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Jeff is underlined!

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Nick tapped his pencil against the table, he doesn't think he has ever been so bored in his life.

Chancing a glance out the window, he can see Jeff in his AP physics class. Scribbling furiously on the A4 in front of him.

Nick grins, this is going to be good

He looks up at his maths teacher for the first time since the class started and slips his phone from his pocket, he lightly taps his first message.

u horny?

He looks out the window again, looking to Jeff for his response, it comes in the form of an eyebrow raise

should i be?

Nick laughs silently before tapping his reply.

U will be when im done

He looks down instantly when Jeff turns his head to look out the window

wats that supposed 2 mean?

hmm ul see

please dont do this nick? i have football straight after this :(

Nick just laughs silently again.

do you want me to describe how i'd blow u?


The response just encourages him to write more

how I'd wrap my lips around u

He receives no response, but he wasn't expecting to He continues

taking the base of ur giant, swollen cock into my hand and pushing into my mouth

He looks to Jeff again. He's stopped writing and is just staring at the table.

lightly scraping my teeth along the length of it as i drag it slowly in and out of my mouth

He doesn't expect the reply that comes

nick! Seriously!

It just spurs him even more.

running my tongue up the underside

sucking on the tip

lettin u grab my ass squeezing the soft doughy flesh

Nick grins as he gets an idea, Jeff has always loved rimming, he's obsessed, really.

He changes where he was going with it drastically.

pressing ur tongue flatly against my hole but never delving in

He bites his lip and looks at Jeff again, he's squirming.

letting saliva drip inside me

He grins again.

Im sorry babe, should i stop?

The response is almost instant, So quick Nick does a double check to make sure he hadn't missed it before he sent the last text, but the time stamp confirms it as sent after

oh dear sweet jesus no! Stop and il never forgive u

Nick looks to his teacher to make sure he's not looking before tapping a reply

pushing ur tongue into me and twisting it

He isn't expecting Jeff to reply, but he does

hmm yeah pumping it in and out

Nick swallows thickly, trying (and failing) to ignore the growing bulge in his tightly fitted, school issue pants.

tasting me

sucking on the outside around ur hole

mmmm let me lick u babe

spread it wide for me

Why did I start this? He lets out a slight moan and his head shoots up, but no one had notices so he taps his reply quickly.

pushin bac against ur invading tongue

e looks over at Jeff who is looking at him through the window, his phone vibrates in his hand and he jumps

i want you to spread ur cheeks wide

Nick makes a snap decision, if he can play dirty so can I

taking u into my tight, hot ass, heat enveloping ur cock

He looks back to Jeff, who is staring at the phone. The response never comes and Nick grins because, yeah he so totally had this in the bag!

and sucking on ur nipples

riding ur cock

taking ur balls and rolling them in my hand

twisting my body to take more of u

The reply shocks him again, looks like Jeff is back in the game

shoving my cock in and out

taking my hand and wrappin it round ur cock

Nick groans again as his eyes roll to the back of his head

"Mr. Hanlon is there something wrong?"

It takes him a second to register that its him being spoken to and he freezes for a fraction of a second

"Actually, Mr. Grint , I'm not feeling to well."

"You do look clammy, go to the nurse"


He grabs his bag and races from the room, tapping his reply once he's out of sight.

Pullin u up to connect our lips. Pushin my tongue in

still sucking on ur nipples and riding ur cock

He skips going to the nurse's office and just goes straight to his room, unlocking the door with shaky hands, he doesn't read the reply until he's safely inside

can i come on ur face?

That one question nearly sends him over the edge as he hastily removes his pants, his cock straining against his boxers

hmm yeah then id lick it off

He throws his Dalton blazer on the floor, making quick work of the buttons on his shirt and removing his boxers, he wraps his hand around his dick. He awaits Jeff's reply

When he doesn't receive a reply for at least 3 minutes he starts to get worried, did the teacher take his phone away? OH GOD! WHAT IF HE READS THE TEXTS!

He doesn't hear the door open but when he hears a groan his head whips around to stare at Jeff who's standing at the door, staring at him

"Are you going to do anything other then sta-"

He doesn't get to finish the sentence ecause Jeff is attacking his mouth. When they pull away for air Nick asks

"What about football?"

Jeff just stares at him like he's grown a second head