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Basic Plot:

Cloud is crazily lusting after Zack.

Some of the other characters are in romance crisis too.

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Cloud Strife took in a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.


He felt horrible.

The Infantry Men were currently making their ways towards Icicle Inn for an important mission. If anything went wrong or he made any mistakes; Cloud knew that his dream for Soldier would be put on the line. It was a risky and dangerous task to accomplish. There really was a lot at stake.

That wasn't bothering him right now, though. The thought of losing his job wasn't effecting him this badly – the travelling was. Cloud hated being in any type of transport; especially the Shinra truck. The continuous bumps on the road and feeling of claustrophobia always got to him. He wanted to puke his guts out.

That wasn't the only cause of sickness, though.

There was another reason – the main reason - that the blonde was hyperventilating and on the verge of having a break down. His legs were shaking - his breathing was uneven - his mind was failing him. Almost every part of his body had turned numb.

Cloud was very aware of his surroundings.

Very aware of the people around him.

But most of all – he was very aware of the man sat in front of him – staring into Cloud with concerned eyes. Sitting close... Uncomfortably close... Almost in kissing reach...

"You okay, buddy?"

No – he wasn't okay.

Not at all.

His heart was hammering manically against his chest and threatening to split the skin and burst out. Not only was his heart reacting though – oh no. Something else was reacting insane and uncontrollably too. Something else was throbbing under his clothing.

His crotch area.

The body part inside those tight jeans was playing up worse than ever before; causing the poor blonde to bite his lip in agony.

-It's killing me!-

The fabric of his tight work trousers was threatening to tear open and reveal his embarassing state. It was that bad. Not only that; it was painfully obvious too. The only reason people couldn't see it was because Cloud had snatched his jacket from the side and used that to cover the bulge up. It hurt so much...

-Please, no one comment...-

The man before him repeated the question. "You okay, buddy?"

Cloud was finally able to gather his thoughts and shook his head.

-No... I'm not okay. I might be if you weren't sitting so close, though!-

That gorgeous face split into a wide smile that sent shivers travelling up Cloud's spine.

...And back down towards a dangerous area.


"Don't... Travel... Well..." Cloud choked. "Won't go away...Zack."

He normally tended to close his eyes and try picture something completely different. The method seemed to work on most occasions. Not this time, though. Not with his ultimate fantasy perched right in front of him. Cloud couldn't fight off this arousal easily; not without doing something painfully suspicious... Not without giving himself away...

-Can't exactly put my hand down there right now!-

But he was desperate too.

All he wanted to do was rip open those jeans and -

"Anything I can do?"

Cloud jumped at the interuption.

-Lend me a hand? Sort this problem out?-

Cloud shook his head. "D-don't think so..."

He couldn't believe he was reacting this badly.

Normally he could shake off this feeling and pretend it didn't exist. It wasn't often he allowed himself to be this close to Zack, though. They were stupidly close. All Cloud would have to do is bend forward slightly and...

-Run my hand up his thigh.-

Cloud shuddered at the meer thought.


It was no use thinking these things, though.

Zack wasn't gay; he was a ladies' man.

"Is your stomach hurting?"

Cloud's eyes shot open at the question.

"N-no, why?" he croaked.

Zack pointed to his jacket. "You're clutching your stomach area."

"Oh... Feel sick," Cloud lied.

-Thank god he doesn't know where I'm really clutching—

The Soldier stood up and playfully ruffled the blonde's hair.

"I'll sit with you," he grinned. "Try and make you concentrate on something else."

-That's going to make me concentrate on it more!-

Cloud resisted the urge to moan.

-How are you exactly going to accomplish that?-

Cloud hungrily licked his lips - picturing the many ways in which Zack could 'help him out.'

Who knew that the blonde was so filthy minded? Shy, quiet and courteous Cloud?

-I hope he does help me out...-

However, he knew it definitely wasn't going to be in the dirty way he hoped for...

-Can't let myself get this worked up...-

Zack placed himself down next to the blonde and threw his arm around him.

Cloud tensed at the touch.

"Did I ever tell you about the time with Sephiroth and Genesis?" Zack asked him.

-He's expecting me to concentrate?—

Cloud shook his head; urging himself to calm down.

-I think my crotch is gonna explode!-

Zack snickered slightly and lowered himself towards the blonde's ear.

-Oh holy Gaia!-

His lips brushed teasingly against the lobe. "I caught them kissing."

Cloud shuddered at the touch and strained himself from crying out.

"R-Really?" he stuttered, his voice uneven and breaking.

Zack blew lightly into his ear.

-Is he TRYING to kill me?-

"Nope – just kidding."

The throbbing down below was slowly turning into pounding - pulsing - even quicker than his heartbeat.


-What was the story again?—

Cloud nibbled his lip in agony – this was going to be the death of him!


The bulge was pushing crazily up against his work trousers!

He couldn't remember ever being this worked up...

This much in pain...

Zack smirked at him. "You're blushing, lover. Could it be because of me?"

Thankfully, he was only joking.

The man always flirted with him and pretended to like him in that way. It was one of the main reasons that Cloud had become so infatuated with him. How are you supposed to react when someone's constantly flirting with you and licking their lips at you?

Maybe if he hadn't acted that way to begin with – Cloud wouldn't be in this position...

"Sorry kiddo - I know you're feeling rough. I'll shut up now."

Zack tightened the grip around his shoulder and drew him in closer.


All Cloud wanted to do was wrap his arms around the man and beg him to satisfy his needs. He'd started this! Why shouldn't he finish this? Besides, Zack was practically inviting him to nuzzle against him! He was teasing the poor man!

Cloud couldn't though.

It would only make things worse.

-Meaning my crotch'd probably burst.-

Cloud couldn't -


-Oh my...-

The blonde yelped as the truck hit a curb and sent the lot of them flying upwards.

"Idiot driver!" Zack cursed.

The sudden movement had made Cloud's feeling of sickness a thousand times worse. He now really want to vomit.

However, that was not the reason he had reacted so surprised. Something much worse than that had happened. Something suttle, yet for Cloud, painfully noticeable.

-It felt so good, though...-

The jolt had sent him flying into the unsuspecting Zack; completely crushing any hope of widening the distance between them. Cloud had practically clashed into the man, face-to-face.

That wasn't the worst of it, though.

The hand resting on Cloud's stomach had accidentally moved and lightly brushed against a dangerous area. The tip of his member had been stroked in the process; causing Cloud's entire body to spasm madly. The rough hands of the 1st Class Soldier had touched him where he'd always yearned to be touched... Finally...

Even that was enough to make him want to explode... Just that little touch...!

-Imagine how you'd react if he were doing it intentionally!-

Luckily, the man had quickly realised his new awkward positioned and immediately pulled away.

Cloud winced at the contact.

-Did he notice how hard I am?-

By the looks of it, Zack hadn't.


"We're here!" the driver announced. "Everyone get your stuff!"

-Thank Gaia-

The other men began urgently grabbing their bags; also relieved to be getting out of the truck. The constant talk of women and sex was even boring the worst of them now. They yearned to be outside.

"It's late," Zack pointed out, picking up their overnight bags. "We'll be going straight to bed."

-Can finally sort this problem out.-


-Can finally be alone.-

The blonde looked up at him. "Yeah?"

"You wanna share a room with me?"


Cloud yelped.

"Do we not have private rooms?" he squeaked.

Zack shook his head. "Nope – everyone has to shack up together."

-Oh no...-

"There's only one bed though – so we'll have to share and sleep head-to-toe."

-Only one bed?-

Was he doing this on purpose to torture him? Or was life really being that cruel?

Cloud groaned quietly to himself.

-Imagine what he could do to you in that bed...-

"Sure, Zack."

Looked like he wouldn't be sorting this issue out any time soon.

-A whole night with Zack...-

It was going to be difficult...

"I don't sleep with many clothes on either," Zack quickly warned him.

-Oh, what!-

"If you don't mind."


Cloud whined to himself.

This had to be some sort of joke...

This couldn't possibly be happening.

"Of course not, Zack."

-I'm not going to last...-

So much for the mission being the only source of the stress...

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