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Chapter 1

She slowly walked towards him with a smile on her face and slowly laid her hand on his left shoulder. He turned his head towards her and saw that beautiful enchanting smile on her face. He couldn't hold himself back anymore and caressed her left cheek with his right palm; Eliza leaned into his touch and closed her eyes. Henry stood up, moved closer to her but his hand never left her cheek. He now stood very close to Eliza, let his left arm wound around her waist and pulled her close. Eliza wounded her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. Henry felt his shoulder wet and carefully pulled back so that he could have a better look at her face. He looked at her and saw tears streaming down her cheek. Henry used his thumb to wipe her tears away and she shyly smiled at him. Henry took her face in his hands, moved her face towards his and kissed her. He kissed her with all the love he felt for her. When he pulled back he could see Eliza blush.

"I…. you…. Why..." She stammered.

"Eliza it's all right, I'm…. I'm sorry" Henry said and began to turn to leave the room.

"No wait!" Eliza said quickly and grabbed his hand to stop him from leaving. Henry turned towards Eliza whom still held his hand.

"Eliza if you want we can just forget what happened. Of cause I made a total fool of myself but I think I can live with that."

"But I don't want to forget." Eliza demitted quietly. Henry's eyes lit up, he moved closer. So close that their lips nearly touched and asked her in a in a low voice "Why don't you want to forget?"

"Because I'm…. I'm…. I'm in love with you and…. " Before she could say more Henry captured her lips with his. This kiss was different, it was deeper, more passionate and longer much, much longer.

When Eliza and Henry broke the kiss both were left breathlessly.

They still stood in an embrace when Henry told her in a husky voice "I love you too".

Eliza's head shot up form Henry's shoulder where it had rested and kissed him again. Henry nearly stumbled backwards, because the kiss surprised him.

"You really love me?" She asked after the kiss ended.

"Well…. Yes I do love you Eliza Doolittle." Henry told her.

Eliza smiled up at him and the asked "And where do we go from here?"

"Well I don't know where you want to go but I think I'm going to have some dinner." He joked.

"Henry why can't you just once be serious?" she asked with a strict voice.

"I'm sorry. I only know that I can't have you walk out on me again!" He stated firmly.

"Oh Henry I promise that I will never do something like that to you again." She confirmed him.

"That means you're staying here with me?"

"Where else should I stay? Any suggestions?" She asked jokingly but a little annoyed.

"How the devil should I know?" He nearly yelled.

"Henry Higgins don't you dare to yell at me! Where the devil is your problem?" She yelled back.

"Where my problem is? I'll tell you…. I…. You…. We…. Marriage…." He stammered.

"Marriage? Henry what exactly are you trying to tell me?" She asked with a confused expression on her face.

Henry looked from the ground up into her eyes, he took a deep breath, got on his knee, took her left hand and then asked her with a trembling voice "Eliza Doolittle would you do me the honer of becoming my wife?"

Eliza looked down at him with tears of joy in her eyes. She cleared her throat an than tried to say 'Yes' but nothing came out so she nodded her head in a 'Yes', threw herself in Henry's waiting arms and showered his face with kisses while tears of joy where freely streaming down her face.

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