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Chapter 1: Meeting Mother

It's dark

And cold

I want…

I don't know who I want

I want warmth back

There are loud sounds all around me

I'm scared

It's so dark

I cry out

I don't like the dark

It's scary


A bright light. The sun blinds me for a second. I rub me eyes with my hands to try and make it go away.

It's uncomfortable


I cry out.


But then I hear the soft voice of a woman. "Stop crying child."


I don't understand her. I stop crying though


I'm hungry


Her voice is somehow soothing " are now..."


She pauses and starts again

"Child...My daughter."

I opened my eyes to look at her.


She's upside down


Or... I am


She has a firm grip of my foot. She had used it to pull me out of the wood and stone.

Then I actually looked at the woman who had me. Her face was pale and she was drenched with warm sticky red stuff.

She smelled funny.

Her face looked young but her eyes were cold. She stared at me emotionlessly. Her long hair was a pale veil around us. She seemed like a lady I should be scared of but strangely I wasn't.

She moved me to the cradle of her arms. They were cold but somehow soothing, just like her voice.

She stood then and the world melted away beneath me. There was only the woman now.

I reach out and grasp her hair in my small hand. Her hair smells funny too. It was so long and shiny in the sunlight.

She walked slowly as if in a daze but she wasn't.

I hear harsh male voices.

"Do you see that!"


"Renee brought back a baby!"

"That brute adopted a child!"

"I feel sorry for that kid."


"Has she lost her mind for real now?"

"Well they do say that every woman has maternal instincts."

"Who wants to bet the kid won't see to its first birthday?"

"I'll get in on that!"

"Me too!"

"And me!"

I didn't understand those men's words but I felt like I should have. The woman oblivious to the harsh words around her. She just kept walking. Where, I'm not sure. I was comfortable simply playing with her hair.

There were no more buildings or anything around us. There was only open air. Then I saw one solitary building in the middle of the nothingness.

The air around us changed and the sunlight lessened. Now the sunlight was colourful.

I stopped playing with her hair and try to catch the colours in my small hands. By the look on the woman's face, she almost seemed to take offence to that.

Then the light was blocked by an old man. He had long silver hair coming out of everywhere on his head. It was coming out of his mouth and chin. It looked funny. He wore a really baggy black sack. It had a symbol on the front of it that I recognised. My mother had taken me to see a man like him shortly after I had been born.


Where was she now?

I lost her in the smoke and dust.

She had disappeared.

I looked at the man with long hair. He said nothing but just looked at us sadly.

After a few minutes he held up his necklace and said "Please… give that child a name."

The woman looked down at me with her red eyes. They were so cold. But I didn't look away. She said slowly "Bella…Bella Serenia."

The man nodded and then continued

"And please say a prayer…"

"Pray for the child's divine protection."

The woman leaned over me and whispered to me "You are my daughter now Bella… I am your mother now."


She was back...

I smiled at her and reached for her face. I touched her cold skin for a moment and then mother held me towards the man. He took me into his arms and I watched as mother walked away from us. I started to cry out but the man gently rocked me in his warm arms and I quieted down.

There was another man that came up to us and said "What did she want?"

The new man was wearing an outfit much like the one holding me. But his was brown. The hairy man said back "This is her new daughter… Bella."

The brown man looked sadly at me and said "I will go prey for the child right away. But first, do you want me to tell the nuns about the new arrival to the orphanage?"

The hairy man shook his head and said "No… Bella will be placed away from the other children. That was the only thing Renee requested about her upbringing."

The brown man shook his head and walked away muttering "So the devil now has a child. I will be praying harder than ever."

The hairy man didn't seem like he heard until the brown man left the room.

Then he said "As shall I."

And that was how I got my mother…

So, does anybody know what game it is yet? It's not really a widely spread game but it was definitely interesting and hard when I played it. I had to go online for a lot of the parts.

And don't worry, Renee is not a vampire. I have decided from the description in the game that she is an albino, which she probably is. But I'm not very good with subtleties in games. So here we are.

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