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I Never Should Have Left

Disclaimers: I do not own Gundam SEED/Gundam SEED Destiny, because if I did there would be LOTS of changes. This is based off of the ending of the special edition IV and some images I saw. Takes place after the ending as Lacus Clyne and Cagalli Yula Athha going into their meetings.


Chapter Eighteen


The world would keep on turning and events would always appear on the news whether good or bad. Yes the world kept on turning. Coordinators and Naturals would still have their trivial arguments on how one was better than the other. It would seem like it would take several more generations before the world of Naturals and Coordinators would see eye to eye. Athrun sighed and turned off the screen in his office. The world for him had slowly begun turning back to normal or as normal as it could get for him and Cagalli. The scientists along with Ulen had all been tried in the PLANTS for their crimes against Cagalli and for threating the very balance of peace they were trying to maintain. Ulen's threats of there being more clones of the original Ulen Hibiki seemed to have been false as no trace was ever found of others. Even if there were a chance there were more clones they sincerely hoped they did not carry the same ideas as the one they had encountered.

Athrun had been relieved when he had found his wife and was able to finally bring her down to Orb. That was of course after all the endless trials not only for Ulen but the other scientists as well. Athrun stood up from his chair and needed to make his round around the base. He grabbed his Admiral's hat and exited his office. The soldiers stationed around the building would salute him as he walked by and Athrun would of course return the gesture. He made his way outside of the building and began walking around. He needed to check up on daily maintenance on the base and the mobile suits, etc. He began walking down the different areas and saw some fresh new faces along with familiar ones.

He sighed; he was surprised to see the enlisted numbers of the Orb military constantly going up. He couldn't complain though considering Orb was at peace not only with other countries but also within their own borders. Every now and then he would be asked how he and Cagalli were doing. He had to smile, Cagalli hadn't taken out Athha in her name but she was just usually referred to as Chief Representative Zala. He was beyond pleased with the sound of it and Cagalli didn't show she minded either.

"Admiral Zala," Athrun turned at the sound of his name. He smiled when he saw Kisaka walking up to him.

"Colonel," Athrun said as the two men saluted. "You are not babysitting my wife today?"

Kisaka chuckled, "Kira and Lacus just landed a little while ago and she was there to greet them."

"My apologies, I must have lost track of the time," Athrun said sheepishly. He had forgotten his best friend/brother-in-law was visiting with his wife and him. Athrun rubbed the back of his head and Kisaka just smiled.

"I'm sure you've been quite busy," Kisaka stated. "After all, it's been quite a busy month with the new construction of a naval base."

"More like redesigning an older base into a more useable facility," Athrun told him as someone saluted the two men and handed Athrun a folder. Athrun took it and began reading over it. "Hopefully it will be done bef-"

"DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Athrun stopped midsentence as two small bodies had wrapped themselves around his legs. Athrun chuckled and look down to see his four year old twins gripping his legs. They were latched onto him with their arms and legs, using him as some kind of jungle gym. Kisaka laughed at the sight, it was still hard to believe the now thirty five year old admiral was a father.

"We found you daddy!"

"Yeah, now Alex and Lexi have to buy us cookies!"

Athrun chuckled, "Is that so? Where are your brother and sister?"

The two twins wrapped around his legs both pointed to the approaching ten year old twins followed by Kira and Lacus. Athrun sighed with a huge smile; Alexander and Alexandria were his oldest twins at the age of ten. They were born when he and Cagalli were twenty five and the couple finally decided it was time to have children. They had conceived twins and now had two heirs to Orb. Alexander was the mirror image of his mother; he had Cagalli's hair and eyes. Alexandria also looked like her mother but had Athrun's hair and eyes. He was a bit envious of his best friend that amazingly enough didn't have twins with Lacus just one son. Kira was holding his six year old son apparently worn out from the travel from space to earth.

"Via, Ricky!" Athrun said looking down at his youngest twins. Via and Ricky looked like him, Ricky was the spitting image of his father…Cagalli would call him Mini-Athrun and Ricky would glare at his mother saying his name was Patrick Uzumi Zala and not Mini-Athrun. Via Nicolette Zala had his face but had her mother's hair and eyes.

"Yes daddy!" They both responded still clinging to his legs and he sighed in defeat as he heard Lacus and Kira laughing at the defeated father.

"It would seem fatherhood has been treating you well," Lacus smiled at her friend. "Cagalli asked us to watch them as she was called into an emergency meeting."

"I can see that," Athrun pointed down to his legs were two clinging children were holding onto him. The passing soldiers enjoyed seeing the children of High Admiral Zala and Head Representative Zala. They were living proof that Coordinators and Naturals could live together in harmony. Even though Athrun indeed a coordinator he was able to conceive a child with Cagalli naturally. There were signs of the coordinator abilities in the children however no one could be sure until all four of them were a little older to see which parent they take most after.

"You can't blame us," Kira said chuckling. "After all, they are your children but I have to say, Ricky and Via take more after Cagalli than I imagined."

"That's what Miss Myrna says all the time," Lexi said turning to her uncle. "Mom says no."

"Sounds like something Cagalli would say," Kisaka said as Lexi went over to hug the older male. "You two been giving your mother trouble today?"

Alex snorted, "As if! Mom has been busy working…"

"When isn't she working," Athrun asked as Alex tried to pry his younger siblings off their father's legs.

"Daddy!" Rikcy whined, "I want to spend the day with daddy!"

"ME TOO!" Via shouted as her older brother tried to pry them off.

Athrun sighed, No doubt in my mind who they take after. Definitely their mother. "I guess, I can tell Lexi and Alex to not get you your cookies…"

The two quickly got off of their father and stood up straight with a small salute. Athrun shook his head and knelt down. He opened his arms wide and the two children went to hug their father. Athrun stood up holding the two of them, granted it wouldn't be much longer before he could no longer hold the both of them up. The two were snuggling into their father's shoulders, Definitely their mother's children. Alex and Lexi tended to wish to be with their mother and Cagalli argued they were just like their father. So they were now even as their youngest two clung to him instead of her.

"Well, why don't we go and have some lunch," Lacus said with a small clap. "I was hoping to see Mister Waltfeld and the others today."

"They should be at their house today along with the children with Reverend Malchio." Athrun stated as he began walking towards the direction of the parking lot. The group followed behind him and of course seeing the high admiral with his children always got a bunch of "awws".

"Look at that!"

"Aren't the admiral's children so adorable?"

"He's a great father and Head Representative Athha was absolutely glowing when she was pregnant!"

"Who would've known though she would've given birth to twins, not just once but twice!"

"Well, you know she is a twin herself!"

"Yes, but twice?"

"But do remember when the announced she was pregnant the first time, both of them were radiating happiness!"

"Oh I remember, Admiral Zala was a nervous wreck when Representative Zala went into labor!"

"He practically ran out of the base and almost forgot to take his car…"

"The second time he was more prepared I think…since he already had live through the first delivery."

Athrun shook his head; of course they would remember how he was when Lexi and Alex were born. He had completely lost his mind and of course Cagalli shouting over the phone for him to hurry up to the hospital didn't help. He didn't want to miss the birth of his first children. He had made it in time using the police force to clear a path for him to make it to his wife. No matter the situation Cagalli always looked beautiful to him especially after they held their children for the first time.

"Daddy," Via called to Athrun. Athrun turned his head to his youngest daughter. She was looking up at him, "How did you meet mommy?"

Athrun stopped for a moment and smiled, "On an island."

"Did you two get all mushy," Ricky made a face of disgust. It was no secret that Cagalli and Athrun were affectionate in front of their children but always made sure to keep it to just kiss in front of their children.

Athrun chuckled, "Actually no, your mother and I were not mushy when we first met."

"No way," Ricky snorted and Athrun laughed. "You two are always mushy!"

Kira and Lacus laughed, it was hard to imagine Athrun and Cagalli before they were married. It was even hard to remember how they were before they had children as parenthood seemed to come so natural to the pair. Everything about them now seemed so natural but then again it didn't always start out that way. The group found their way to the Athha-Zala manor and went inside of the home. Cagalli hadn't arrived yet probably due to the meeting Kira and Lacus informed Athrun about. Myrna greeted the children once they came in and took them to the kitchen.

"You know, they are only going to ask how you two met again after Cagalli get home," Kira chuckled as he looked over at Athrun.

Athrun just shrugged, "At least I'll have Cagalli here with me."

"Have me here for what," Cagalli asked standing right behind Athrun. Athrun turned around to see his wife glaring up at him. He smiled; she had gotten her hair cut after he made a comment about how he missed her shorter hair. Cagalli then immediately went to get it cut to how it was during the first war. Athrun leaned over and kissed his wife on the cheek to hear a chorus of "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

The parents chuckled as their four children were making different faces of disgust. They each had a small plate of cookies more than likely given to them by Myrna and the kitchen staff. They all went to sit down on the couch in their living area. Myrna was laughing and Kisaka shook his head. Mryna saw the sleeping boy in Kira's arms. She took the small child and began walking up the stairs to let the small boy sleep in his usual room that he slept in when they came to visit. Kira was grateful and sat down on the couch across from his nieces and nephews with Lacus.

Athrun and Cagalli moved over to some cushioned chairs. Via then looked up at her mother, "Mommy!"

"What is it," Cagalli asked sitting down next to Athrun.

"How did you meet daddy?"

Cagalli laughed and Athrun groaned. He was glad Cagalli was here but he was hoping his daughter wouldn't ask right after Cagalli's appearance. "I shot him."

"What," Lexi said looking at Cagalli. "You shot, dad?"

Cagalli nodded, "He even tied me up and made me his prisoner."

"Daddy how could you," Via pointed an accusing finger at her father.

"Hey now, your mother shot me," Athrun said in his defense and Kira and Lacus laughed. Via was just like Cagalli personality wise no doubt about it.

"So no mushy," Ricky asked while biting his cookie.

"No mushy," Cagalli winked at her youngest son. "Your father didn't kiss me until right before the last battle of the first war."

"She held a gun to my face the second time I met her," Athrun said placing an arm around his wife.

"Mommy so mean," Via pouted and Cagalli laughed.

"I thought he killed Uncle Kira," Cagalli said pointing at Via's favorite uncle.

"NO, how could you daddy! You said that Uncle Kira is your best friend!" Ricky cried out in disapproval.

Athrun groaned, "That's another story, Via."

Alex laughed, "Don't worry Ricky, I'll tell you the story later."

"Yay," Ricky shouted in glee.

"Your father did a lot of stupid things when we were younger," Cagalli said and Athrun gave her a look, she knew that look. She smiled, "He left me for a little bit."

"Dad left you," Lexi said glaring at her father.

Athrun sighed, "Lexi, your mother and I weren't married at the time…"

"But you still left," Alex said taking a bite of his cookie.

"Oh, looks like I have all of them on my side," Cagalli said with a wink and Athrun shook his head. Leave it to Cagalli to make it into a competition. He looked over at Kira and Lacus who were equally as entertained as his children were about listening to their retelling of their lives during the two wars.

"At least I didn't almost get married to a buffoon," Athrun said and all four children gasped.

"Hey, that wasn't my fault," Cagalli turned to Athrun and poked his chest. "You went up to the PLANTs and rejoined ZAFT. So what was I supposed to do? Huh? Huh? So, it's your fault I almost got married to Yuna!"

Athrun arched his eyebrow, "Oh? You didn't have more faith in me? After all I did propose to you…"

"Yeah, in your weird kind of way," Cagalli crossed her arms over her chest. "Your second proposal was much better than the first."

"You're never going to let me forget that are you?"

"Never," Cagalli said darkly and Athrun shook his head.

"They're going to be mushy again," Ricky whined. Ricky knew that once his parents started arguing the mushy stuff was soon to follow.

"Why don't we leave them alone for a bit," Lacus said with a smile. "Why don't we go outside for a bit!"

"Yay!" Ricky and Via quickly got up to follow Lacus out. Alex and Lexi shrugged and went with them as Kira followed after them. He looked over his shoulder to see the very couple that helped brought peace to the world and yet…they argued like children. Correction, Cagalli still acted like a child despite her age and position. Kira disappeared with the rest of the Zala clan and his wife.

Athrun kissed her gently, "You're right I never should have left but…"

"But…" Cagalli flaring at her husband with her arms crossed.

Athrun gently uncrossed her arms and pulled her into his lap, "I'll always come back to you."

"Hmph, you better not be planning on leaving me now that you've fathered four children!"

"Like I said, I never should have left."



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