~Chapter 1: Tree Of Sorrow~

Wrapped up in a hundred sins and a thousand darkness

They take over this solitary me as time goes on

More than words and more than answers this certain warmth

We yearn and seek for comes from these fallen tears

Papa? What did I do wrong? Papa? Forgive me! I'm sorry! Please! Papa!

A knife shines silver in the moonlight as it rises high and falls with such a force that the only thing heard is a quick scream, and the sound of bones cracking from how much pressure was used. He really wanted her dead.

He really wanted me dead.

I opened my eyes slowly and stared up at the tree I had taken shade under. The wind blew gently as I continued to stare at the tree. It was a strange tree. A tree no one approached because they said it held strange powers. A tree with purple leaves instead of green, and black bark instead of brown.

The Tree Of Sorrow, as I call it. You see, this is the same tree I was buried under. No funeral. No tears. No flowers. No coffin. I was just buried. They made a hole, and threw me in. To this day, I do not know what his intentions were.

Oh, how rude of me. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mary Michaelis. But I have recently changed my last name to Baskerville for I have been adopted.

After awakening in the ground, I panicked. Of course, there was dirt all around me, so how was I to move? I began to scream and miraculously, someone heard me. A man with a dark aura. It shocked me how a man like him would save me in the first place, but he did, and soon, adopted me.

That man's name is, Glen Baskerville.

I live with him in his large mansion, located in the center of a beautiful city named Sablier. He pushes for information on my past, but I stay quiet and pretend I do not remember. But of course I remember. How could something like that be forgotten?


I blinked three times and sat up.

"A women should not lay like that," Glen instructed sternly.

"Y-yes," I stuttered and rose to my feet, dusting off my dress. I looked at Glen and noticed his aura seemed a little brighter than usual. Soon I realized it was not actually Glen's aura, but someone's pure aura mixing into his. I peeked behind my stepfather and my eyes landed on a tall, lean man with golden hair and emerald eyes.

I curtsied and lost my footing slightly. How embarrassing. "N-nice to meet you sir," I muttered.

I could feel Glen's death glare. "What are you doing here, Mary? Have I not forbidden you from coming here?"

I looked to the side. He had, but I ignored his orders. He wanted me away from this place. Glen said if I didn't remember anything the first few times I came here, than there was no reason at all for me to repeatedly return.

"Forgive me," I whispered.

The blonde behind Glen smiled widely and clapped his hands together. "Glen, do not be so cruel to the girl. She just loves this rare tree, just like us."

He walked ahead of Glen and grabbed both my hands softly in his large gloved ones. My face flushed slightly, but I glared at the man to make it go away.

"I am Jack Vessalius. It is a pleasure to meet you."

V-Vessalius? As in the Vessalius household? Oh dear! I will truly be scolded later on! This man saw me lying like some nut on the ground. Oh dear! Of course I am being sarcastic. I could care less who this man is. And the Vessalius family is looked down upon.

"I am Mary Baskerville," I muttered.

Jack's eyes widened and he blinked twice. "Baskerville?"

"Jack, let her go," Glen said, walking past us in a dark, swift movement. He sat down, his back leaning on the rare tree.

"Baskerville?" Jack asked again.

I looked over at Glen and he nodded. My attention returned to the weird blonde. "Yes. Mary Baskerville, Glen's daughter."

"Daughter? My, my! Glen, why have you not told me about this?"

I rolled my eyes.

"But . . . ?" Jack began looking between Glen and I. "You do not really resemble one another."

"She is adopted," Glen informed.

"Oh, I see," Jack mumbled and smiled at me sweetly. "I hope we can become great friends, Maymay."

"Maymay?" my eyebrow twitched slightly in irritation. I turned to Glen. "He is quite annoying."

My stepfather nodded. Jack didn't seem to take offense and just laughed, releasing my hands from his grip. He walked over to Glen and sat next to him. I guess now is time for me to go.

I curtsied once more and twirled on my heels. I left quietly, no complaints. Last time I went against Glen, it did not end well. I received a slap in the face and a good, stern scorning.

I groaned and walked back to the mansion.

Papa! Papa! Look what I have! Flowers, just for you! Do you like them Papa?

I gasped as those words entered my mind. Images of me as a child filled my brain. I ran to a man and handed him a bouquet of black and purple flowers. Flowers I had seen before. I looked over my shoulder. Already nothing but small dots, I looked at Glen and Jack, then up at the tree. Yes! There they were! Those flowers from my vision!

"How could I reach such things?" I asked myself. "They are up so high. And why would I be so close to the Baskerville estate?"

I shrugged and continued my way back to the mansion. Everything was in the past, not point in staying behind. That will only bother me.

Papa, we'll be together forever, right? Our family is so strong, we will never separate. The Michaelis family will never be pulled apart.

I chuckled. Now that memory was one I continued to think of. Of course, I could not see my father's face, but it doesn't bother me. I bet he was a man who's eyes possessed nothing but sin. After all, he did kill me. In cold blood. Then he threw me under that tree, no regrets.

Whatever. It doesn't bother me one bit. Like I said, all in the past.

"Mary! Mary!"

I looked up and head butted with someone, hard. We both fell back. I winced at the pain and before I could look at who had bumped into me, arms wrapped around my neck and someone's cheek pressed against my tightly.

"A-Alice!" I shouted.

She giggled. So I was dealing with happy Alice at the moment. Dang. I prefer the other Alice, she is more mature and more fun to be around.

"Mary, have you seen Jack?" she asked and pulled away, her amethyst eyes wide with amusement.

Glen never explained this girl to me. Ever since I arrived, she has been here. He keeps her away in a tower, pretty much locker her up in it. He gives her many toys, and even a cat, but it never seems to be enough for her. She wants more. She needs more. That is why, whenever I can, I visit her. I mean, we are the same age. I would not be able to bear living the way she does, so I try my best to make things better.

I looked behind me. "He is at the Tree Of Sorrow with Glen." Alice knew about the tree. I trusted her because I knew she didn't like Glen. So I told her about myself. That seem to bring us closer to one another.

"Aw. If Glen sees me, he'll get mad at me."

I nodded. "Well, then . . ." not really sure what to say here.

Alice sighed and rose to her feet. "Oh well. I suppose I can do nothing."

Someone began laughing behind us. I looked over Alice's shoulder and froze slightly. My dear friend followed my gaze and gasped.

"Vincent," we gasped in unison.

He was opening and closing a pair of scissors in his hand, that evil grin of his on his face. "My, my. Glen will not be happy knowing you are outside of the tower again, Alice. And you, Mary, shouldn't you be figuring out ways to raise your dignity in this place?"

I glared at the little brat. I may not be blood, but I had just as much dignity as Glen himself. No one looked down on me, and some even feared me as much as Glen.

"Or will Glen not like his mistress fluttering about?"

I sneered at the boy and took a step closer to him, Alice put her arms out in front of me to hold me back. "You little . . . Ugh! Glen is my father you ignorant little devil!"

His smile widened and he turned to leave. But not before saying one more thing. "Oh, a maid came up to me, she wanted me to tell you that someone sent you a gift. It is in your room."


Vincent left after that. Oh, how I wish I could just tear his little head off. I would feed it to Cheshire!

"Ignore him, Mary. You know he always talks like that to get us mad."

"But to say such a thing about Glen," I sneered.

"Why do you care? He is a cruel man."

"But he still took me in. If it were not for him, I would most likely be rotting in the ground."

"I doubt it."

"What?" I turned to Alice. Her eyes seemed distant for a moment. She stared up into the sky, mouth slightly agape. "Alice?" I asked. Just then, she closed her mouth and looked down at me again. Her eyes seemed a little darker. The other Alice has arrived.

"You would have rotted long ago," she went onto explaining in a more mature tone. "You said you were stabbed. Directly in the heart. So hard, your spine was even broken from the blow. Yet, here you are, standing before me perfectly fine."

I bit my lip. How many times have I thought about that? How many times have I wondered why I'm not dead? Many times. Pretty much every night before going to bed. I would sit on my windowsill, staring up at the moon wondering why I was still alive.

"You are not human," Alice stated calmly. As if it was something she dealt with everyday.

"I am human."

"You don't even believe that."

I glared at the floor, my cheeks burning in embarrassment. "Whatever," I grumbled.

"What do you think you are?"

I looked up at my best friend. "Honestly? I don't know."

Alice smiled calmly. Her eyes closed, head tilted downwards slightly. "Well, when you find out, I want in."

I chuckled. "Of course you would."

She opened her eyes, that cocky look in her eyes. "Now. I want some meat. Coming?"

I sighed. "Whatever. I guess."

We intertwined our arms and walked off to go bother the chefs. When Alice wanted meat, she got it. There were not ifs, heys, or buts about it.

I have reposted the story! And I must say, I like it much better than the last time. Alright, to all the people who used to read Alone But Never Forgotten, Mary is Alice. It's just, I thought two Alices was confusing, so I changed her name to Mary. And SHE IS NOT A MARY-SUE SO DON'T EVEN THINK SHE IS! Title of chapter and lyrics from Kanon Wakeshima's song, Tree Of Sorrow. Alright ^^ Please review, and look forward to the next chapter.

~Alice Michaelis