Beckett slammed the case file shut and pushed it roughly away from her. Thirty-six hours later and the case was officially closed. This was the kind of murder that forced her into using her sick days. She needed a break; she needed sleep. Oh, how she needed to sleep…

"Yo, Beckett. Just got a text from your boy."

"And?" Beckett managed to open her eyes. She focused on the detective, her expression groggy.

"And he says we aren't allowed to leave yet."

"Yeah…see you tomorrow Esposito." Beckett closed her desk drawer before standing up and sending the detective an eye roll.

"Aw, come on Beckett. He really wants to do this."

"Do what?"

"Take us all out to the Old Haunt. His treat."


The sunlight beamed through the curtains, awakening Detective Katherine Beckett almost immediately. Groaning at the sudden brightness, she shut her eyes as tightly as she could. Attempting to get her mind running, the only thought that could form was the question of why the sun was already up. It didn't seem fair; Beckett was always up before the sun.


As she was searching through her brain for a reason, any reason, as to why she had overslept so terribly, the detective decided it was time to face the light and start her day. Kate was about to roll over and check the time when the presence of another body overwhelmed her senses. That scent…

Finally managing to peek an eye open, she found herself staring into the chest of a sleeping man. Breathing in deeply, an oh-so familiar fragrance invaded her senses. He was so close she could almost taste him, but she wasn't awake enough to think of his name. His name…

Beckett mentally demanded her body to move, to sit up and confront the person- whoever he was. She knew who he was, oh she knew well enough. But at this hour, and at this state, she couldn't, no, she wouldn't say it. She couldn't even think it. What the hell…

The detective shut her eyes again, urging herself to start thinking more clearly. She started going through the what's and where's. After a few moments of strained thought, Beckett concluded the definite facts. She was in her bed, facing the window. Across from her was a man, possibly naked under the thin layer of top sheet that was strategically situated across his hips. And lastly, Beckett herself was in fact, completely naked, which sent the probability of his nakedness soaring through the roof. Oh, God...

She felt the body next to her shift, and then something poked at her inner thigh. Beckett nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden touch.

The jolt seemed to make the fog lift from her brain, and suddenly Beckett could think clearly.


The realization of her current situation rushed to her so suddenly she thought her head was going to explode.

"Castle!" Beckett hissed, unfolding her arms and pushing him roughly away from her. "Castle!" she repeated his name, much louder this time. She pulled at her sheets in attempt to get as far away from the writer as she could.

A few seconds later, Castle started to come around. He mumbled something Beckett could not identify, so she anxiously waited for another response. Within moments, she realized he was going to need more of a push in order to wake up. Without hesitation, she pulled her leg back and kicked, making direct contact with his gut.

The writer was awake instantly.

"What the-" he tried to sit up, but his legs were caught within the sheets and he sank back down, holding his stomach. "What the hell!" Castle continued to groan, oblivious to the actual situation around him.

It wasn't until the detective cleared her throat that Castle stopped his rant. "Beckett?" he quickly covered himself up, "What?" he gazed at the detective with wide eyes, his mouth hanging open in complete shock.

"Castle! Off!" she yelled, pointing away from her bed.

The writer nodded and quickly scampered off the bed. He took the sheets with him, leaving Beckett completely nude.

Beckett shrieked in surprise and embarrassment as she dove off the bed, "Castle!" she squealed, frantically searching for a piece of clothing. Any piece of clothing…

Her fingers finally touched fabric, and she grabbed at it, slipping into the shirt without second thought. It wasn't until she was halfway through buttoning it up that she realized it was Castle's…

Oh, great. Beckett brought her palm to her forehead, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Jesus…" she heard Castle mumble, obviously scrambling for clothing of his own. After a few moments, he poked his head over the bed. "Beckett?"

"Yeah," she huffed, exasperated

"I'm confused…" he trailed, his eyes scanning the room in thought, desperately trying to piece together how they had ended up this way.

The detective sat up, meeting Castle's stunned expression with a mirror image. She pursed her lips and nodded in agreement. What the hell had happened?

But it was blank. All of it was blank.

"Do you have any idea what happened?"

Castle shook his head, "No, but I have a theory."

When didn't he?Kate thought to herself. "And?" She replied.

"Come on, Beckett," he tilted his head toward the bed, "We just woke up together…totally naked…"



"No, Castle. It didn't happen."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive," she replied instantly, an aggressive tone to her voice. She narrowed her eyes, daring the writer to argue with her.

Castle rolled his eyes, "Okay," he said, raising his hands in defeat. A typical Castle move, except it caused him to drop the sheet, re-exposing his chest.

"Go find your clothes," Beckett barked, searching around for her own pieces of clothing.

"You're wearing my shirt," he said with a grin.

"Pants, Castle," she groaned, realizing this was all a joke to the writer, "Pants!"

Her yell made Castle jump up with a start. He wrapped the thin sheets of the detective's bed around his bare waist. The writer hesitantly left the room, doing his best to avoid eye contact with the half-naked detective.

As soon as Castle was out of sight, Beckett was up and at her dresser. She fumbled with the handle before finally managing to pull the drawer open. Her hands shook uncontrollably as she rummaged through her clothes in search of underwear. She snatched the first pair and pulled them on while her eyes scanned for a bra. She glanced at her bedroom door before unbuttoning Castle's shirt and removing it. Right as she clasped the hooks of her bra, she heard Castle's panicked scream from the other room. She hurriedly threw Castle's shirt back on, buttoning it as she ran toward his calls for her.

"Castle? What is-" she stopped suddenly, her mouth gaping at the sight in front of her.

Lying on the detective's couch was a body.

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