On the drive from the library Magni was very quiet and still trying to pull the pieces of his life together. He has spent most of his existence being in total control. But after learning from what Stan called the "internet", his home New Asgard does not exist. If this internet is right, what does it mean for him? Has his whole life been a dream? No he does not believe that, the imagines of his father and mother were too strong not to be real. This could be an attack of some sort by one of his father's enemies, but it did not seem possible. And what about Stan? Could he be a part of some plot against me, or could this whole world be an illusion? I heard stories in the halls of New Asgard about some enemies of the realm that had magical powers that would be capable of this.

"Magni where is your mind? You are being very quiet."

"I am fine friend Stan, I just don't understand what happen to my home. Could this internet be wrong? It was made by mortals, so its imperfect by its very nature."

"Ouch, you putting something like that out there. Lets just say that there is a New Asgard."

"New Asgard is my home!" Magni says loud glaring at Stan.

"Ok your home is real, but could magic or something be responsible for either your home being missing or maybe someone is playing with your memory?"

"Well magic does exist, my mother Amaro and uncle Loki both were very strong in it. But to suggest that the first family of Asgard would.."

"Thats not what I meant, but did you have enemies that used magic?" As Magni thought on these things the El Camino pulled up back in their apartment complex. As Stan and Magni get out of the car they are unaware of the thugs spying on them from the Ford Tempo parked at the end of the block.

"Where have you two been?" Rebecca met them both on the lower landing as soons as they walk inside the apartment.

"Believe it or not I took my cousin to the library." Stan said smiling.

"Stan you don't even know how to get to the library." Rebecca replied.

"He tells the truth, we went there looking for something for me, but we could not find it." Magni says still feeling a little down.

"Well, I believe you Magni." Reaching out touching his hand, "I am sorry that you could not find it, maybe you can stop down later and I can help you search for what you are looking for. I am better searching for things on the net than Stan anyway." Rebecca takes her car keys from Stan, and punches him in the back of his arm, before going back inside her apartment.

As they walk back inside of Stan's apartment, "Could Rebecca help me search this internet? Maybe you did something wrong"

"Trust me buddy, I didn't do anything wrong, and Rebecca wants to help you find more than New Asgard if you know what I'm talking about?"

"No friend Stan, I don't understand what you are saying. But I was thinking on the drive back here, are they any other asgardians that we can talk too?"

"You mean other people from your home like you?"

"Yes, that must be others somewhere, we just need to find them and they could show me the way back home?" Stan watch his new friend and wondered what would he do if turns out that there is no way home for Magni. Looking for other asgardians? Its not like they are listed in the yellowpages or facebook. I am going to need some help, he thought. After watching all the things that Magni had done, it is possible that he is telling the truth. If that is the case do I even want to be around here when whoever did this to him comes back to finish the job?

In Shore City Police Station it is a spring of activity for a Tuesday, normally after the busy Monday mornings which are busy from the weekend left over from holding cells, Tuesdays are quiet. But not today. The events from yesterday seem to created a domino affect as gang violence has escalated overnight. Detective Harris was busy at this desk, when a officer knocks on his desk top.

"I have what you ask me to search for, but I don't understand what you are going to find with it."

"Give it here, and its just a hunch, a needle in a haystack." Harris says as the the officer gets up and walks away from his desk. Harris repeats, "a needle in a haystack."

Tigershark is looking in the mirror at himself adjusting his ebony suit, and bolt tie. When Derricks walks in his office. "Just got the call, Stan is back at his place, and that big guy is with him."

"Lets go Derrick, and I will show you how to deal with upstart heroes, and we are going to send a loud message once I am done with him. No wanna be heroes are welcome here in Shore City."

"And thats what up." Derrick says smiling as he follows Tigershark out.