A Pair of Fangs.

My first story, bare with me. After reading a ton of stories, I've decided to finally write my own. I'm a big fan of the non traditional pairs so that's what this will end up being. Any story I write or think about writing will NEVER be a harem, I think they are bad for the story. All reviews are welcome, I know haters are gonna hate, its whatever. I never said I'm a good writer. Anyway, lets get this started.

This story starts the month before naruto's fight with neji in the Chunin Exams. What would happen if he wasn't taught by Jiraiya but someone else in the village similar to himself. Will be AU, certain people will be stronger then they appear in the manga/anime.

I do not own naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki was many things, a loud-mouth, and a prankster are among the main things, but what he isn't, is a dead last. Naruto knew he wasn't a dead last like his teammate Sasuke Uchiha repeatedly called him. He was determined to show his teammate just how strong he cold be in the chunin exams in a month. Although, Naruto knew he needed more training as the fights from here on out were going to be much more of a challenge. The obvious thing to do would be ask his sensei for training, and so he did.

"Kakashi-sensei, I know I need to improve my skills for the next round of the chunin exams, can you help me train?" Naruto asks his masked sensei.

"I'm sorry Naruto, I have to train Sasuke for the exams, he needs help controlling his sharingan." said Kakshi with his typical bored look on his face.

"So you are leaving me to train by myself for the exams, that doesn't sound like something my sensei should do." Naruto said clearly disappointed his sensei was blowing him off. He was a part of team 7 just like Sasuke and needed training just as much as him. Naruto knew Kakashi would train Sasuke over him but was hoping this once he was wrong.

"Kakashi-sensei doesn't have time to train a dobe like you Naruto, everyone knows you're going to lose against the Hyuga anyway." said Sasuke with an arrogant smirk on his face, because he knew that's what everyone was thinking.

"Now now Sasuke, Naruto has the same chance as everyone else, and no Naruto I wouldn't leave you to train by yourself, I have a friend who's going to help you." Kakashi said as he made a hand motion and a ninja with glasses and a bandana on his head appeared. "Ebisu here will help you train for your up coming match."

Naruto was clearly not happy with who he was assigned. "You're handing me off to the four-eyed pervert?" Ebisu pushes up his glasses as he replies, "I'll have you know I'm a Tokubetsu Jonin and quite capable of filling the spot as your instructor, and I'm not a pervert! You caught me off guard is all." Naruto didn't believe a word he said.

"Thanks but no thanks Kakashi-sensei, ill train on my own or find someone better equipped to train me." Naruto put extra emphasis on the word sensei seeing as how it was just a technical term to him, he really didn't consider Kakashi his sensei. Naruto started to walk off towards a training ground when Kakashi called out to him.

"Naruto don't you think you should give Ebisu a chance to prove to you hes a good sensei." Naruto stopped and spoke, not bothering to even turn his head around. "No, I don't"

Ebisu was both surprised and relieved of what just happened. He didn't like the brat one bit and thought he was a bad influence on Konohamaru. Personally he felt lucky he didn't have to waste a month training someone who would lose anyway. "I'm sorry Kakashi-san, it seems your student wants nothing to do with me, foolish child thinks he can beat the Hyuga by himself." Naruto heard the last part of what Ebisu said and just clenched his fist in anger.

"I'll show them I don't need their pity training to become strong." thought Naruto as he jumped away. Not caring what training ground he made it to, he stopped in a forested area with a stream running through it. Naruto stopped to think for a second on what he needed to train himself in most. "Well hes a Hyuga so his taijutsu will be good, and mines just the basic academy taijutsu, I don't know many ninjutsus to fight at long range, and my genjutsu is nonexistent.' Naruto knew he had a lot to work on and didn't know the first place to start. "This is going to be harder then I thought, but I cant give up before even trying!" Naruto immediately summoned several clones. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu"

Several clones appeared in a puff of smoke. "Alright guys I want you to come at me with everything you've got, I've got a big fight in a month and I need to get stronger!" Naruto's clones all nodded and charged at once.

Several hours later with the sun down naruto falls to the ground. "Definitely going to be harder then I thought. Ill have to find someone better then four eyes to train me tomorrow, or go to the library to study some new jutsus." within minutes Naruto drifted off to sleep next to the stream not bothering to try to make it home because he had no energy left.

Unknown to him tho, finding a new sensei could be easier then he thought. A pair of eyes had watched him start his training hours ago. And out of curiosity those same eyes came back to check on the blonde to see if he was still training or had given up like most his age would have. A sinister grin crossed none other then Anko Mitarashi's face as she watched the boy sleep. "Looks like the gaki has been here training all day. Good, I don't want a bitchy kid as my first student. He's in for one hell of a surprise when he wakes up." Anko through her senbon away from the dango she had earlier and Shunshin'd away.

Well there you have it, first chapter down. I know its short but I just wanted to set it up a little bit so you could see the changes in peoples personalities. The chapters from here on out will be much longer then this. Let me know what you think. If people actually seem interested i'll update pretty quickly. I know where I want to go with the story for the most part but always open to suggestions.