on the precipice of release all night?" He gave my member one long teasing stroke with his finger for emphasis.

I gazed up at him with bleary eyes filled with heat, my breath coming in short pants. "D-Damnit Sousuke!" He lifted an eyebrow and waited for me to say the magic words. I pouted at him. Fine fucking bastard!

"Please fuck me Sousuke?" I said in an intentionally needy voice. I grab his free hand and he allowed me to slowly move it towards my face. I gave him my best uke face and my ears flicked down. "Don't you want to~?" My tongue flicked out to lick his fingers and then I took them into my mouth, sucking and twirling my tongue around them. If he could be a manipulative bastard then so could I! Ha! What the fuck now!

I smirked when I saw his face darken with lust and need. "You are quite persuasive, Ichigo. When you ask so nicely how could I refuse you?" He parted my legs and situated himself between them before gently removing his fingers from my mouth. Those fingers began circling my puckered entrance and I moaned as they trailed to my perineum and pressed down before returning. He leaned down and captured my mouth in a passionate kiss as he thrust two fingers in. I groaned into his mouth and winced slightly as he scissored his fingers.

I broke the kiss and let out a startled cry as he thrust his fingers deeper and hit that bundle of nerves that took away the dull pain and replaced it with pleasure. He smirked down at me and licked at the small cuts he made on my jaw earlier. The third finger quickly followed and I barely noticed the stretch as he mercilessly struck my prostate. My body was hotter than before, as if it knew what it needed was so close. I was so close. Then he pulled his fingers out and suddenly I was empty. I gave out a needy whine.

"Lube?" He asked and it took me a minute to understand the question through the haze of pleasure. I glanced at the end table by the bed. "Drawer" I said between breaths. My body was practically on fire again. Hurry. Hurry!

"Sousuke…hurry." I moaned. I didn't care how pathetic that sounded. The heat was burning again and he needed to hurry up and touch me! "…hot…Sousuke."

He chuckled and coated his length in the lube before spreading my legs and positioning himself at my stretched entrance.

"Ready, my Kitten?" I was too far gone to register the Kitten part of that sentence. Trust me. If I did I woulda totally beat the shit out of him. At this point I had a one track mind.

"Sousuke fuck me damnit!" Does he never stop talking! At that request he thrust in deeply and didn't even give me time to get used to the stretch before he pulled out almost completely and slammed back in with a force that would probably break bones on a normal human.

On the third thrust he found my prostate and I practically screamed his name from the pleasure. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and ground the heels of my feet into the small of his back, trying to push him deeper.

"Ah~ Fuck! Harder, Sousuke~!" He chuckled against my ear and slammed against me as hard as he could, filling me completely. The intense pleasure had me scratching his back with my nails and I could smell the mixture of blood and sex in the air. Which was always fucking hot.

"Look at that Ichigo," His breathing only slightly labored. "I'm completely inside you." He said seductively. Pushing against my prostate.

"Aaah~ Sousuke. Close!" I said in a wanton tone and reached a hand between our bodies to quicken my release. However, he suddenly grabbed my wrist and held it above my head as he slammed into me again. His other hand tightened around the base of my member.

"Fuck! Sousuke, let go!" I need this fucking release and I was so fucking close damnit!

"Not yet, Ichigo. Wait for me." With that he quickened his pace and I met my hips with his in my need to get him deeper somehow. Each time my prostate was assaulted my moans got louder and I whined at my denied release. His thrusting became more erratic and the hand that I was beginning to hate for halting my release began to move in time with his thrusting, providing delicious friction. As his fangs penetrated my neck white hot pleasure burst behind my eyes and I came on both of our chests. He came right after me with a groan and I collapsed on the bed.

Sousuke released my neck a few minutes after and I looked up at him with drowsy, satisfied eyes. He licked his lips, which were a startling red with my blood smeared on them. He pulled out of me and I grimaced at the feeling of pinkish liquid trickling out and dripping down my inner thigh.

"You were right." I mumbled, already half asleep. "You were definitely able to help with my heat problem.

He gave me a small smile and it looked like the first real one he's shown me. "Sleep Ichigo."

Normally I don't listen to orders, but sleeping sounded great at the moment. My eyelids were too heavy to keep open and soon exhaustion took over.

The next morning I woke up curled against my favorite pillow alone and surprisingly clean. Even my sheets were clean. He was either extremely nice or obsessively anal about cleanliness. Guess which one I was leaning toward?

I stood up and had a good stretch. Damn, I haven't been so well rested in awhile! I wasn't ready to think about how this would complicate my life so I focused on the extremely great sex part of the whole thing. I snatched my robe and pulled it on as I limped to the kitchen. Fuck. He certainly didn't know the meaning of restraint now did he? If I was a human I'd probably be dead. I'll have that limp until lunch definitely. On my way to the fridge I intentionally avoided the mirror. I'll take a damage report later. Vampires were great fucks, but let's just say my night activities would be obvious. Vamps left marks and they took longer to heal.

I poured me a bowl of cereal and ate standing up. No way in hell am I sitting on this ass yet. Brightside to being a shifter: I didn't die from the mad fucking last night. Downside: Pain medication doesn't work.

I saw something out of the corner of my eye and glanced in that direction. On the table was a white…flower? Weird. Do I look like a girl or something? Why give me a flower? I put my bowl down and picked up the flower. It smelled exactly like him with a hint of something else that made me want to inhale deeply. It had long narrow petals that felt like velvet and long anther filaments in the center. It was actually a beautiful flower. But I'm a dude. I don't get flowers. Girls do. And no! I'm not pouting! A petal broke away and floated down to the table. I followed it and noticed the tiny white card with black cursive on it.

"Until we meet again, My delectable little strawberry.
-Sousuke Aizen"