Chapter: not really a chapter =)

So the game that I used was… Theresia for the DS.

Like I said really good game. I really enjoyed playing it. Not that I didn't have my *growl, throw it through the windows* moments. But IT IS NOT A HAPPY GAME! It's a psychological horror visual game.

So I used these videos to help me write this cause if I had used the copy of the game that I own it would have just been a nightmare.

So look up Let's Play Theresia: Dear Emile 60 (Diary 1)(On YouTube) for the first of the videos I used to make this story.

Diary 1: Chapter 1-4

Diary 2: Chapter 5-7

Diary 3: Chapter 8-middle of 9

Diary 4: End of chapter 9-12

Diary 5: Chapter 13-15

Diary 6: Chapter 16-18

And I forgot about the 7th part of the diary but it's not like that ending is any better than the one now.

But yeah, so the girl loses her memories but she took the vaccine and didn't die. And then the actual game starts. She wakes up in her room with no memory of anything and then the player as her has to navigate through all the traps and find mother and then get out of there.

So definitely check out the game and if anybody has anything that they need cleared up then definitely leave a review. Ask away.

Bye =)