All he wants is a corn dog.

They've been on tour now for little over a month. Jason is having fun for sure, yet part of him misses home. The ache hits particularly hard when his little sister calls in the afternoon. He listens as she tells him about school, her friends, and what's she's been playing. He stops her once her voice becomes muffled.

"What'cha doing?" he asks. "You eating something?"

He knows even before she chirps back her answer. For her, a phone call can't be bothered by something like eating. Happily she says, "Mm hm; corn dogs."

Oh right; it's Tuesday. Back home Tuesdays are corn dog night. His stomach growls thinking about it. He's still thinking about it when the conversation ends, and even later the idea hasn't left his mind. The craving is so strong by the time the bus stops that he volunteers to be the one who goes inside this time.

List in hand he travels down the aisles. This for Carly the backup dancer, that for Nate... he plops each item in the basket so quickly his mind's reminded of that strange grocery store racing game his mother used to watch. He goes to the frozen food aisle and searches out that familiar little piece of home. There; his eye catches the green box signifying the brand his mom always buys. He grabs the first one on the shelf and closes the door before changing his mind. No sense in being greedy; he grabs a couple more for everyone else.

He's back on the bus almost before he knows it, handing out the purchases. Shane takes note of the box in his hand first. The joke of whether he has enough for the class dies before it's said as all the boxes hit the counter. He pulls out the first package and sets the contents on a plate. Opening the microwave, he sets the plate inside to be cooked.

Then he sees it; the only instructions on the box are for the oven.