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Chapter Synopsis:

I'm a smutty bitch, y'all.

Zack will be giving a serious demonstration on the art of rimming.

With the blonde be impressed?



There were a few moments of shared silence.

Cloud was embarrassed to even mutter the first sentence. "W-what is... that?"

He hated himself for his own naivety.

The Soldier before him however, found it all the more appealing to destroy.

"You'll soon find out," he said mysteriously, eyes flashing with anticipation. "Something I've been curious about since the day I saw that gorgeous little..."

Don't you DARE call it a hole.

"... Back genital area."

Cloud looked all the more puzzled now. "Why don't you just tell me what it is?"

It didn't matter to him really, what it was, what it could do.

His stomach was heating up at all the possibilities regardless.

"That would take away the surprise," Zack explained, eager to hear words of encouragement screaming from the boys lips. "It's not something I can describe vocally, but I WILL be demonstrating it using my mouth."

Cloud raised his eyebrow. "Your mouth? How?"

"Be more patient!" Zack snickered, thumb running against the blonde's cheek. "Or I might have to order you around again."

The blonde smirked up at him. "That sounds more like an invitation that a threat to me."

The confidence is back


"Good," the Soldier purred, eager to begin his 'performance.'

"If that's so, then let's do this properly," he continued, hands reaching out to grip the blonde's hips. "Turn around, close your eyes and bend over."

Cloud let out a silent whimper; doing as he was told, turning his back from the man. His hands reached out from his body and gripped the side railings, eyes gazing directly into the mirror before him. He could see Zack positioned him, preparing himself, tongue falling from his hungry mouth.

If he hadn't have been waiting for this so-called surprise, the blonde would have been eager to see himself get screwed behind from the 1st Class Performer.

"I can see you," Cloud whispered nervously,

The man snorted at him. "Not for long," he teased, body disappearing as he bent himself downwards.

There followed a noise, a squeal of delight, as the blonde felt a distinct brush of Zack's head against his ass. The anticipation was killing him. He leaned back, practically ramming himself against the man's mouth. Zack didn't seem to mind; he growled, hands impatiently wrapping around his jeans and attempting to tug down.

"Wow," he breathed, pausing his fast paced actions.

Cloud could barely breathe. "What's u-up?"

The Soldier moved his hand positioning, fingers squeezing against the swelling between the blondes legs.

There was a loud cry drawn from Cloud's mouth.

"Z-Zack..." he panted, head leaning against the mirror. "I thought you weren't focusing on there."

The Soldier let out a sigh, one of contentment, one of impatience, one of pure lust,

"I didn't realise how worked up you were..." he grunted, hand violently massaging the bulge. "This makes it somewhat difficult to continue my plan."

Cloud wasn't sure where he found the willpower. "Continue with your mission," he uttered.

The loss of contact killed him.

Zack went back to his previous activity, clumsily tearing down the work jeans. The boxers fell down with them, releasing the erection out into view. Cloud let out a sound of discomfort, wincing as his cock rammed painfully against the side of the elevator.

"Whenever you get sickness from these things in the future," the Soldier murmured, delicately kneading the sight before him. "Remember this, only this."

Cloud let out a chuckle, which ultimately sounded more like choking. "Let myself get turned on instead?"

The Soldier ignored the joke. "How turned on are you right now?" he asked.

"Hell of a lot."

"That's not enough," Zack said, the authority returning to him without consideration.

Cloud smiled to himself. "Sorry sir," he apologised, breath quickening as those skilful hands delved between his thighs. "Would you prefer a full description?"


I'm going to make him as desperate as me.

"I want this to the point of shattering," Cloud admitted, body shivering at the man's satisfied reaction. "To the point where even thinking of it kills me."

"You gagging for it?"

The blonde was embarrassed by the question. "Yeah…"

Zack wrapped his hands round the appetising sight; spreading the blonde's ass slowly open. He let out a low rumble, breathing heavily against the tight opening, sending the blonde into a mad frenzy. Cloud ran his hands against the mirror, body shivering in excitement, cock hammering between his legs.

There was drool dripping from his mouth, hunger, starvation, the steam against the mirror hiding the sight of his agonised face.

"Please…" he begged, wringing his hands around the rails. "I can't stand this much longer."

Zack placed a delicate kiss between the slit. "Not long now, baby."


The Soldier rolled out his eager tongue; hovering it over the gorgeous hole, one that he would soon be assaulting. Cloud quivered, unsure whether he was purely imagining it, or very VERY conscious of the fact that Zack's lips were brushing softly between him.

"So gorgeous…" the Soldier groaned, nuzzling the skin, humming between the gap. "Who knew I would ever be doing this."

Cloud chuckled to himself. "I sure have turned you into an animal."


"Let's not be dishonest," Zack grinned, opening his mouth and chewing hard on the delicate area. "I turned YOU into an animal from the start."

The blonde squealed. "Z-Zack!" he gasped, eyes rolling into the back of his head. "You should have warned me... ngh..."

"Just wait until I start," the Soldier breathed against him. "Then I'll be inside you, and trust me, there is no valuable warning for that."

Inside me?

Cloud looked confused. "Inside me?" he asked. "Why would you be… oh… oh…"

There was a shot of discomfort.

"Oh… GAIA…"

There was a feeling of bliss.

"Zack, what are you… OH MY GOD… that's not…!"

Cloud slammed his head against the glass; biting furiously down onto his lips as his knees began to give way. There was an intrusion, the quick sweep of a warm tongue against him. His ass tightened up, confused by the alienated feeling, which only riled the Soldier all the more up.

"Stop rejecting me," he grunted between his actions. "It'll only make this harder for you."

The blonde squirmed slightly, scrunching up his face, whining loudly and shamelessly as that tongue continued to tease around his entrance. Zack intentionally breathed heavily against him, the heat sending goose bumps onto Cloud's skin. With each strangled moan that the blonde released, the Soldier would get closer and closer to sliding himself deep into that tightness.

Two dampened lips kissed the slit; warning the blonde, preparing him, tempting him.

"Are you ready?" Zack snarled, pulling back slightly, admiring the project he had become so infatuated with.

He drew his fingers up towards his mouth, sliding the two in, wrapping his lips around them and sucking viciously. His tongue rolled around them both, spit moistening them, staring at Cloud with a look of pure longing. He was slowly getting carried away, sucking himself harder, resisting the urge to nibble and bite the hell out of them. Oh Gaia, was he going to pleasure that guy till he BEGGED for his senses back.

Cloud finally answered the question. "Trust me, I'm ready."

You're gagging for it.

The Soldier drew out his soaked fingers, placing them between the gap, running them carefully against the opening. He was preparing himself, killing himself, teasing and teasing them both. His movements slowly became fierce, rubbing himself against his personal play toy. Zack could see it growing red, growing sore, growing eager. His mouth drew forward and hovered before his prey.

Cloud couldn't even describe the sound that left his mouth.


"What. Are. You." He panted, head ramming against the mirror, sweat oozing from his forehead. "How is that even…"

The Soldier purred against him, tongue roughly gliding into the tightness, the warmth wrapping around him and engulfing him. Cloud cried out his name, the pain slowly being replaced with pleasure, the dampness intruding inside of him.

The blonde couldn't stand it.

"Is this…" he choked, eyelids fluttering at the sensation. "What you meant earlier?"

Zack let out a noise of agreement, continuing his actions, grip tightening against the blondes thighs.

The volume of Cloud's approval was crazy.

Moaning and screaming as the Soldier tongued fucked him.

"You h-hit it!" he cried, tossing and turning his head. "The place… It feels, oh Gaia, keep going."

Zack reached his hand out, placing it between the blonde's thighs, ready to improve the entire experience for him. There was a cry, a shriek, as the Soldier wrapped his hand around Cloud's throbbing heat. Two in one seemed to be paying off for them both.

He began to pump, his animalistic side screaming through, face frowning, eyes burning with fire.

His only objective was to make the blonde EXPLODE.

"Zack… Zack…" he began stifling, fingers clawing at the glass. "Harder, oh Gaia, do it harder."

The Soldier did as he was asked, smashing his tongue faster inside, pumping the length quicker and tighter. He couldn't feel what he was doing anymore, but it didn't matter, the cursing and panting leaving the blonde's mouth made it all the worth it.

His thumb brushed against the blonde's head, sliding against the essence of precum.

If his mouth hadn't been occupied, he'd have licked that gorgeous mess up.

You're greedy.

Zack could feel something moving up against the blonde's meat, slowly travelling up towards the tip, ready to burst. He could feel his tongue slowly be strangled, eyes closing in concentration. His head pushed against the entrance, jamming himself further and further inside. He needed to hit that special place for Cloud; he needed to be better, quicker and rougher.

"I'm so damn close!" Cloud cried, bending his arms backwards, gripping tightly onto the Soldier's hair.

He began pushing that spiky mess inside, bending himself backwards, thrusting uncaringly against that tongue.

So close.

"I'm coming!" he screamed, mouth dropping down, gasping desperately, the need for air killing him.

Zack thrust himself in one last time.

This is unreal…

Then it all ended, it all began, the lump in Cloud's cock finally releasing itself against the side. He shuddered at the feel of release, eyes tightening as he splurged against the rail. Zack's pumping turned slower and sloppier; pleased with himself at the result he was getting.

Cloud's head rested against the mirror – absolutely spent.


The Soldier came up from his knees; wrapping his arms around the weakened blonde.

"How did you enjoy that?" he asked, placing wet kisses against his neck. "Was it worth the surprise?"

Cloud let out a shiver. "It was… fucking amazing."


"Woah!" Zack gasped, turning the blonde to face him. "I've never heard you swear before!"

"That's because I've never had reason to."

He's sexy when he swears.

The Soldier smirked down at him. "Learn something new every day," he teased. "... Now you know what rimming is."

Cloud played along. "And now I know what I'll be requesting every morning."


-Hello? Is anyone in there? The elevator stuck, is anyone stuck down there?-

The pair of them jumped at the intrusion.

"That's us!" Cloud cried, as if the Soldier was completely oblivious to that fact. "Let's tell them we're down here!"

Lucking timing, it seems.

Zack snorted at him. "Yes!" he replied, smashing down on the phone. "It's us, we're in here."

-Doors are opening, sorry for the inconvenience.-

The pair of them stood back.

We got away with it.

The door slowly opened, revealing to them a young and vibrant Cadet, nervous at the meeting.

His face twitched at the sight of Zack. "H-Hello sir," he stuttered.

"Hey there!" the Soldier waved, patting the blonde lightly on the back. "We're fine, thank you for letting us out."

More than fine, actually.

"Are you sure about that, sir?" the boy asked him. "You look a little… flustered."

Cloud's eyes flashed with danger.

"Is that so?" Zack answered obliviously. "I guess it was just the heat inside there."

He glanced down at the blonde.

-The heat inside there.-

"Will you two be using the elevator to go back up?" the Cadet asked politely.

Cloud shook his head. "No, we won't thanks."

"We have someplace to be," the Soldier added. "I have some new tricks I need to teach this Infantry Man."

Oh, I'll show him some tricks.

There was another hint of confidence from the blonde.

"Teaching me, you say?" Cloud snickered, throwing the guy a playful look. "Or just solid practising."

"… Both."

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