It was a quiet night in Shore City, the breeze from the ocean made the temperate feel like a cool evening in the mid 70 degree range. Perfect night for walkers and joggers who had the patience to wait for the temperature to come down from the high of 98 earlier in the day. In city park young lovers could be seen waking holding hands, and riding bicycles around the park. However, four miles east of city park, running down the alley of the old abandon warehouse district are two boys being chasing by three older boys.

"Hurry up!", shouted Jose breathing heavy.

"I am coming", shouted Stan back at Jose. He was running and looking behind as his ears could hear the other boys getting closer to him. He could not hardly see them because of all the blown out overhead lights in the alley. And he could barely even see where he was running, and Stan wondered how Jose could be running so fast without bumming or tripping over anything in this darkness. With Stan's mind wandering about Jose and worried about how close the other boys were, he tripped over a old metal trash can lid.

Jose stopped as he heard Stan fall down, but then he saw Derrick and his boys catchup with Stan. He turned and ran whispering "good luck" to Stan hoping for the best for his fallen friend.

Derrick reach down and grabbing Stan said,"I told you two to stay off the east side, the Cougars run this side, and thats what up."

Stan shaking but trying to hide his fear said,"We were just taking groceries to my man's grandmas house, that was all." Derrick looked at him and motion to one of his boys and they delivered a blow to Stan jaw, and followed up with another punch to his stomach that put Stan on the ground. Derrick reached down and grabbed Stan back to his feet, who could barely stand after being hit so hard from both punches.

Just then the wind begin blowing and lightning came from no where, but everywhere at once. Derrick looked overhead but there were no clouds in the sky. This event was confide to the alleyway, in the middle of the lightning a small red circle appear just there with nothing holding it in place, then it began to grow bigger and bigger as the wind and lighting pick up in intensity. Derrick dropped Stan and with his two boys left running.

Stan still laying on the ground could not believe his eyes when he saw a large arm reach from the portal. Then another arm, as he watched a head, then a second later the whole body fell from the red circle, and the circle began shrinking until it was gone and the wind and lightning stop as well and the alley was calm once more. Stan struggled to his feet walked over to the fallen person and he could tell right away that this person was large man with long red hair. Stan bent down to help this person stand, but he was heavy and Stan own knees gave out and they both fell. Stan could see the man shaking his head trying to get his bearings. "Are you alright? Who are you?"

The strange man look at Stan and said "I am Magni, son of Thor, King of Asgard."