By Female Heero Yuy

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It seemed like after all they'd gone through he'd been forgotten. Tossed aside like nothing more than a piece of trash as if his use had finally ended. Hugging himself he could only think that he needed to get out of there. But where could he go? He had no real home to return to. Only the place he was living at now. Where does one who's been tossed aside go when there's no place to go to in the first place?

Perhaps it is not where, he thought. But when.

It was late and everyone was already asleep. Leaving would be so easy. Especially since he didn't have much to pack. Stuffing his small amount of material possessions into a bag he walked down the steps that seemed so much further than what they were. Almost as if the place he'd called home was mocking him. Lifting the seat to his D wheel he placed his belongings into it before closing it and pushing it out of the garage. Yes. He thought. This was all that was left to him now. In a massive case of irony he wondered if in reality his parents had died to get away from him. After all, who could ever truly love someone as strange as he? No parents, no friends, was he to expect a future? Shaking his head he turned around and closed the garage shutter. If this final place he intended to go denied him. Then he'd decided perhaps living was not an option.

Getting on his D wheel, the mark of the crimson dragon appeared on his back even as he put his helmet on. Almost as if it was allowing him this one selfish request. Starting his bike, he rode on until a sensation he'd felt only a few times before came over him. His bike rode through time quickly away from the harsh reality of his own time. And when he'd gotten to his destination, his bike skidded to a stop. Pulling his helmet off he saw it was early in the morning, maybe perhaps four am at best. Then he looked at the one place he hoped would give him salvation. The shop renowned in his time, the Turtle Game Shop. Getting off his bike and pushing it to be at the side of the building so he wouldn't block traffic, he walked to the front door. His hand trembled as if he didn't know if he should knock or not. But it seemed he didn't need to do so as the door opened right in front of him.

"Ahh...Yusei...?" came the familiar voice. It was none other than the king of games himself, Yugi Mutou. He was holding a trash bag in one hand which he promptly dropped.

Out of his own character he broke down, tears welled up in his eyes and fell instantly even as he tried to hold them back. "Yu...Yugi..." he cried. Unable to stop himself. He put his face in his hands as he continued to cry an seemingly endless amount of tears. He'd honestly not even intended to cry. But the moment Yugi said his name he knew only one thing. He was still remembered.


He'd cried for what seemed like hours in the presence of Yugi. Even now he laid beside the duelist in a slumber with tears at the edges of his eyes on his bed. Holding him as he laid on his side. His grasp was so tight that it was as if he was afraid if he let go he'd be completely abandoned. Yugi just sat on his bed with his back to the headboard. Patting Yusei gently on his head in an attempt to calm him down. He didn't know the situation, but it didn't matter. His friend was in need. And that was all he needed to know.

Solomon came into the room with a tray that had a plate of sandwiches and two glasses of juice. "Well I see he's calmed down a bit." he stated as he placed the tray on Yugi's desk.

"Yeah, he was really upset. I wonder what got him to such a breaking point?" Yugi pondered as he looked down at Yusei's sleeping face.

"I'm sure he'll explain everything after a good rest." Solomon stated with a smile. "Though it seems to me you won't be going to school." he laughed lightly. "I guess you're a very good pillow."

"Grandpa." Yugi rolled his eyes. "But your right, I don't think i'll be going to school today. He's got a pretty tight grip of my shirt."

"Well guess i'll call the school and say you have a cold or something. Make sure to eat those sandwiches. It's bad to waste food." he left without waiting for a reply.

"Yugi, I sense his heart has nearly been shattered." Yami stated as he appeared beside them.

"I felt that too." Yugi stated with sorrow. "But I think when he decided to come here, it was because he had a small glimpse of hope."

Yami nodded. "I agree. But I think mending such a damaged heart won't be easy."

Yugi snorted, "Since when has anything been easy for us?" he smiled as he looked down at Yusei's sleeping face. Though Yusei was taller he seemed so small to him right now. "Well in the very least this was a different way to start the school day."

Yami nodded in agreement, even as he faded back into the puzzle.


Yusei groaned as he opened his eyes from what he called the best sleep he'd had in a while. He was faced with a wall he didn't recognize. And after a moment it dawned on him he was clutching something. And that something apparently was breathing. Slowly looking up at the person he blinked.

"Hello." Yami stated as he watched with amusement Yusei's actions. Yugi had gotten tired of sitting in the same position for so long. So he and Yami had switched so he could have a break.

"He...llo." Yusei repeated as he blinked several times. "Ahh.." he sat up with wide eyes. Finally releasing the smaller duelist from his hold. Yami simply started smoothing out the wrinkled part of his shirt. 'That's right...I the past.' he thought in his mind. 'I came to see the King of Games.' he smiled lightly. 'And it seems I do have atleast one person after all.' he thought, then flinched. "Cold!" he rubbed at his forehead.

Yami was smiling as he held a glass of juice at Yusei. "Here. There's also some sandwiches beside you." he stated.

Yusei's stomach immediately made it known that it wished to be fed. Blushing lightly he grabbed one of the sandwiches and took a sip of the juice. "How long was I asleep?"

Yami looked over at the clock beside the bed. "Well let's see you arrived at about six thirty am. It's now...nine fifty. Considering you cried for an hour i'd say nearly two hours." Yusei looked off to the side as he took a bite of the sandwich. Groaning in embarrassment even as he chewed. "Don't be embarrassed." Yami waved at him. "Everyone has moments like that from time to time. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Even i've had moments like that."

Swallowing the contents in his mouth, Yusei was surprised. "Even you pharaoh?" he stated a bit louder than he intended. "I find that hard to believe."

"I'm only human ya know." he grumbled.

"Ahh, sorry. It's just surprising. I didn't think someone such as yourself had such times." he took another bite of his sandwich.

Yami just looked in front of himself even as he raised his knee up to lay an arm on it. "As hard as it is to believe, Yugi and I didn't always have what we have now. We used to be alone ourselves." he stated with a hint of sadness. "It's hurts. Being surrounded by those around you and still being so alone."

Yusei stopped eatting his food as he became saddened. "I know that." he stated barely above a whisper. "Pharaoh...?" he started.

Yami turned to him with a hint of surprise. "Yes?"

" it the destiny of people like us to be alone?" he asked without raising his head. He didn't think he could look at him while asking such a question.

"Who knows." Yami laid back to stare at the ceiling. "We can only take happiness in the moments when we aren't. Even if it's for a short while." He put his arms behind his head.

Yusei's eyes trembled. "It seems so unfair though."

Yami turned to lay on his side so he could face him. " greatly unfair." he stated with his own sadness. He hadn't really intended to fuel the other duelists current feelings. But the conversation was making him remember the days from before Yugi even completed the puzzle. Even after all those years, he'd seen how alone his lighter half had been. And he could do nothing but watch while he too was alone. Then he sat up again and smiled. "But you know...there's always someone out there who will always care for you. That's what I believe now." he stated, making Yusei look at him. "There's always that one person who will always need you no matter what. For me I know it's Yugi." his features seem to soften quite a bit at this thought. "No matter how difficult things become, i'll always have Yugi. Even if we lose our friends it'll hurt. But to lose Yugi is even worse for me. It's happened before, and i'll never let it happen again." he hugged himself. "Because for me Yugi is the person who picks me up when i'm down. He took away my loneliness when he finished the puzzle and accepted me when he found out I was there. Yes...Yugi is the person who would keeps me sane."

Yusei just looked at the sheets in front of him. "How lucky...I don't have that at all. There isn't anyone from my time who cares for me that way. I'm jealous."

Yami looked at Yusei in silence for a moment. Then smiled as he turned away. "Maybe.." he started. "Maybe the person who feels that way about you isn't in your time." he smirked as he faced the wall. Yes, he felt like what he was saying was right. Yusei even from the first time he'd met him had always had an air about him that made him feel the same way Yugi did. Like he was needed, and not some sort of pest.

Yusei's eyes grew wide at that statement. Then tears formed at the edges of his eyes. "Pharaoh..." he started as the tears fell in drops onto the legs of his pants. " think...i'll find that person who needs me? Not to use me...but really need me..?"

"I think...well...this may sound crazy...but...maybe Yugi and I are that person your looking for?" he scratched at his chin. "You did after all come here looking for us right? People when they are upset typically go to the person they feel the biggest connection with. So..."

Yusei wiped his eyes on his sleeve. Then nodded. He didn't need the Pharaoh to say anymore. "I think your right. When I felt like all was lost, the only people I could think of to go to was you and Yugi Mutou. It was like...I knew you were the only ones who cared if I lived or died...even though I told myself that you'd probably turn me away, something in side of me told me you wouldn't and that's not important." he shook his head.

"Like our bond is so strong you couldn't keep from trusting it? The bond of a brother from a different time?" Yami added.

"Yeah how did you know?" he asked.

"Honestly I felt that same way about you when we met. Yugi too. Sure Jaden was there, but the feeling we got from him was more of a bond of friendship. From you it was more like a brother who'd just returned from a long trip." he smirked. "I dunno, maybe it's because we're so alike we felt that way."

Yusei smirked playfully, "It's the cards, they are corrupting us." he finished off his sandwich and drink before placing the cup on the headboard of the bed.

Yami laughed even as Yugi appeared beside him to join in with his own laughter. "We are being corrupted by duel monsters." he lifted his hands like claws before they all erupted in a round of laughter. Taking several minutes to calm down.

"Thank you pharaoh...thank you Yugi." he smiled as he laid down on the bed on his side. "I'm feeling some what better now."

"Well if you need to you can stay as long as you like." Yugi stated in his spirit form. "Grandpa said it was okay."

"I think i'll take you up on your offer." he stated before becoming sad again, "It's not like I have anywhere else to go anyway." he muttered. Then pushed himself up when the door opened.

"I see your finally awake." Solomon stated with a smile. "Are you feeling better after your nap?"

"I am thank you." he replied. "And thank you for the meal, it was delicious."

"Of course. Food is a nice way to mend ones heart. And from the looks of it you hadn't had a decent meal in a while." he picked up the dirty dishes. Yusei looked at him as if to say 'How did you know?', but didn't say it aloud. "Of course I prefer dueling myself."

"You duel?" Yusei looked at him puzzled.

"Of course, who do you think it was who taught Yugi the game?" he bragged.

"Wow! That's amazing! Do you think you could teach me a few things?" he asked eagarly. The thought of being taught by the same person who taught the legendary King of Games filling his mind with excitement.

"Sure, as long as you promise to help out in the shop once in a while."

"I will!" he stated with excitement.

Yugi switched places with Yami. "You may want to get used to him grandpa, he's gonna stay with us for a while."

"Really? That's great. I'm glad you took us up on our offer." he stated with delight. "An old man like me really could use the help. And it seemed to me you needed somewhere to go." he winked.

"Was it really that obvious?" he looked puzzled. He thought he was rather good at keeping certain things hidden. Perhaps the latest events had caused him to show his problems more on his features.

"Not really, I only picked up on it because of my experience with Yugi." he ruffled Yugi's hair.

The teen groaned and swatted at his hand. "Grandpa!" he whined. This made Yusei laugh instantly.

"Oh don't be that way." he teased him. "I'm not getting any younger ya know. And your my only grandson. I probably won't live to see any great grandchildren." he stated.

Yugi blushed from head to toe, while Yami giggled in his spirit form. Then he looked off to the side even as he blush was fading away. "Well then you can be happy because from today Yusei is now your other grandchild." he indicated with a hand at the taller duelist.

"Eehh?" Yusei looked at him in surprise.

"You don't have any family right?" Yugi looked at him happily. "Then we can be your family. How about it?"

"Yugi..." was all he got out. He didn't know what to say really. He'd never had a real family before. Sure he'd had mother figures, but never had he had anyone he'd considered real family. After a moment he smiled a nodded. Then was surprised as he was hugged from behind by Solomon.

"Ahhh you've made an old man exceedingly happy!" he cried.

"Can't...breathe..." Yusei managed to get out. Making Solomon loosen his grip, but not fully let go. Yusei promptly took a few breaths to breath properly. Then they all just laughed. Yusei had never felt so at home somewhere so easily before. But now he felt like he was home. Like a void that'd been empty was now filled. 'If this is a dream, please don't let me wake up.' he thought in his mind. Even as he gripped at Solomon's arm that was around his neck.


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