Chapter 4: A Chance Encounter or Maybe not

Okay chapter four! So exciting it might be a little long and maybe a little boring

Anyways I don't own G Gundam I wish I did.

Domon and Allenby had just reached the boat and where gathering the food ingredients that they would need to prepare the food. They decided to have Ramen with rice since it was Domon's favorite dish.

"Hey Allenby I didn't ask you this before, but ummm do you know how to cook?"

"Well…. I'm no chef, but I've been told my cooking skills are alright. Why do you ask?"

"Let's just say that Rain isn't such a good cook."

"HAHAHAHAHA, so you were making sure that I wasn't a bad cook as well weren't you?"

"HAHA yea I was. I don't think I could handle having to eat something untasty at the moment."

"Well, Domon don't worry about it," said Allenby while slinging an arm around Domon's neck "because I can make some really nice tasting Ramen." While with her other hand she pointed at herself and winked at him while sticking her tongue out.

Domon just laughed and washed the rice and then he put them on a pot and began to cook them on the stove. Meanwhile Allenby chopped the green onions. Once both where done Domon began to boil the eggs (2) and Allenby began to cook the ramen on a pot while cooking the ramen she added four tables of chili oil, ½ a cup of drained kettle and she added the chopped onions.

Once the Ramen was fully cooked she turned off the fire and took out two bowls from the cabinet. She carefully served both bowls being extremely cautious not to spill any knowing it was steaming hot. Carefully she set them down on the table. Domon finished peeling the boiled eggs and he cut them in half. He placed two halves on Allenby's bowl and two on his. Then he reached for two smaller bowls and he filled them up with rice.

The moment everything was in place Domon and Allenby started pigging out. I'm flat out serious. Hands moving at the speed of light that you hardly even notice them; the only way you would even be aware that they were eating was the fact the food was disappearing. They were almost done eating when they heard a knock on the door.

Domon got up a slowly strolled towards the door. Wondering who it could be he slowly opened the door to reveal…..



Domon opened the door to reveal no one other than our favorite Neo-American guy Chibodee Crocket. Yes all his glorious 192 cm, Green Eyes, Blue Hair (with pink on the front), and his obnoxious cocky attitude. (BTW I love Chibodee more when he acts obnoxious with that cocky smile of his anyways on with the story) Domon stared at him for a while before moving aside to let him in.

"So," Domon began "what brings you here."

"I was just passing and decided to stop by" replied Chibodee.

He didn't tell Domon the only reason he stopped by was because he was bored and had nothing to do. He also really didn't want Domon to know that the girls didn't want him with them. It would ruin his reputation of being a ladies man.

"Ok…. Where are the Gals it's rare to see you without them?"

"I gave the Gals some free time and they went out with Rain. Actually they should be getting back pretty soon. They've been out for most of the morning and it noon already so I bet they are hungry unless they grabbed a bite while still out."

"Wel-'' before Domon could finish his sentence a perky voice interrupted both men.

"Hey Chibodee long time no see how you been?"

"Huh Allenby you're here? I've been good how about you?"

"I'm fine, actually I feel a lot better since I fully recovered from the DG cells. It was all thanks to Rain." "I'm here cuz I am practicing with Domon."

"You guys are practicing? You guys do know the Gundam Tournament is over right? There is no need to practice just relax and enjoy your surroundings."

"Well unlike like you Chibodee I plan on perfecting my skills and becoming even stronger" replied Domon "That's why I can't afford to relax I must keep on training to become the best there is."

Chibodee stared at Domon for a while astonished. He couldn't believe this guy. The Gundam Tournament had ended just 3 days ago and this person in front of him didn't seem to realize it. Sure it's important to train, but common you also need to relax or else your body won't be able to adapt as well if it's not rested. I mean common the next Gundam Tournament is in 4 years or to be exact 1,457 days. He should relax the first two years and then train or at least relax one day, but no this guy couldn't seem to take a break.

Half sighing to himself Chibodee looked at Domon. His play fullness was gone. In its place sat a serious face determined to make Domon come to his senses.

"Domon you should take it easy I know you want to train in order to become stronger, but if you train to much you'll wear yourself out. If you plan on training for the next four years don't spend all day doing it. You should train 4 hours top and no more."

Domon grunted for some reason he didn't want Chibodee telling him what he could and couldn't do. Domon knew Chibodee was just trying to help but in all honesty Domo didn't need it. He had trained with Master Asia for a long time and it wasn't easy every day it was a struggle to stay alive. Domon could handle it and he knew it or did he?

"Chibodee don't concern you're self with a useless matter I trained with Master Asia the former King of Hearts to me compared to what I had to endure before its noting."

Domon then walked out the room with Allenby trailing behind him. The door closed its self with a soft thump and the silence that crept inside was unnerving. Nothing could be heard not even the soft crashing waves from outside. The silence that had settled could not be penetrated and in that silent room all by himself stood Chibodee wondering what the hell had happened.

Meanwhile Rain and the Gals

Rain and the Gals strolled down the crowded streets discussing what they should cook for lunch. Rain wanted some pasta since it was fast, Shirley and Bunny wanted curry, and Janet and Cath wanted chicken nanban with tartar sauce. The girls were still arguing about what to make when all of a sudden and without notice Rain ran smack into a tall bulky man causing her to lose balance. Just as she was about to hit the floor a pair of strong muscular hands grabbed her. Rain stared at the person in front of her, a tall man with a bulky figure and hard as a boulder stood there with brown hair, grey eyes and bushy eyebrows. Next to him stood a woman with green hair and pretty purple eyes (I'm not sure just a guess they look green and gray to me.) instead of her usual outfit she had on tight fitting black pants and a green v neck shirt with a black tank top underneath it.

"Watch where your go- '' before the green haired beauty could finish her sentence she stopped.

Rain and the Gals where staring at Nastasha they would have had their mouths open, but they knew it would make the ex-warden angry. The fact that they kept starring only made a Nastasha mad and she growled out.

"What? Why do you keep staring at me as if I had two head, four arms, and four legs?"

"Um it's just that we are surprise to see you here that's all," Shirley said after having recovered from her shock.

Damn thought Shirley those pants really are tight. Who knew she had such a great body. If Chibodee were here he would have been knocked out. Good thing we sent him away.

"Well the fights are over and since I'm actually now part of Argo's crew he decided it would be nice to just relax a bit and go sightseeing since we missed many things during the tournament.

"Oh that's nice." said Rain and then "How about coming over for lunch that is if you guys don't mind joining us."

"I don't mind," replied Nastasha "How about it Argo? You did say you were hungry a while back.

"Fine by me," was his reply.

The Gals, Argo, and Nastasha followed Rain back to the boat.

Chibodee POV

He was still in the boat thinking about what had just happened. He wasn't sure how long he stood there, but then he heard talking. It seemed that the girls where back so that meant he had been standing for a while. He debated about hiding and scaring the girls or just staying there, but before he could even move he heard the knob began to turn and he froze. There went his plan of hiding and scaring the girls.

Regular POV

Rain reached for the knob and slowly turned it. She briefly wondered if Domon was back, but threw that thought away. Of course he wouldn't be back if he went training it would be a while before he returned. Once the door was opened she was quite shocked to find Chibodee there.

"Well hello Chibodee what are you doing here?"

By now everyone else had spilled into the room. Just when Chibodee was about to answer, his eyes landed on Nastasha. His answer forgotten the only thing left for him to do was stare at her with his mouth opened. His jaw almost hit the floor and it took him 10 seconds before he recovered. Nastasha, just by looking at her you could tell she wanted to knock him out, stared at Chibodee with this frightening look well more like a glare to be precise. Chibodee was unfazed by this and he slung an arm around her shoulder.

"Hey Nastasha long time no see. I must say these days that we weren't together did you good because you are SMOKIN HOT. I can even feel the hotness radiating of you."

Nastasha couldn't believe it. That bastard how dare he touch her! I'll show him just how hot I really am. Chibodee still had the flirtatious smile on his face when SLAP it was wiped off. Yup he was knocked out stone cold. While everyone else stared Shirley just thought I knew this would happen. He really is a moron when it comes to girls. Argo cleared his throat and that caused everyone to start moving again. The Gals picked up Chibodee and laid him on a nearby couch. Rain just walked to the kitchen without saying a word while a huge sigh escaped her lips.

While they had been walking it was decided that they would have pasta and Chicken nanban with tartar sauce. Thankfully Nastasha and Argo had helped them settle that because without them the girls wouldn't have settled on anything. Rain was getting out the ingredients when she noticed the two bowls of ramen. She was wondering who they belonged too when Chibodee appeared in front of the kitchen door.

"Chibodee did you make this? You could have at least washed your bowls once you done eating."

"Actually those bowls belong to Allenby and Domon I guess they were about done when I arrived."

"Oh so Domon was here. That's good I was worried he might skip lunch since he usually does that when he trains."

"Yea… Hey listen Rain, why does Domon keep on training I mean the gundam tournament is over he should take a break don't you think?"

"Well I've known Domon since he was a child and he was quite stubborn, but we weren't together for 12 years and when he came back he was a totally different person. One thing though that didn't really change about him was his stubbornness, pride, and trying to help those close and important to him. He takes his training really serious and he never stopped no matter what I said so I doubt he would listen to me even know."

Chibodee was quiet as he considered this. What Rain said was true actually and even he could tell just how serious Domon was about his training, but he was determined to help Domon relax. Besides he really didn't have anything to do and the only thing he could come up with was to make Domon jealous. He would've made Argo jealous as well, but if he wanted to live he better not. His cheek still hurt from earlier.

"So Rain what's for lunch?"

He asked trying to change the subject.

"It was decided that we would make Chicken Nanban with tartar sauce and pasta."

"Oh that sounds fancy and nice. Well get cookin cuz I'm hungry."

"Rain won't be cooking anything unless you want to die from food poisoning," said Shirley as she walked in. Rain blushed ferociously causing her face to turn a bright red. Shirley laughed while Chibodee looked surprised.

"Rain you can't cook?" asked Chibodee with astonishment.

"Well I've always had instant food. My dad was hardly around and my mother died when I was young, so I never took interest or bothered to learn."

With that said everyone got in the kitchen and began preparing. Of course Rain helped she did the simple things like chopping, peeling and washing the things. Rain chopped ½ ounce of onions, ½ ounce of gherkins, and she chopped 2 tablespoons of parsley. Janet then mixed those ingredients and added salt, juice from ½ lemon, 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, freshly cracked black pepper, and two hard boiled eggs which where peeled before and chopped; these where the ingredients used to make the tartar sauce.

The Nanban mixture was taken care of by Shirley and Cath. While Shirley measured ¼ cup of soy sauce as well as ¼ cup of sugar and Cath measured ¼ cup plus 1 tablespoon of Japanese rice vinegar and 1 Japanese chili. Bunny then combines the ingredients in a saucepan and boiled the mixture over medium heat. She later reduced the heat enough to keep the mixture warm while the chicken was being prepared.

Nastasha and Argo took care of that. They seasoned 8 filets of chicken breast with salt and pepper. Then Argo grabbed a pan and poured vegetable oil in it. He then proceeded to heat the oil until it reached a nice cooking temperature. When the oil was ready Nastasha grabbed a chicken breast and she dredged it in flour and then dipped it into a beaten egg. She then handed the chicken breast to Argo with the tongs and he carefully slides the fillet into the hot oil. He leaves it there until it's fully cooked and turns it over to the other side. Once it was down he repeated the same steps with the others. Once everything was ready he placed them on a giant plate and took it to the table.

Chibodee who was in charge of setting the table had everything ready. He also went to the fridge to take out the pasta he was in charge of making. (I prefer cold pasta) Everyone settled down began to eat. While they ate they talked about what they had done up until now. It had only been three days but Nastasha seemed to have had some fun experiences. Nastasha who had left the military to join Argos crew had had it rough the first day. Everyone on Argos crew seemed to be against letting her join. They didn't like her because she had them locked up, even though she freed them, and because she was a girl. Nastasha greatly offended by this told them she could everything they could and even better.

This is where things got really bad for her. They took advantage of what she had said and practically made her clean the whole ship and cook for them. The guy in charge of cleaning told her he could clean faster than her while making everything sparkle. She took this as a challenge and the moment someone shouted she became a cleaning demon. She mopped the floor till she could see her face in it, she wiped the windows till it sparkled, she washed the tube, toilet, and sink until they were white as blank sheet of printer paper and she cleaned the kitchen so well not even a speck of dust could be found. All of this was accomplished in exactly 45 minutes with 23 seconds. Poor guy in charge of the cleaning she had made him look like a fool or so she thought.

The guy in charge of the laundry said he could fold and wash better than anyone else. Nastasha feeling very content with her victory took him on as well. The washing took a while, but the used different washing technique and different amount of detergent. While the laundry guy dumped everything inside the washer and then added the detergent (2 cups); Nastasha would apply detergent directly on the stain and then would add some more when everything was in the washer just a cup. When the clothes finished washing they threw the clothes into the dryer and waited for the clothing to dry. Both processes took about 2:30 all together. When the clothes had finished drying both began to fold. Nastasha hands moved so fast it was a blur while the other guy moved at a turtles pace. In the time it took him to fold on shirt Nastasha had folded 6. Before the laundry guy could finish folding his 3 shirt Nastasha was already finished. This took about 3 minutes.

Next came the guy in charge of cleaning the beds. With two wins in a row Nastasha didn't even bother to let the poor guy finish his sentence. Faster than you could say the word whirlwind she had finished making all 8 beds. Everyone was truly amazed at her fast skills and wondered how fast she really was.

Finally the last guy came. The famous person of all in the crew was the cook. Everyone there knew how talented he was and how good he prepared his meals. Nastasha on fire took him on. Both would be preparing and beacon and cheese omelet. Both got out the necessary ingredients. Turning up the heat at full blast Nastasha let the oil cook while she chopped the bacon into pieces big enough you could chew them in two bite and then shredded the cheese. Once she finished this she took four eggs and cracked them open into a bowl. There she beat them till they were nice and battered. Quickly turning down the heat she let the oil cool down a little and added all the ingredients into the frying pan except for the cheese. She waited until one side was fully cooked and then flipped it over. While the bottom side was cooking she added the cheese on top of the already cooked side so that it would melt. She repeated the steps six times and once she was done she served everyone.

Nastasha thought it was weird how the cook hadn't served anything, but she really didn't think about because she was in her little world of victory. It wasn't until everyone was done eating that everything clicked into place. Her assumption was confirmed when Argo started laughing. Before anyone could react Nastasha had flipped two men over her shoulder, she then head butted two men together and was about to mop the floor with the fifth guy when…..

"HAHAHAHAHAH" before Nastasha could finish telling her story on how she rendered everyone on the spaceship unconscious Argo's laugh made her stop. Everyone by now was laughing as well. Tears where flowing out of Rains clear blue eyes, Chibodee was clutching his stomach so hard because all the laughing had made it ache, and the Gals where gasping for air.

"Well I see all of you find what happened to me hilarious, but it wasn't."

"Well," said Argo "That's our standard test before letting anyone join and I must say you did pass with flying colors." He chuckled a little as he finished saying this, remembering the events himself.

"So," said Nastasha, "anyone else have something to share?"

The Gals quickly shook their heads no, but before they could actually deny it by words Chibodee quickly answered, "Awww come on Girls don't you think they should now what we did after we left once the Ultimate Gundam was defeated?"

The girls blushed so hard they turned the same color as Shirley's hair.

"No they don't." The Gals said in union.

"Well that's too bad because I plan on telling the story anyways." "So once we had defeated the Ultimate Gundam the girls and I made a quick trip to Neo-America and…