Pain 8

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu Gi Oh 5Ds this would be in the manga. XD


The breeze felt so calming, familiar. That was what he thought. 'Ahhhhh...did I fall asleep again?' he pondered as he laid there for a moment longer. Slowly opening his eyes. "Uhh...where is this?" he saw a vast blue sky with clouds above him. "We were running...and...weren't we in the city?" he sat up. Taking in his surroundings. He saw he was on a cliff, with the ocean below him. "...Where am I?" his eyes grew wide.


"STOP IT!" Yami shouted as he struggled against his captors. Some men who appeared to be apart of the military held him by his wrists as they over powered him. It wasn't long after they'd escaped that they'd be ambused. Almost as if they knew where the trio would be after their previous encounter with the group that looked like a gang.

Yusei was on a medical table with wires that were placed to his forehead. He was currently unconcious, and many doctors were around him taking notes, monitoring computers, or doing other tasks. Yugi had be strapped to a wall with metal cuffs on his wrists by his head, and at his ankles. He watched in fear as he didn't know what was going on.

"Be silent." an elderly man ordered harshly. "You'll get your turn soon enough." he kept his gaze locked onto the computer before him.

"Sir, I can't seem to find any data on the unknown boy. There doesn't seem to be any record of him in existence. But what's even more peculiar..."

"So he's technically not supposed to exist eh?" the elderly man smirked. "Then that makes things a little easier don't you agree?"

"I suppose sir, but..."

"Shut up, I am in charge, and you will obey my orders. These brats seem to have some kind of power that's beyond logical comprehension. Such power could be very useful in the future." he eyed Yami for a moment.


"Yugi?" he looked around. "Yami? Where are you?" he kept walking in what seemed to be a vast valley of grass. Stopping for a moment as he looked up at the sky again. "Was it all a dream? Did I not go to the past?" he tried to remember. "This feels...fake...somehow."


"What are you doing to Yusei!" Yugi demanded.

"Sir, it seems the subject's mental data is beyond the norm." a doctor looked over the information. "While stable, if we were to continue with the experiment we might damage his brain with the continued use of the inputted frequency."

"Keep going."


"This boy released a massive amount of energy, This study is necessary. So you will keep on with the experiment until I say otherwise."

"Yes sir." he looked hesitant. "What about the other two."

"I'll be conducting the experiments on them myself." he smiled evilly. On his computer he had a picture of Yami and Yugi on separate files, but each bit of information was the same. "Like this one they are equally interesting." he typed a few notes. "I'm not sure if they are really twins or something we can't comprehend." he looked over the information. "They have exactly the same dna. Realistically no set of twins have the exact same dna." he got up from his seat. "It'll be so much fun find out their secret."

Yugi shook in fear, while Yami tried to free himself. "Leave us alone you bastard!" he yelled. "Leave Yusei alone!"

He scoffed as he ignored the outburst. "Prepare room two. We'll start immediately."

"Sir!" many doctors saluted.


"Any sign of them?" Aki asked as she met up with Jack and Crow.

"None, it's like they completely disappeared." Crow replied.

"And those guys who were first chasing them are claiming they have nothing to do with it." Jack had his arms crossed. He'd threatened the gang member group with a through beating if they didn't talk. "Apparently they were ordered to do the same thing."

"So...another group got to them?" Aki stated with worry. "What we do? We don't know where to look for them."

"You tell us who you are and why your looking for Yugi." came a voice out of no where. Making the trio turn to face the speaker. It was Mokuba, Kaiba was right beside him.

"That's none of your business you little brat!" Jack responded.

"Look, I don't care what little game your trying to play. But where Yugi is involved, it becomes my business." Kaiba stated bluntly. "He's my rival, and i'm the only one who's allowed to duel him."

"It''s Kaiba." Crow couldn't help but speak in awe for a moment. Resisting the urge to ask for an autograph, "Hey we're not the bad guys here, some people were after them and we were just trying to keep them safe."

"And you did a lousy job to say the least. I've seen ants do better at keeping things safe." Kaiba responded. "Let's go Mokuba."

"Brother...?" he looked confused.

"We don't have time to play with losers. Let's connect to our corporations satellite and see if we can locate him from that."

"Okay!" he smiled at his brothers idea.

"Who are you calling losers you scumbag!" Jack growled in offense.

"Jack, please!" Aki tried to calm him down. "He might be our only hope to finding Yusei." she pointed out. That made him growl in distaste.


Yami was strapped down onto a table. He struggled against his bonds even as a strange stone was lowered to him by a machine. He didn't know what it was for, and he didn't really want to find out either.

"Input the password to activate the program." the elderly doctor ordered. A younger man did as he was told, and the computer started producting ancient eygptian hyrogryphics.

Yami's eyes grew wide as he was suddenly in pain as the stone glowed, though the words only showed on the screen, he could swear he could hear them clear as day. "Ahhh!" he screamed and pulled against his bonds. 'Is this what Yusei was talking about?' he thought as he was feeling the same symptoms that he had described before. Only he was in emmense pain. Then he felt himself release a burst of energy just as Yusei had without intending to. It shot up from his body even as the puzzle glowed and kept screaming. Even the millenium eye appeared on his forehead as the power was released.

"That's enough." the elderly man stated. And the program was turned off. Yami panted heavily as he was covered in sweat while his body calmed down. He smirked as he watched the boy. "Interesting. Interesting indeed." he muttered as he walked over to the table. "Do you know what this is boy?" he indicated the stone that was above Yami. "It's called Ra's ruby. And according to the ancient egyptians of long past it's the only thing that can control the ancient Pharaoh who sealed the millenium items."

Yami shook as he whimpered. Tears streaming down his face.

"I'm sure you've already put together some of what i'm intending from that bit of information. This stone I found in the Valley of the Kings is supposedly a fragment of a larger stone. And of course now it brings some questions." he leaned over him. "If the Pharaoh is the one with the millenium puzzle, and there are two when there should be one, but not only that, there are not one, but three affected by the stone." he leaned in a little further. "Which one of you is the real Pharah?" he leered. "Or perhaps, your all the Pharaoh?" he tilted his head and pulled back. "It's an interesting discover to say the least. Perhaps you three are secretly one in the same? Or maybe there's more to it." he walked towards a computer. "The experiments have shown you all have the same exact power. Though the strength levels seem to be different." he looked back to Yami. "It seems the one you call Yusei is the weakest in terms of that power, but it grows in all three of you. By my calculations in a few years his power will have grown ten times what it is now. And your little twin's power will be what yours is currently at in another year or so. It's so invigorating. It's like it's endless. There seems to be no stopping point for it. But..." his eyes seemed to sparkle, " already knew that didn't you."

Yami's eyes trembled, "What are you intending to do with us?"

"Who knows." he replied, "It's hard to say, the possiblities could be endless. At the moment i'd say you're pretty good WMDs."

He gasped as those words left the man's mouth. "You wouldn't..."

"I'm a greedy man. I just might." he scoffed. "In anycase your friend greatly interests me. There's no record of him anywhere. So he's got additional mysteries that I just want to reveal. Like for instance, what's that mark on his right arm?"


Yusei lay on the table, still unconcious as the people kept on with their experiments and monitoring his vitals. His right glove had been removed, and his sleeve rolled up to show his dragon birthmark. His shirt was lifted up with more wires at his upper chest.

"Subject is still stable." someone stated.

"Change the frequency on the mind program. Monitor his brainwaves, and note any changes on the output."

"Sir the dream program is functioning normally. No errors detected."

"Good, keep monitoring the results. I want a full analysis of his brain function. And make sure you don't do anything to put a high amount of stress on his brain. He's a valuable test subject. We can't afford to lose him in the process."


Her eyes grew wide as she looked up at the sky. "The pharaoh is in danger." Isis stated with worry. "Someone is trying to push him off his guided path.


"So you idiots lost the pharaoh?" a man who was greatly overweight stated as he smoked a cigar. "You do realize, he's needed for my goal don't you! You morons!" he shouted in anger.

"We're sorry sir, this guy showed up and..."

"No excuses!" he pounded his fist on the desk. "Just get your asses out there and find me the pharaoh!"

"We understand sir, but the one who reacted to the stone wasn't what you described." one of the men meekly replied.

"What are you talking about? The Pharaoh is the one with the millenium puzzle! How hard is that to understand!"

"Well...while there were two with a millenium puzzle, the one who reacted to the stone was a taller kid with a mark on his face."

That made him raise a brow. "What?"

"It's true. He released a burst of energy just like you said, but it wasn't from either of the ones with a puzzle."

He tapped his finger on his desk as he tried to think for a moment. "Hmmmm, grab all of them then when you find them, I can't risk accidentally grabbing a fake."


Yusei opened his eyes slowly, sitting up he saw he was in a room. Looking across from the bed he was on, he saw a bunk bed.

"Your awake." Yami stated from his spot on the top bunk.

"What happened?" he asked. "Where are we?"

"We were captured. As for where we are, I don't know." he hugged the pillow closer to himself since he was laying on his stomach.

" head hurts." he stated when he realized his head was pounding.

"I'd imagine that came from whatever experiment they were doing to you." he muttered.

"Experiment?" he looked shocked.

"Apparently these people know about the millenium items, and of our shadow magic. Their true aim is unknown, but I don't think they are with that group that was after us at the restaurant."

Shifting on the bed, he realized his ankle was bound, with a chain that was two feet in length and attached to the end bed frame. He reached over to see if he could undo the lock, but it looked computerized.

"Don't. If you mess with it it'll give you an electrical shock."

"Uh...Is Yugi okay?" he asked when he noted the smaller duelist hadn't moved.

"I think so. They don't seem intent on killing us or anything. It seems we're pretty important test subjects at the moment."

"I see." he lowered his head for a moment. He tried to remember what happened. They had been at the park, and when they thought the coast was clear they started to leave, only for a helicopter to appear with soldiers to appear and surround them. He remembered trying to fight them off, and getting hit with a tranquilizer, but after that everything was blank. "What could they want us for?" he asked no one in particular.

"There's more, apparently they have a stone called Ra's ruby."

"Ra's ruby?"

"It was used on me...probably Yugi and you too...I had the same reaction you had at the restaurant. Apparently it can be used to control us. It's supposedly only supposed to control me as i'm the pharaoh who sealed the millenium items in the past. But...uhh..." he held his pillow tighter. "...since it worked on you too then I guess that's proof that your me. Or...atleast a part of me."

"So...we're all the same person?" his looked confused.

"I don't know. I just know i'm frustrated." he whimpered. "Everything that's happening is because of me." he shoved his face into his pillow. "It's all my fault!"

"Hey, don't cry." he tried. "You didn't know this was going to happen. It wasn't like you planned for any of this. And besides, if you hadn't...I might not of even been born." he stated as he thought on what was said. When he thought on it logicially, if what Yami said was true, then if it hadn't been for that one event in the past, he might of never been born. A thought that somewhat scared him.

"I know that...but it's still my fault. Everything we're going through is because of me. I can't forgive myself for that."

"But just think if you hadn't...Yugi might not of been born either." Yusei clarified. That made Yami gasp. "Isn't Yugi yourself in this time? I think it'd of been pretty terrible in a way if you hadn't done what you did in the past."

Yami turned his face to face him. "Yusei..."

"Just think you had a role in Yugi and I being born. We even got to meet one another though we're all from different time periods. Isn't that alone enough to make what you did worth it?"

"Hey, weren't you the one seeking comfort?"

Yusei scoffed. "That doesn't mean i'm unable to comfort back." he leaned back against the headboard of his bed. " what?"

"I hate to admit it...but i'm kinda hoping Kaiba is using his computer to trace me."

"Eh?" He looked at him confused.

"Umm...Kaiba kinda has stalker like tendencies towards me. He usually knows where I am without anyone telling him."

He blinked a few times, "Umm...okay...that's just creepy."

"I never thought i'd be glad for his twenty four monitoring of my whereabouts thing." he swung his legs back and forth.

"I'm a bit curious why you don't get a restraining order on him for that when you know about it."

"A restraining order on Kaiba? Yeah right, good luck getting that to hold up. He'd probably take it and have it overturned or something. It's just be a waste of ink, paper, and several hours of gaming to get one."

"You've thought about it alot haven't you?" he looked amused.

"What can I say? On the plus side he's fed me, taken me on trips, and keeps my dueling skills up to par. It's kind of a win situation for me when you think about it. I never have to worry about missing due dates for big dueling tournament applications, cause he always makes sure i'm on the list anyway. I always get an invite."

"I guess those are pluses when one comes down to it." he laughed.

"The downside is I also usually have to drop everything when it comes to Kaiba too. He's still trying to get me to dump my friends cause he doesn't like them."

"Awwww...he's jealous." he cooed. "He doesn't wanna share."

"I've seriously been waiting to see if he'd lock me in a room at his house to keep me from hanging out with them. I swear it's gonna happen."

"You mean...kinda like now?"

", knowing Kaiba, the room would be nicer. And I probably wouldn't have a chain on my ankle, wouldn't be experimented on, and his only purpose for me would be dueling."

"That's nice to know in the case of an alternate hostage situation."

"Just trying to keep the mood pleasant on our current situation."

"Yeah well, you suck at it. I want my money back."

"Sorry, no refunds." he snickered.

"Awww." he pouted.


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