So I know I'm a horrible person! I should have already posted to at least one of my stories but I haven't yet. I'm posting this on three of my stories so if you're reading this on one you don't need to read the ones on the other stories.

GEEK GUSH ALERT: I have this extreme problem…I don't know if any of you watch Doctor Who but I just started so of course I can NOT get off Netflix to catch me up! My main problem though is I just watched what I am pretty sure is the saddest most heartbreaking episode in the entire freaking universe, so I've been in this little depressed slump for the last few days. I literally cried my eyes out, like full on sobbing. I have never done that over a tv show, movie, or a book (I did cry pretty good reading the last song by Nicholas Sparks but not nearly as hard as the last 15 minutes of that episode). Now if you watch the show you most likely know what I am talking about and might say it gets better, but I skipped ahead because I'm inpatient and it did bring me a tiny bit of happiness but I'm still not too happy with it, so I of course went to the Doctor Who fanfic to get a little bit of happiness and it is working a little bit!

So this is a major reason why I have not updated. Between watching all of the amazingness that is Doctor Who and being depressed because of it. If you do not watch the show I highly suggest watching it, I know most people who read VA love the whole forbidden romance thing so I almost guarantee that you would love DW.

Enough of my geeking out about Doctor Who, back to the stories:

One Night- Do to popular demand, I have decided to do a sequel. I will not do it right away, I want to finish Summer That Changed Me first and get a little further along in Insta Fame. That being said, I was thinking about doing an epilogue maybe a month or two in the future so that readers will get a little more closure before they have to wait for the sequel. I wanted to do it like a year in advance but with me doing a sequel, I don't know that I really want to do that big of a time gap, let me know what you feel.

Summer That Changed Me- I have not forgotten about you all, I promise. I have some good ideas to wrap the story up. Don't worry there will be more drama. I'm trying to decide if I want to wrap it up then do a sequel or just put it all in one story. The problem with doing it all in one story is, it will make it a lot, lot longer and I'm not sure if I like it all in one story or make it two…let me know what you think. I should update soon, I'm not entirely sure when but it shouldn't be much longer.

Insta Fame- Honestly, I've been wanting to update this story for the last few days but, I've been listening to some Alexz Johnson songs (the girl in the originally tv show that inspired this story) and it's given me some ideas but, to do some of them I would have to change a few things. If you've watched the show, you know there's the main girl (rose) her producer (Dimitri) her parents, best friend (Liss), best guy friend (Mase), her sister, and her three guy band members. In this new arrangement I didn't exactly want to do the exact same thing as the show but, there are some things that I'm thinking about doing like the show. I won't tell you exactly what I was planning but I do have an extremely important favor from all of you.

I want you to tell me who you want in her band. That being said I was considering changing it to where Adrian is in her band instead of her brother because I think that might be a better fit (If I leave him in the story as the brother he won't be in it as much, and I feel like he should be in it a lot more than what I have planned). I want you all to tell me who you want in her band, it can be any character in the book or any character you make up. There does not have to be just 3 and they do not have to be all guys, though I like the idea of all guys I'm definitely up to some differences. So tell me who you want and if you make up a character then give me details about them. The only people who can not be in the band are Ralf and Jesse because they will be used later on. If you want to change anything else up like make Lissa her sister/older sister, band member or something let me know. This is entirely up to you guys. I know usually people just tell me "Whatever you choose will be good" but this time I want you're actually opinions, I know that everyone has one so PLEASE let me know what you think!

So there are all of my notes on each story, let me know what you feel about them. I promise I will try to update them all pretty soon, I know it most likely will not be before Friday because I have 4 assignments due Friday but, I'll start working on them soon after. Sorry for being so bad about updating but I am working on it. I did pretty well for a while, hopefully I can get back in that rhythm pretty soon!