Downtown in the office of the Rose Tigershark and Derrick sit around an oval table. Both men are quiet as the Rose just paces back and forth in front of them swinging his cane in his hand. Derrick looks nervous as if the quietness was actually making his head hurt, he looks at Tigershark who bares his teeth, causing him to look away quickly.

"What happen? You two are making me look weak!" Shouts the Rose. "This is my town, and all the money I am paying to both of you to handle wanna be super clowns like this. What do I have to show for it?"

"Rose I had that red headed fool, until that little jerk got in my way."

"Yeah, my man had the Magni guy, until Derreck got involved."

"Enough with the excuses, I want to find out more about this Magni. Because next time we will show him what happens when you cross the Rose."

In another part of Shore City by the waterfront it was a quiet morning, and if you were lucky enough to be on the famous beach you could see the morning tides coming in. Not too far from the beach is where the abandon fishing industry warehouse row is located. Forty years ago this was the pride of the city as one of the nations biggest fishing industry headquarters, and main process and distribution hubs. Many of the citizens of Shore City found employment with high paying jobs, and the property value was high with its prime real estate location to the industry. That was before the bad times just ten years ago a foreign capital company purchased the company and begin laying off the senior managing staff first. Shortly after begin cutting the hourly workforce, and selling off parts of the company to the highest bidder. Today its just a skeleton of its former glory with memories of a golden age that time pass by. Its here where a El Comino is parked inside one of the old delivery truck bays, and inside Stan and Magni are both treating their wounds.

"Friend Stan why are we here, instead of at your dwellings with Rachel?"

"Listen Magni, there will be too many questions that need to be answer about what happen back there. Don't worry about Rachel, she will cover for us with the police."

"Cover for us? What do thy mean friend Stan? It is not cold, and we do not need any coverings?"

"Thats not what I mean, ouch!" Stan says while pouring alcohol on one of his open cuts on his arm. "What I am saying the police will want to know more about who put that hole in the side of the department that you did in the apartment fighting Tigershark."

"He, that mortal dare touch a price of New Asgard. But I showed him his betters."

"Yes you did beat him down, but that also left us homeless, and no doubt the police will be looking for the both of us about all the property damage. And five O, will just consider us just as guilty as Derrick and Tigershark. Thats why we have to lay low for awhile. "

"I don't understand what you mean friend Stan, but as a prince of New Asgard I do consider you a friend. So for now I will abide by your decision."

"Well thanks, because for now we are going to have to call this place home. Some of my friends and I used to stay here when I was younger, no one really come to this place anymore. So we should be safe from Derrick and his friends for awhile anyway."

"While we are here friend Stan, don't forget your promise that we will still keep searching for my home."

"Magni, you have my word. But for now lets try to clean this place up since we will be staying here. Then afterwards we will go find some food, I still have some money on me."

The ebony of night covers Shore City, and the silence echoes over city as the night gets older. In a different section of the old abandon shipping docks the sounds of heavy breathe, and fast footsteps could be heard covered by the high pitch scream of "HELP" as a lone figure races down the docks. He occasionally looks back over his shoulder as he runs tripping over his feet, but getting back up and keeps running. As he nears the corner of the pier that turns to start coming inland a large tentacles reaches from the deep and grabs him into the murky water. Soon the surface of the water becomes still again, and the silence of the night returns. Leaving only a worn baseball cap as the only evidence that a person was once there.