I guess I should start at the beginning, my name is Rosemarie Hathaway but I don't go by that just Rose and I'm 18 years old. 3 years ago my mom, Janine, got a letter inviting her to her 25th Class Reunion, me her and my step-dad, Stan, went for about a week. That summer I met a bunch of awesome people, but we didn't really have much time to get to know each other and it definitely didn't give my mom enough time to catch up with all of her old friends from school and what not, so the next year me and her decided to go back and stay for about a month. Of course Stan couldn't spend that much time away from work but we decided to go without him, and that's how everything began… After the reunion my mom went searching for an old friend, and when she found her she decided when me and her went back we would stay the month with this new found friend and her family. At first first everything was great they took us in, her and my mom rekindled the friendship they had in school, and they made us feel like family. But after our 3rd visit to Montana, 2nd to her friends, things started to change, feelings developed that shouldn't have and I became the type of person I never wanted to be….

AN: This is a new prologue with a few changes to it.

Summary: Rose goes to visit her mom's old classmate, Olena, and becomes best friends with her 2 youngest children, Dimitri and Viktoria. The next year they go to visit Dimitri has a few surprises. After a while Rose starts to think maybe there's more to her feelings towards Dimitri than just friendship….or not. Read and find out what happens. Lots of drama and surprises will pop up.