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A few days after Naruto had recovered from the events of the Chunin exams he was getting a few things packed for his trip with Jiraiya. He didn't have a clue how long the trip would take but decided it didn't matter because he would be training most of the time anyway. Just as he was about to leave his house he felt a familiar presence behind him.

"Anko-sensei, nice of you to see me off." The blonde said as he continued to the door not bothering to look behind him.

Anko grinned and continued after her student not saying anything.

The student and teacher duo made their way out of Naruto's apartment and headed for the main gates.

"What do you think Jiraiya-sama will teach me?" asked Naruto who was in thought. He wants to start as soon as possible learning about fuinjutsu so he can help his teacher. He also knows he is not strong enough to fight off high level shinobi, so learning some new jutsus would help as well.

"I don't know brat, probably how to spy on women at the hot springs. Which I will kill you for if I ever see you doing that." Anko just smiled casually, while Naruto slightly gulped.

"In seriousness, I have no idea. He is now the strongest leaf ninja left. Anything he can teach you will be good for you." Anko spoke in a serious yet relaxed tone which Naruto didn't hear very often.

Naruto silently agreed with his sensei. He didn't know a lot about Jiraiya but he knew the stories of the time when he fought in the war. "What about Tsunade? I don't know much about her, what can I expect?"

Anko squinted at Naruto and spoke. "What's with the fifty questions gaki, are you nervous or something?"

Naruto got slightly red in the cheeks with embarrassment. "Well I've never been out of the village, now I'm going on a trip I have no idea how long I'll be gone for."

"Awe my precious student going to miss his sensei isn't he?" and Anko stared so squeeze Naruto's cheeks, angering him a little bit. He swatted her hand away and took on a serious look.

"So what if I'd miss you. You are my only friend and I don't want to lose that. What if I'm gone a long time and you forget about me?" Naruto now hung his head, fearing his words.

Anko wouldn't admit it to Naruto but she would miss him to. She didn't have many friends either and Naruto had become a constant in her life. "Chin up, Naruto. I'm not going anywhere and I won't abandon you. I know what that's like, and I won't let you experience that. Besides who else is going to buy me dango whenever I want it."

Naruto looked up his sensei and smiled. Nodding his head he turned away just as they arrived at the gate. Naruto and Anko both narrowed their eyes when they saw Kakashi talking with Jiraiya.

"What's he doing here Jiraiya-sama; he isn't coming with us is he?" Naruto said in an annoyed tone.

Kakashi eye smiled like usual. "Ma ma, wouldn't my little student want his sensei to tag along?"

Anko narrowed her eyes at the thought of him going with Naruto. "My sensei, Anko can't go she has duties to the village, like I'm sure you do as well. I would like my sensei to come but it's impossible." Naruto spoke in that same monotone.

Kakashi didn't like what he heard and got serious. "Naruto, I am your Sensei and you are a part of Team 7. Anko-san may have taught you a few things but I will be resuming your training now."

Anko was fuming now and was about to retort but Naruto beat her to it.

"Anko has taught me more in a month then you have the entire time as I was in Team 7! You blew me off to train Sasuke, and left me with someone who doesn't even like me! Does that sound like something a Sensei would do to his student?!" Naruto was yelling now. "When I get back after finding the new hokage with Jiraiya-same Anko and I will be putting in a request for her to take me as a full apprentice." Naruto stared directly into Kakashi's eyes and they hardened.

After hearing what Naruto said Anko was surprised, they didn't talk about this, not that it was a terrible idea. She grinned to herself waiting to see how Kakashi replied.

"Naruto what about Team 7, Sasuke, and Sakura? Are you going to leave them behind?"

"Just like you left me behind? I guess you did teach me something after all, Sensei." Naruto spoke with malice now. "End of discussion I don't want to keep Jiraiya-sama waiting any longer, and I have some real training to get started on.

Kakashi looked over at Jiraiya who gave him an apologetic look. Kakashi shunshined away leaving the three behind.

"Well that was interesting, and when exactly did we discuss full apprenticeship huh?" Anko spoke in a mocking tone.

Naruto had calmed down but was still irritated. "Well it seemed like a good thing to say at the time. I'd really rather not go back to Team 7 and if you don't want to train me anymore I'll find someone else."

Anko snorted, "Ok ok, don't get your panties in a bunch, you really think I would say no after what we just talked about five minutes ago gaki? We will get something worked out when you get back."

Naruto smiled and nodded. Jiraiya took this time to chime in. "Such a cute pair you guys make." Jiraiya took out his note pad and started writing. "This is great material for my next book!" Jiraiya snickered.

Anko tried to snatch the note pad away from Jiraiya but it was gone as fast as it appeared. "Nuh uh, you'll have to buy my next novel to see what happens!"

"Why was Kakashi here?" asked Naruto.

"I was just passing along some information to him, nothing big."

Naruto took it as a grain of salt and forgot about it. Anko gave Jiraiya a hard look. He nodded back to assure her Naruto would be OK.

The group said their good byes and parted ways. Anko blew Naruto a kiss causing a slight blush on his face and earned a giggle from Jiraiya. Jiraiya knew there was something there and his inner pervert couldn't wait to see what.

A day later the duo arrived in a town that had a small festival going on. Naruto barely managed to hold back a smile because he was excited, but didn't want it to show. Meanwhile Jiraiya didn't bother hiding his smile at the thought of the cute girls in the local pub he could pick up. His smile slowly faded as he thought of what Naruto thought of Kakashi. Kakashi had failed to train Naruto anything and if he made that same mistake he would be disappointed in himself. Naruto was his students' only legacy left and he was shunned by most of the village. Luckily he seems to have made a connection with someone who knows what that feels like and still holds ties to the village.

Jiraiya glanced at Naruto and could tell he was holding back a smile. It was good to see he still had some happiness left in him. He knew the boy had a tough life and he did nothing despite being his godfather. "He seems mature enough" thought Jiraiya. "Maybe I should tell him." Jiraiya pondered. He knew it should be done. He will tell Naruto everything tonight.

The night was coming to a close as the guys made their way to the hotel they rented. The day had been filled with various festive activities. Naruto enjoyed playing games and eating new things like cotton candy and funnel cakes. Naruto couldn't remember the last time he had this much fun. He was surprised that Jiraiya was the one to bring the idea up of having a day to relax before training started. None-the-less he thought it was a good idea.

The two arrived at the hotel and entered their room. Naruto entered first and fell on the bed. "Wow who knew spending a day not training was so tiring."

Jiraiya laughed at Narutos simple way of seeing things. "I'm going to take a shower and get to bed Jiraiya-sama, want to be rested to start training tomorrow." Naruto sat up to get off the bed.

"One second squirt, I need to talk to you about something first." Jiraiya had a serious look on his face and Naruto got slightly worried and remained seated.

"No real easy way to say this but I'll just get to it. Naruto I know you have had a hard life growing up. Until recently you didn't have many friends and the village treated you like crap." Jiraiya was interrupted. "How do you know all that?" Naruto asked curious and annoyed.

Jiraiya sighed, "Kid I have known you since you were born. Hell, your parents even used a character from one of my books to name you!" Naruto eyes grew wide in shock. "Let me finish before you say anything this needs to be said. Look Naruto, I am your Godfather. I know I messed up with not taking care of you over the years and I hope you give me the chance to make up for that." Naruto was still wide eyed, but now fighting back tears. Jiraiya decided to keep going. "That also means I know who your parents are." Naruto couldn't hold them back anymore; a tear fell down his cheek. Naruto spoke without blinking or moving his gaze. "Why didn't you ever talk to me?" Jiraiya knew this part was coming. "I don't know I want to say I wasn't thinking straight because I had just lost my student and his wife. Or I could say it hurt too much to look at you because you're a spitting image of them both, but that just doesn't seem to be reason enough. I guess it comes down to me just wanted to get away from everything. I know this probably doesn't mean much but I did check on you from time to time when I was in the village, which was about once every two or three years. I should have taken you with me; you should have had a better life."

Naruto lowered his head as more tears fell, "Even though I didn't know about you, it still helps knowing someone knew about me. I always wished one day my parents or someone would show up and take me away. I guess now knowing that someone cared enough to at least to check sometimes counts. If you just would have tried to be my friend, not even take me away things could have been so much better."

Jiraiya nodded, knowing that was true. "I'm sorry kid, I know I screwed up, that's why I'm trying to make things better now. I mentioned I knew your parents, would you like to know who they were?" asked Jiraiya.

Naruto nodded; of course he wanted to know.

Jiraiya smiled. "I mentioned earlier I see both of them in you, and I do. Your mother Kushina Uzumaki was a fiery red head who was loud just like you. She was a real tomboy when she was younger and when she set her mind on something good luck changing it." Naruto chuckled learning where he gets his personality from. "She was very caring as well. When she was pregnant with you that's all she could talk about. She couldn't wait to be a mother. She loved you a lot kid." Jiraiya smiled at Naruto who wiped a few tears away from his eyes and laughed to.

"Kushina was one hell of a shinobi as well. You don't get a nickname like the Red Death easily. She was very good with a sword, which is something uncommon in Konoha. She was also very adept with Water jutsu as well, probably because most Uzumaki are."

Naruto took in every word Jiraiya said, his mother was a feared shinobi who loved him greatly. "She would have been a good mom, I can tell" Naruto smiled.

"The best. Now, I said I'd tell you who your father is but I'd like you to understand something as well. He had and still has plenty of enemies who would do anything to get back at him, especially hurting his son if they knew he had one. He was a powerful man Naruto, and you know him as the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze." Jiraiya spoke with pride.

Naruto couldn't believe what Jiraiya had just said. His father was the Fourth Hokage, a man he looked up too. This might be the best news Naruto has ever gotten, and at the same time the saddest. His father was the protector of the village, and that was the reason the nine-tails was sealed inside of him. A few months ago Naruto might not have understood the reasoning behind why his father would seal a demon inside of him, but after his training with Anko he has matured. To be the Hokage you must sacrifice everything, and that's exactly what his father did on the night of his birth.

This news has stirred a lot of emotions in Naruto. The one man he looked up to ended up being his father, which was great news. At the same time his father was the Hokage and made the biggest sacrifice for the sake of the village. At one time Naruto wanted to be the Hokage, to be like his father. Now he is not so sure it is what he should do. He understands the duty of a Hokage, but that doesn't mean he agrees with them. Sacrificing one's self for the protection of the village, at the cost of the hatred of his son isn't something Naruto would want his son to go through.

Jiraiya let Naruto think over what he had just heard, it was a lot to take in. "I'll let you think about what I just said and you can ask me any questions in the morning." Jiraiya turned to go to the bathroom for a shower.

"Wait, Can you tell me more about my parents? All I know about my father is what I've read about him, can you tell me what he was really like?" Naruto wanted to know everything he could about his family.

Jiraiya smiled "Sure kid"

The night went on with Jiraiya telling stories about Minato when he was younger. He also explained all the ways he was so much like his parents. Their conversation went on into the night with both getting very little sleep. The next morning, Naruto woke up feeling excited and ready to train, much to Jiraiya disappointment.

"How do you have so much energy kid, you barely slept?" Jiraiya asked slightly groggy.

"After last night I realized I have a lot of work to do. My parents were both famous shinobi and I want to show everyone I can be great too." Naruto spoke with determination.

"Just like Minato" Jiraiya thought. "All right, pack up and get ready and meet me on the east outskirts; we will start training while we move to the next town. I have something to check first."

Jiraiya left the blonde to pack his things and eat a small breakfast. When Naruto was packed and ready he opened the door tot eh hallway and was stopped by two men in cloaks with clouds on them.

"Hello Naruto, we need you to some with us." The smaller of the two spoke in monotone.

Naruto's eyes hardened, "I don't know who you are, but that's not going to happen." Naruto jumped back into the room getting ready to go for the window when the same man spoke.

"Hello Sasuke, long time no see brother."

Naruto wondered what was going on. What was Sasuke doing here and why was this guy claiming to be his brother?

Naruto's brief pause was all the larger cloaked man needed to grab him and secure him. "Think we should cut off a limb so he can't escape Itachi?"

"Leave him unharmed Kisame."

Sasuke started to form a Chidori in his hand and called out to Itachi. "I've spent years hating you Itachi for what you did; now I'll kill you!"

Sasuke ran at his brother in a burst of speed aiming his Chidori at his heart. In a split second Itachi parried the attack sending it into the wall. "You're weak brother. There's not enough hate in your heart." Itachi kicked Sasuke down the hallway into the wall.

Suddenly in a puff of smoke Jiraiya appeared with a toad summon and a girl over his shoulder.

"You're late pervert, and you brought something with you." Naruto spoke looking at the girl on Jiraiya shoulder.

"I, Jiraiya, the epitome of manliness would never fall for no woman's feminine wiles!" He shouted in a pose.

"So the legendary Jiraiya of the Sannin eh? We knew you liked beautiful woman but didn't think I simple method could stall you." The tall one called Kisame spoke with a look of excitement on his face.

"Casting a Genjutsu on this woman to draw me away. Not a very manly thing to do." Jiraiya spoke in a serious tone. "I guess my information was right, you are after Naruto."

Naruto's eyed narrowed at Jiraiya words. Jiraiya hadn't mentioned anything about these guys being after him. He didn't think they knew his heritage which left one reason. The nine-tails inside him.

"No wonder Kakashi knew about us, you were his source of information." Jiraiya stared at Itachi. "They must have went to Konoha first looking for Naruto"

"To abduct Naruto, Those were the orders given to us by our leader."

"Well that's not going to happen." Jiraiya replied.

"And why not?" Itachi questioned.

"Because I'm going to kill you both here and now."

Down at the end of the hallway Sasuke was just getting to his feet. "No! He's mine!"

"Idiot" Naruto and Jiraiya thought in unison.

Itachi glanced over his shoulder at his brother. "I have no interest in you right now."

Sasuke's anger was boiling over and he started to draw on the cursed mark. "Come on!" he yelled. Sasuke started to draw power from his cursed mark.

"The cursed seal?" Itachi thought. In a burst of speed Itachi launched a punch into Sasuke's stomach followed by a knee to the face. When Sasuke was falling back from the knee Itachi grabbed his throat and slammed him into the wall.

"No mercy." Kisame thought, grinning. Naruto and Jiraiya looked on with stern looks.

Next, Sasuke was looking Itachi in the eyes, and caught in Tsukuyomi. Sasuke was forced to relive the death of his parents over and over again.

"AAARRRRGGGG!" Sasuke screamed in torment.

Naruto, who didn't particularly like Sasuke, clenched his fists. Sasuke may not be a friend but he didn't need to be mentally tortured. A few seconds later Jiraiya decided to act. "Toad Mouth Bind!"

"You two aren't going anywhere. You're inside the mouth of a toad now. Hope you enjoy being food for Iwagama!"

"Kisame move." Itachi commanded. The two cloaked ninja took off running down the hallway searching for a way to escape.

The walls started to close on the fleeing shinobi. "Shit, we need to hurry at this rate." Kisame was cut off by Itachi using his eyes once again. "Amaterasu!"

Back with Jiraiya and Naruto, Jiraiya had a look of surprise on his face and took off after the ninja. Naruto followed not sure what was going on.

The two arrived to a hole in the wall that was covered in black flames. "These flames definitely burnt the flesh off the walls." Jiraiya thought to himself. "Stay back Naruto, these are no normal flames. Jiraiya pulled out a scroll and started writing an array on it. Naruto watched with an interested eye, hoping this was something Jiraiya would teach him.

"Sealing Jutsu: Seal Fire Highest Rank!" Jiraiya called out and the flame leapt off the wall vanishing into the scroll.

The two back tracked and checked on Sasuke. "He doesn't look so good he needs a Hospital." Commented Naruto.

Suddenly a yell was heard "Dynamic Entry!" a green beast flew towards Jiraiya aiming to kick him in the head but narrowly missed as Jiraiya ducked under it.

"Gai! What the hell!" Jiraiya yelled in irritation.

Gai smiled and put his hand on the back of his head. "OH, sorry Jiraiya –sama I was in a hurry and used my forehead protector as a mirror and didn't have a clear picture."

"Idiot." Jiraiya thought, "Well if it wasn't on purpose OK. Good thing you're here, this kid needs a hospital, you can take him back to Konoha." Jiraiya pointed down at Sasuke.

"What happened to him Jiraiya?" Naruto asked out of curiosity.

"It appears he suffered a mental attack and has had some kind of break down."

"Will he be ok?"

"I don't know it looks like he's suffered a lot of mental damage. The person we are on our way to get should be able to help."

Gai perked up hearing Jiraiya words. "Could he be talking about her?"

"Tsunade is known for her healing abilities, think she could fix something like this?" asked Naruto.

"She's the best healer around, if anyone can help it's her" replied Jiraiya.

"And Kakashi and Lee, Kakashi has suffered from a similar attack to what was done to Sasuke." Gai replied.

"Kakashi? That means these guys went to Konoha looking for me first!" Naruto said, slightly upset.

"Yes they showed up, and were met by Anko, Asuma, and Kurenai. They held them off till Kakashi arrived and then myself." Gai explained to them what happened in Konoha. "Kakashi got the worst of the attack, but Anko was furious. Upon learning they were after you Naruto she lost her temper and attacked them head on. I arrived as back up so she wasn't hurt, but she sure gave the big one a surprise. She would have feed him to her snakes had Itachi not interfered. You have a great teacher Naruto; she would risk her life for you. Her flames of youth make me proud!" Gai gave Naruto a bright smile and thumbs up.

"She risked her life for me?" Naruto was both happy and upset that his sensei would be so reckless, but grateful she would risk herself to protect him.

"Gai get Sasuke back to Konoha, we have our mission. Let's go Naruto; now you know what you have to face in the future, we need to start some training." Jiraiya said in a serious tone. Jiraiya knew that would not be the last time Naruto would encounter either Kisame or Itachi and he feared what would happen if he was not there nest time.

Naruto nodded, determined to get stronger so that next time it would be him protecting those close to him.

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