This story was just thoughts that wouldn't leave my head so i decided to write this story anyway here it is All types of reviews welcome. Thoughts of course are like this Italic. Note I don't own Bolt in any Shape or from if I did i would some how make a second one.

Bolt yawned and slowly opened his eyes and looked at Penny's clock 4:32 AM. Bolt sighed its been harder and harder for him to fall asleep lately probably because of him still getting used to being a normal dog. Bolt carefully got up and jumped off the bed and went to walk out Penny's door but looked back to make sure every one was still asleep. Bolt nodded and thought in his head "Okay Penny is asleep same with Rhino.. But wait wheres Mittens..?" Bolt quickly looked around quietly before wandering out of Penny's room and checking every room in the house "Bathroom.. No.. Penny's Mom's room... No.. Kitchen.. Still No.." Bolt was freaked by now where did Mittens go to.. "Did she Leave..?" Bolt whimpered slightly and found himself laying on the porch outside. Bolt closed his eyes and listened to the silentness of the night hoping to hear something of Mittens.

After a while of laying there Bolt had an idea "The shed maybe?" Bolt quickly got to his feet and ran around the house and stopped in front of the shed be for slowly walking inside. Bolt slowly looked around hoping to find Mittens. Bolt sighed after seeing no sign of her and slowly began to walk out but stopped when he heard a voice "Bolt is that you..?" Bolt quickly turned around and ran up to Mittens and hugged her he knew it was Mittens he could never mistake her for anything else. "B-bolt..?" Bolt quickly released the hug and chuckled nervously. "Sorry.. I just thought that you left or something.." Bolt looked around the shed as the sun began to rise bringing a bit of light into the shed. "Mittens what are you doing in here..?" Mittens sighed and looked at the floor "I couldn't sleep and I had a lot to think about." Bolt looked at Mittens with a concerned look "Can I ask what or would you rather not talk about it..?" Mittens looked up and Bolt "I'd rather not.." Bolt hugged Mittens softly "Okay but if you ever want to talk about it.. I'll listen." Bolt then licked her cheek but pulled back chuckling nervously once again "Well we better go inside before Penny wakes up or she'll probably freak." Mittens watched as Bolt.. well bolted towards the house and slowed down before entering the doggy door quietly. Mittens slowly stood up thinking about what Bolt just did. "Did that j-just really happen..?" Mittens walked slowly towards the house in deep thought. "Should I tell him...Well I guess I should..but not right away." Mittens then nodded and quickened her pace to catch up with Bolt.

When Mittens caught up with Bolt she noticed that he was in deep thought. "Why.. did i do all that..I mean I know I like Mittens.. but.. Now I'm just making my self discombobulated." Yet the more Bolt thought about it he realized how much Mittens actually meant to him. She wasn't just any cat she was the cat that captured his heart and the only one that ever would get a chance. As Bolt ended his train of thought he decided that he too would also tell Mittens later. Bolt then looked at Mittens and smiled "Do you want to take a nap because neither of us had that much sleep" Mittens slowly nodded and followed Bolt into the living room. When Bolt jumped onto the couch Mittens looked confused "Why not in Penny's room?" Bolt shrugged and slowly laid down watching Mittens "If you want to sleep there you can.." Mittens shook her head and jumped up onto the couch and curled up closing her eyes. Bolt smiled slightly and inched a bit closer to Mittens before closing his eyes as well.

Bolt slowly opened his eyes as the sun shined on him. As Bolt went to move he stopped after feeling an unusual weight against him. Bolt only smiled as he found Mittens curled up and snuggling against him. Bolt then curled around Mittens and closed his eyes. Bolt could only smile wider as Mittens only snuggled closer towards him. Bolt's ears quickly twitched as he heard Penny come down stairs and walked into the living room. Bolt kept his eyes closed and pretended to be sleeping. As Penny walked in she could only giggle quietly at the sight before her. Penny being Penny rushed up to her room and came back down with her camera and soon took a picture of Bolt and Mittens curled up together before running out the door and onto the bus to go to school. Bolt watched the bus drive off before laying his head back down next to Mittens'.

After a while Mittens slowly opened her eyes but quickly closed him from the blinding sun. Bolt smiled "Have a nice nap?" Mittens jumped slightly but calmed down and scooted away from Bolt. Mittens smiled and stretched "Yes..Thank you Bolt." Bolt smiled "Mittens you don't have to thank me.." Mittens shook her head "No Bolt I do.. If it weren't for you I'd still be in New York making pigeons get me food." Bolt shook his head "I still can't believe I thought it was all real.." Mittens smiled "Well its over with now." Bolt nodded and sat up slowly "Mittens don't tell anyone I said this but.. your fur is really soft.." Mittens looked away blushing slightly though her fur hid it. Bolt smiled "Want to go give Rhino a wake up call?" Mittens smiled mischievously and quickly rushed up towards Penny's room with Bolt following quickly behind.

When they made it to Penny's door Bolt quietly pushed the door open and walked inside. Mittens smiling followed close behind. "Okay Mittens back me up when I do this were going to trick Rhino in thinking his favorite show is being canceled." Mittens shook her head "Bolt your mean.. Lets do it." Bolt chuckled silently and quickly walked over to Rhino and shook his ball. "Rhino wake up." Of course Rhino being Rhino didn't even stir. Bolt rolled his eyes "RHINO wake up." Rhino jumped slightly "Huh.. What is it Bolt..?" Bolt quickly put on a fake face "Rhino I have some bad news to tell you.." Rhino was quickly awake "Wha-What is it Bolt?" Bolt looked at the ground disappointed that he had to tell Rhino this "Well Rhino they just said that your favorite show was being canceled." Rhino shook his head "Bolt your lieing to me." Mittens soon walked up next to Bolt. "Rhino he's serious Penny was talking to her Mom about it.. well when her Mom was awake. Any way she said that Rhino was going to be very disappointed that your show was canceled." Rhino looked at the ground and quickly ran in cycles in his ball. "No no why do all the good shows have to be canceled.. I bet it was because they put aliens in it.." Bolt smiled on the inside as Rhino kept going on and on about different things that could of had his show canceled. After a while Bolt tried to get Rhino's attention "Rhino." But of course it was no use "Mittens help me get his attention" Mittens nodded and together they yelled Rhino's name. "What I'm mad right now.." Bolt smiled "Well your going to be even more mad Rhino." Rhino looked up at Bolt "Whys that?" Bolt laughed a bit "Because we were just lieing to you." Rhino looked up at Bolt in disbelief "Bolt why why would you do such a thing." Bolt looked at him "Come on Rhino you know you always messed with me and Mittens.." Rhino nodded and rolled off down stairs "I'm going to make sure this isn't a trick."

When Rhino left Bolt and Mittens smiled "Well that was satisfying." Bolt nodded "Yea but he might try and get us back.." Mittens nodded "If it's Rhino then he will." Bolt smiled "Well is there anything you want to do?" Mittens shrugged "Bolt you and I both know that there isn't much we can do." Bolt looked at the ground thinking for a moment. "Well we could play fetch like we did when we were going back to Penny." Mittens rolled her eyes "Bolt that all you ever want to do." Bolt smiled at Mittens before using his dog face "Well it's not my fault that it fun." Mittens looked at Bolt for a moment before looking away "Nope your not going to use that on me." Bolt's ears drooped further before he let out a disappointed whine. Mittens sighed in defeat and looked at Bolt. "Fine lets go." Bolt jumped to his feet his tail wagging like mad "No one can resist the dog face." Mittens rolled her eyes "Don't go that far Bolt." Bolt rolled his eyes "And why can't I?" Mittens smiled "Because there are some people who don't like animals and other who are allergic to different kinds." Bolt nodded "Your right.. But besides them no one can resist." Mittens shook her head "And whys that?" Bolt smiled at Mittens "Because I had the best teacher a dog could have." Mittens blushed slightly "And I had a willing student." Bolt chuckled "Good thing it wasn't a parasite or poison." Mittens rolled her eyes "Bolt you still have a crazy imagination." Bolt frowned "Well so what if I do that just helps make me who I am." Mittens smiled "And I'm lucky it does." Bolt looked at Mittens curiously "And whys that?" Mittens sighed "Because Bolt any other dog would of died to get a chance to mess with a declawed cat." Mittens sighed and flicked her torn ear "Or other cats for that matter." Bolt frowned and licked Mittens torn ear "Well as long as I'm around no other cat, dog, or any other animal will hurt you." Bolt looked at Mittens with a serious face. "and if they do I'll make them regret it." Mittens' eyes teared up as she hugged Bolt tightly, and Bolt quickly hugged back. When the two separated Bolt smiled and licked Mittens' forehead. "Mittens if you don't want to play fetch then we can find something else to do.." Mittens sighed "I don't know Bolt." Bolt's ears drooped "I'll leave you alone if you want Mittens.." Mittens quickly shook her head "No Bolt I want you around its just... I have a lot on my mind." Bolt looked at Mittens "Well.. Mittens can I at least tell you something?" Mittens nodded "Lets go outside though."Bolt stood up onto his paws and walked out the doggy door leading behind the house with Mittens following right behind.

"Okay Bolt what did you want to tell me?" Bolt chuckled nervously for a second before speaking. "Well remember when Rhino and I saved you from the Animal Patrol?" Mittens nodded "Well ever sense then well.. I've started having feelings for you." Mittens' ears twitched as what he was saying "He's not saying what I think he's saying.. is he?" Mittens looked up at Bolt "Bolt what are you tying to say?" Bolt sighed "What I'm trying to say is that I love you Mittens." Mittens eyes widened he said what she wanted him to say. "Now I know you probably don't." Mittens looked at him but couldn't find the courage to speak. "And I know it's probably because were different species." Mittens' eyes watered up again she wasn't going to loose this chance. "Bolt your wrong" Bolt's ears flew up "What?" Mittens continued "I said your wrong Bolt completely." Bolt looked at the ground missing her meaning, ears drooped "Oh.." Mittens sighed "Bolt look at me." Bolt looked at her his ears still drooped low. "I love you to" Mittens the pounced onto Bolt causing him to fall onto his back, and pushed her muzzle to his in a kiss. Bolt's eyes widened in shock but he quickly kissed back knowing that everything Mittens does was a serious thing. When the two decided to end the kiss all Bolt could do was hug Mittens tightly and nibble her torn ear. Mittens purred softly and smiled "Finally something worth looking for." Bolt stopped what he was doing and looked at Mittens directly in the eyes "Now is there something you want to do?" Mittens flicked her tail and smiled getting where he was going "Are you sure about that Bolt?" Bolt chuckled at Mittens "Come on Mits you know I'm going to win this one." Mittens nodded and jumped off Bolt and headed towards the shed. "Well then lets go." Bolt quickly got up and followed Mittens into the shed for their deserved private time.

There you have it. Now I could some how turn this into a story but what's the point if not many people would end up reading it. Any way say what you wish good bad how I did. I would like info so I can eventually Improve on my writing and make better stories for the future.