Hello all. Well, I've always loved Drarry, haven't so many of us? And in an effort to corrupt my ridiculously innocent friend Annie, I wrote this. The ideas struck me late at night, so please forgive some of the quality imperfections, chalk them up to lack of sleep. This is also my first story with actual slash in it, so…be gentle. ;)

Without further ado, I present to you, a plotless little smut/love piece. Enjoy.

"Show Me Your Teeth"

"Merlin, this is bloody impossible!", exclaimed a highly exasperated Ronald Weasley, as the potion they were making, which he had just added turnip root to, turned a ghastly shade of green, when it was supposed to be turning electric blue.

"Calm down, Ron" said Harry, shaking his head at his short-tempered friend and adding thestral milk to neutralize the turnip root. Their potion turned the appropriate color. Ron plopped down into his chair, fuming.

"Okay, it says to let that simmer for five minutes." said Harry, reading from the text. Ron mumbled something incomprehensible.

Harry let his eyes wander towards the front of the room, settling on the back of a blonde head, that of Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Prince. Said blonde was currently becoming quite frustrated with his partner.

"Goyle, you blithering idiot, I said mince the red-bottomed tube fungus, not crush it! Now look what you've done!" Their cauldron had begun to sputter and smoke like hot oil. Suddenly, the pot exploded, spilling a metallic gold potion all over the table, the floor, and more immediately important, Malfoy's scowling face. He growled indignantly, and looked like he would hex Goyle's ears off any second. The Gryffindors in the room howled with laughter. Then the room seemed to fall silent as Ron stood up, shaking with laughter, and called "What's the matter, Malfoy? Weren't you due for a facial anyway?"

Draco whirled around and glared at Ron. The phrase "If looks could kill" flashed through Harry's mind. He instinctively gripped his wand in the pocket of his robes, just as Malfoy drew his own. In a menacing tone just above a whisper, which could now be heard in the utter silence of the room: "What was that, Weasley? Didn't catch that last bit." Ron shrank back unwillingly in his chair. The glint in Draco's eyes screamed malicious intent, and Harry wouldn't have put it past Draco to hex Ron right there. Harry stood, drawing his wand, facing Draco and glaring back at him. To his surprise, Draco's scowl morphed into a sort of amused smile. He chuckled "Oh, look here, surprise, surprise, Saint Potter steps in to save his orange friend's sorry blood-traitor arse!" A few Slytherins snickered. Harry's face hardened and he said emphatically: "Sit down, Malfoy, we've heard this bit before, no one's in any mood for your melodrama. And you still have potion on your face. Can't be good for your fragile complexion. "

Malfoy scoffed indignantly, smirking. "Why should I, Potter? You scared?" Harry rolled his eyes; it was like first year all over again. Stubbornly taking advantage of Harry's lack of response, Malfoy continued to taunt him. "Since you're too terrified to duel me, Potter, find your voice again and answer me two things."

"And what might those be, Malfoy?"

"Are you gay?"

Harry was surprised by the question, but answered easily:

"Yes" This was common knowledge, but a few gasps still rose from the silent crowd, "What else?"

"Can I take you out?" Draco smirked devilishly at him.

"Yes" Harry answered before thinking "I mean...no! Why would you do that? We hate each other!" Harry fought in vain to stop the blush that stained his cheeks.

"Apparently not quite as much as you thought, Harry" said Draco cheekily "Meet me on the Quidditch Pitch at eight tomorrow night. I hope you don't back out, I do hate disappointment. " Draco pouted cutely, then smirked again, then turned and strode out of the classroom, swaying his hips minutely. Harry was fairly sure he was the only one who noticed this subtlety. The rest of the class filed out in shocked silence. Harry fell once more into his seat next to a stunned Ron, who turned to him and asked in a strangely calm tone: "What the bloody hell just happened?"

And Harry answered, in an equally shocked and tranquil manner: "I just agreed to go on a date with Draco Malfoy."

You mean the one you've been secretly crushing on for three years? his inner voice interjected.

Shut up, Harry argued with himself. I have not beencrushing on him!

Yes you have. Harry could almost see himself smirking.

Sod off, he mentally conceded, and was immediately brought back to reality by Hermione trying to get his attention.

Hermione, who had seen this coming since the day Harry came out, helped him stand in his state of shock, and led both boys back to the common room with a knowing smile.

By the next morning, news had spread like wildfire, the whispers and stares directed at Harry and Draco both were more numerous and obvious than usual. Classes flew by in a hazy blur, and before Harry knew what was happening, he was tearing his wardrobe apart in search of perfect attire, rejecting everything he laid hands on. Ginny stood in the corner of his room, smiling fondly as he frantically considered a dark green shirt and black slacks. He ran into the bathroom and emerged minutes later in the ensemble, looking apprehensive.

"What do you think, Gin? Does the green make me look like I'm trying too hard?"

"No Harry, you look great, green is your color, it matches your eyes. Just a few minor adjustments... " She approached him, eyes sparkling mischievously, wand drawn. She flicked it once and his shirt turned to silk. Again and the first three buttons sprung open. A third time and his hair, which he had tried so desperately to make behave, looked once again as if he had just rolled out of bed.

"Ginny! Damn it, that took me twenty minutes to get right!"

Ginny laughed. "It looks better this way, trust me. Screams 'I just got shagged!'"

Harry knew it was pointless to argue with the redhead. "FIne," he conceded, "anything else?"

"One more thing, " said Ginny, and she flicked her wand again, transforming Harry's loose-fitting slacks into tight, form-hugging leather trousers to match his black leather boots. Harry nearly squeaked at his image in the mirror "Sweet Merlin," he gasped, "what did you do?"

Ginny smiled "I made you even more irresistible, hun. Don't worry about the pants, really. They won't stay on long once Draco sees you. " She winked and Harry blushed scarlet. He cast a quick "Tempus": 7:45. He had to go.

He turned around, "Thanks, Ginny", he said, giving her a hug. Pulling away, she whispered, "Get some!" in his ear and playfully shoved him out the door. He raced down the stairs and out of the common room, hearing whistles and a few taunts called after him. He ran through the corridors and out over the grounds, slowing as he came over the hill next to the pitch. He looked up and saw that familiar head of blonde hair. Draco wore a grey t-shirt under a tight leather vest, black jeans, and silver shoes. The most amazing part though, was a shiny silver choker, fashioned in the likeness of a snake with jade eyes, which moved and curled effortlessly around his neck as if it were alive. Harry stepped closer to get a better look at the domineering piece of jewelry, and continued on this path until Draco looked up, meeting Harry's eyes with his own and smiled crookedly.

"You came. " said Draco, his voice hiding how ecstatic he felt to have not been stood up by the Boy Who Lived.

Not yet, maybe later, said the part of Harry's mind that was focused on how good Draco looked in those pants...and that vest...

"Yes. Of course I did, you're Draco bloody Malfoy, Slytherin sex god..."

Harry mentally smacked himself. Control yourself, Potter!

Draco merely laughed. "Wow, someone's eager," he said, smirking. "Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves," he continued after a momentary pause. "Come now, I want to show you my favourite place for a night out." With this, Draco smiled impishly again and firmly took hold of Harry's hand. To his own surprise, Harry felt no compulsion to pull away.

As they walked into Hogsmeade, Harry contented himself with stealing looks at Draco as he led Harry down a few side streets in the magical town. Harry's heart nearly stopped when Draco took a hard right down an alleyway and stopped in front of a dark establishment with a neon sign reading "Teeth" above the black-lit entryway and said, "This is the place."

"A...A gay club?" Harry stammered, his heart pounding in his chest.

Draco, once again, laughed in that infuriatingly superior yet carefree way of his "Surely you didn't think I'd take you to the Three Broomsticks or somewhere equally drab and boring?"

Harry regained his breath and said "No, of course not" in a quiet sarcastic voice, half to himself.

"Of course not" he heard echoed in his ear, Draco's voice was so smooth, so alluring, so...close.

"Don't worry, Harry," the drawling voice continued, "I'll stay close the entire time. Won't let anyone else touch you." The blonde wrapped his arm confidently around Harry's waist, feeling him shiver and laughing seductively in his ear "Come now, we'll have fun." Harry's heart pounded a frantic tempo in his chest as Draco strode past the man guarding the entrance as if he owned the place. It briefly crossed Harry's mind that it was possible that he actually did. Draco's grip tightened around his waist as they made their way through the throng of drunken, dancing bodies, to the bar. Harry fumbled in his shirt pocket for a few Galleons, but Draco stopped him, placing a hand over his against his chest. Harry realized that Draco could feel his heartbeat, which only served to increase his pulse. Draco simply smirked and said "Don't be stupid, Harry. I invited you here, drinks are on me."

Harry started to object; "But I-"

"Stop it, Harry, or I'll be forced to occupy your mouth some other way." Draco interrupted with mock sternness.

Oh, but you'd like that, wouldn't you? That inner voice again. Except this time, Harry didn't argue.

Draco placed some money on the bar when the bartender came around. "Two firewhiskies to start, please." he said in a charming drawl. The bartender immediately began pouring their drinks, and when they were delivered, Draco pushed one into Harry's hand. "Here. Cheers." he said, clinking their glasses and throwing back his shot. Harry was more hesitant, slowly sipping at the strong drink. By Draco's third shot, his inhibitions began to fall away. He sat closer to Harry, held him tighter, and in slurred speech began saying things Harry thought he'd never hear from those perfect lips.

"Harry...Harry do you know how long I've *hic* wanted you? How long I've wanted to kiss you, to touch you, to..." he seemed to lose his train of thought here, until he picked up very suddenly, almost startling Harry, who had gotten distracted by Draco's hair practically glowing under the blacklights. "... Three years, Harry. I knew I fancied boys by the time I was thirteen and I looked at you and you were just so lovely I said...I said 'I want HIM'"

Lovely? Did Draco Malfoy just call you lovely?

Draco continued, his voice turning soft, like velvet, as he leaned in so close to Harry that they might've kissed and said "And...guess what Harry James Potter? Draco Malfoy always gets what he wants. "

The night continued, the drinks kept flowing and by Harry's third drink he had loosened up considerably and was now pressed close against Draco, almost sprawled across his lap. Draco, now on his fifth (or was it the sixth?) shot, had removed his vest and was now running his hand up and down the inside of Harry's thigh, dangerously close to the growing bulge in those unforgiving leather pants. Suddenly, Draco's head sprung up from where it had been laying on Harry's shoulder. Draco looked at Harry with glazed, excited eyes. "Dance with me, Harry" the intoxicated blonde drawled as if he was asking Harry to make love...

Another thing you wouldn't object to. Harry was too far gone to argue, plus, his subconscious was far from wrong.

"Are..are you sure? I can't...Draco, I can't dance..." Harry protested halfheartedly.

"Nonsense, Harry, nonsense" slurred Draco, shaking his head comically, causing a few more strands of his blonde coif to fall loosely over his forehead. Harry decided he definitely liked it better that way, and was about to comment when Draco grabbed his forearm and dragged him onto the dance floor, amidst the gyrating bodies of the other couples. Harry's breath hitched when Draco found them a place on the floor, spun around, grabbed Harry tightly around the waist, his wrists crossing and hands resting on the curve of Harry's ass, and pulled him flush against his hard body. Harry froze in shock and some sort of frightened pleasure as Draco began grinding his pelvis slowly against Harry's.

Their attire left little to the imagination and Harry could feel Draco's urgent arousal against his own. He closed his eyes and shuddered from sheer sensory overload. The sounds of people around him, the thumping bass and trancelike beats of the music. The smell of alcohol and the scent that was only Draco and no one else, and the feeling of him so tantalizingly close against Harry's body, pulsating with want and need and pure arousal. Harry's head swam until he realized he was frozen in Draco's arms when his so-persuasive-it should-be-illegal, velvet voice and hot, delicious breath were in Harry's ear, begging, "Just relax, Harry. Move with me." Draco continued to press his body against Harry's, and then his lips were elsewhere, skimming down Harry's jaw line to his trembling lips, where he pulled away just slightly so that the boys lips were just barely touching. Harry responded immediately, his breathing began to quicken in anticipation, until Draco closed that tiny gap, his lips moving softly and warmly against Harry's. Desperate for breath but not wanting to break the kiss, Harry snaked a hand into Draco's hair, pulling him impossibly closer to deepen the kiss. Draco took control, flicking his tongue out across Harry's lips, asking for entrance. Harry moaned into Draco's passionate touch, allowing him to thoroughly explore his pliant mouth. He tasted of alcohol and mint. Harry became more daring, running his hands up under Draco's shirt, memorizing every detail of his sculpted torso. He ran his hand lightly over one of Draco's erect nipples, earning a moan from the taller blonde. Harry committed the sound to memory and decided he must hear more. He slowly ran his hands down Draco's gyrating torso and toyed with the button and zipper on his jeans. Just as Harry got them open, Draco's insistent hand stopped him "Wait, Harry" he gasped, "I have a little gift for you..."

With this, Draco pulled away, grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him through the crowd, towards the stage in the back of the club where two mostly naked dancers writhed sensually around metal poles. Members of the audience hooted and hollered, a few even threw money.

"Stay here" said Draco, depositing Harry at the front of the crowd next to the stage "you'll like this."

Draco hurried over to the side of the stage and said something to the guard who oversaw the performances. The man then gestured to the dancers, who gave a final mischievous glance to the audience and left the stage. The patrons began to protest, until Draco climbed the three stairs leading up to the stage and strutted languidly over to one of the poles. He gripped it, pulled himself up and wrapped his legs lazily around it. The music pulsed as he slowly slid down the pole. Harry couldn't help picturing that pole as something else as Draco's hands smoothly slid up and down it. Reaching the floor, Draco kicked his silver shoes into the crowd. Harry barely heard the excited screams of whoever caught them. Arching his strong back sensually, Draco began ridding himself of his already unbuttoned jeans. Standing, making sure his taut ass faced the crowd, particularly Harry; he threw his jeans in the brunette's direction. Startled and stunned with arousal, Harry just caught them, and Draco smiled wantonly at him, lifting his arms above his head and leaning against his pole, gripping it and arching his form forward. His silk briefs did little to hide his growing arousal. Harry felt heat rise inside him at the sight.

Reaching down, Draco grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it upward, slowly exposing the pale skin of his muscled abdomen inch by torturous inch, lifting the shirt over his head and once again throwing the article to Harry, who was hit in the face this time. He removed the fabric from over his eyes to see Draco, wearing nothing but black silk briefs and his writhing silver choker, crawling slowly towards the edge of the stage, looking straight at Harry with bright eyes burning with arousal. As he reached the edge of the stage, Harry stepped closer and the blonde captured his lips in a brief, searing kiss. Re-positioning himself, Draco gripped Harry's shoulders and jumped down off the stage.

Harry kissed him hungrily, releasing intense feelings of jealousy that he had been too stunned to indulge before. He kissed down Draco's smooth neck, biting at the sensitive place above his collarbone, determined to mark him as his own, eliciting another precious moan from the other male. Harry soothed the bite with gentle strokes of his tongue, making the blonde shiver with pleasure. Draco leaned his head down and moaned in Harry's ear; "You like that? It was all for you, Harry. Tonight I let go of all my insecurities just for you. " Harry smiled against Draco's skin. He wasn't sure if it was just the firewhiskey talking, but he liked the sound of it all the same.

"You're perfect, Draco." Harry said, kissing him once more, pulling out his wand and regretfully spelling Draco's clothes back on and "Accio"-ing his shoes from the crowd. "Let's go home"

After stumbling back onto the grounds and sneaking back into the castle, Harry was still feeling quite intoxicated, and Draco's slurred, hushed speech and frequent giggling were enough to prove he was in the same state. Harry marveled at his defined features and the way his hair was messed from their wild night of dancing and drinking. His stomach tightened in excitement as Draco led him down a random corridor and pulled him closer, whispering huskily in his ear "Harry...why don't you come down to the Ssssslytherin dorms tonight, hm? Being a Malfoy does have its advantages. Sure, everyone hates me, but Daddy dearest made QUITE SURE I'd have a room to myself! If only he knew I'd be using it to shag the bloody Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter! Ha!"

Harry's eyes widened in the dark. Shag? His heart pounded at the implications, his stomach somersaulted with excitement, and he once again felt something stirring below his belt. He tried to get his drunken wits about him as he placed a finger to Draco's lips in a silent reminder to be quiet. The intoxicating, intoxicated blonde just kissed his fingers and quietly laughed again, leaning down towards the shorter boy and finding the spot on his neck that drove him crazy, kissing, biting and licking his way down to his shoulder. Harry fought back a moan and pleaded; "Draco...Draco, love, stop...wait..."

Sadly, Draco complied as they reached the staircase leading down to the dungeons. Suddenly, Draco placed a hand on Harry's upper back and one on the backs of his thighs, lifting him up bridal style. Harry had to stop himself from yelping in surprise. He attempted to free himself from Draco's grasp, but again, the taller boy just laughed, a sound like warm honey in tea, but darker...sexier, Harry thought. He leaned down to Harry's ear again and drawled, "Oh, don't struggle, it only gets better from here. Trust me. Now, I hope you're not...afraid of the dark."

Shivering as Draco descended the stairway with confident steps, he weakly shot back a slurred retort; "Arrogant prat."

Draco smiled at him, "You like it."

Harry had to admit; he was in no place to argue, so he didn't. By this time they came upon a cherry wood door with the name "Draco Malfoy" inscribed in glowing gold letters on it's surface, and with a shiny, round, brass apparatus where the handle would normally be, which upon closer inspection, looked something like a rotary phone dial.

Draco explained: "It responds only to my touch."

"Like me, then." Harry observed, too drunk to realize the awkwardness of his comment.

Draco unlocked the door by placing each of the fingertips of his left hand in the little round gaps in the lock. He carried Harry in onto plush, emerald green carpeting and set him down gently.

"I'll be back in just a minute, Harry. Make yourself comfortable." Draco said in a velvety smooth tone that just dared you to defy him. With this, Draco left the bedroom, disappearing behind the bathroom door.

Harry examined the room with awe and just the slightest hint of envy. The room was circular, with a huge four-poster canopy bed to one side, and a large mahogany wardrobe to the opposite side. The trunk holding Draco's school things was poised at the end of the bed. On the far side of the room, a charm had been placed to create the illusion of a large bank of windows, out of which one could see an image mimicking the actual outdoor conditions, as the ceiling in the Great Hall did.

Harry remembered Draco's command and sat on the green bedding of Draco's four-poster. He removed his boots and undid the fly on his tight leather trousers. He clumsily undid a button on his shirt. From here, Harry struggled to remove the skintight leather. Too drunk to remember to use magic, he lay sprawled against the black satin pillows on the bed, having given up on the pants for the moment. He did, however, successfully open all the buttons on his green silk shirt. Finishing the task, he was about to look up when he was startled by Draco's smooth, yet husky voice in his ear, "Miss me?"

Now Harry did look up. The gasp that escaped his lips could not be stopped. Draco was standing before him completely naked. Every one of Harry's wildest fantasies couldn't hold a dim candle to seeing Draco like this. Harry felt himself grow to full erection at the sight. Draco was strong and well-sculpted, but not overly muscled. Like a statue of Adonis carved out of pale marble and brought to life. Harry tried not to gawk, looking away and fiddling with his collar. Draco was perfect. How could he compare to that? As if he needed to be more aware of his presence, Draco placed a hand on the bulge in those deliciously tempting pants. He practically growled in Harry's ear; "Harry, for Merlin's sake, look at me." Draco gently tilted Harry's face up and towards him, forcing him to (not so unwillingly) behold his stunning body, including his fully erect, nine-inch member. Harry blushed madly at this, and then at Draco's eyes, which were half-lidded and burning with lust. Draco suddenly pressed their mouths together in a heated kiss, running his tongue across Harry's lips, and then plundering his warm, willing mouth. Harry tasted firewhiskey on his breath. Draco bit down on Harry's bottom lip, eliciting a whimper and a moan from the boy below him. Pausing in his passionate ministrations, Draco commented in a breathless whisper, "You know, Harry, you're allowed to stare. It's not a crime. You're meant to look. You've...never done this before, have you?" Draco looked at him with burning, earnest grey eyes.

"No. I'm sorry," said Harry, ashamed of his inexperience.

"Don't apologize, Harry. I'm so glad I'm you're first. I promise, it will be wonderful. I'll be gentle." He eyed Harry up and down. "But this...this will never do. Let me help you. Sit up." Harry did so, and Draco removed his unbuttoned shirt, kissing his collarbone and slowly-revealed shoulders. Eyeing the stubborn pants, he bit his lip at the very obvious bulge between Harry's legs.

"I do rather fancy leather on you, Harry." Draco said, arousal clear in his voice.

"Ginny's idea." said Harry, blushing.

"I must say, the Weaselette does have rather good taste." Draco replied, sliding a hand along Harry's open fly and under the waistband of the offending article, brushing Harry's erection and prompting the dark-haired boy to gasp and blush more.

"Like a virgin, touched for the very first time!" sang Harry's inner voice in the words of the Muggle singer he had heard once, Madonna.

Draco proceeded to expertly peel off Harry's trousers, leaving him in only Gryffindor maroon boxers, which Draco shook his head at momentarily and then moved down to the waistband, removing Harry's last shred of modesty with his teeth. Faced with Harry's naked form and rather impressive erection, Draco lowered his head to level with the object of his ultimate desire.

Foreseeing what happened next, Harry interjected "Draco...you don't have to-"

Yes, I do Harry. I want to. Just relax, just enjoy it." Before Harry could object further, Draco deep-throated his throbbing cock in one swift motion. Harry let out a loud moan, tangling his hands in Draco's silky hair and unconsciously pushing him down. Draco hummed in satisfaction, increasing Harry's own pleasure, and the volume of his moans. Pulling back and swirling his tongue around the head, then sucking hard and taking Harry's full length in again. Harry felt the muscles in his abdomen contract in pure pleasure. He began to fight against his impending climax, fighting the heat that began to spread over his body and flood to his lower half. He found himself thrusting into Draco's mouth, needing more. Draco stared at him from under his light lashes with lustful eyes as his head bobbed up and down in pursuit of Harry's pleasure. The sight alone was enough to almost drive Harry over the edge. This, paired with the actual feeling of Draco's skillful, sinful mouth, put an end to him. His vision went white, and he screamed, coming harder than he ever had in his life. Just as his kiss-bruised lips formed Draco's name, his scream was caught in the blonde's own mouth. Draco pulled away and commanded huskily; "Say it again. My name. Say it, Harry." He stroked Harry's spent cock to hardness, as if as incentive. Still gasping shocked from his intense climax, Harry moaned "Draco..."

Draco was euphoric "Gods, yes, so fucking beautiful" he breathed, kissing down Harry's torso, coming to his member, erect again. Harry spoke again "Draco..."

"Mhm?" Draco practically moaned at the sound, eyes closing in pleasure.

"...you...you swallowed." Harry said, blushing yet again.

Draco suddenly looked up at him with serious, yet amused eyes. "Of course I did, Harry. Did you like it?"

"Yes" said Harry earnestly.

"Good. I promise it only gets better. Are you ready?" Draco said with the utmost honesty and caring, such as Harry had never seen from the Slytherin. It startled Harry a little. Maybe it was the alcohol? But he didn't really want to believe that.

Harry's stomach lurched. He knew what was next. He was more than willing. He was ready.


"Are you sure?"

"Draco, believe me, I've never been more sure of anything. I want this."

Draco suddenly got a satisfied look about him. He finally had Harry right where he had wanted him all these years. He smiled and said, "Get on your hands and knees, Harry" in a smooth drawl that turned Harry on immensely. Then in a husky whisper: "Show me that fine arse, you tease. Leather pants, my ass..." Harry obeyed, shivering at Draco's commanding tone. He heard Draco release a small sound of arousal, then, to his surprise; the blonde climbed around to face him and began kissing his face, neck, and shoulders. Amidst gasps and quiet moans, Harry questioned "Draco, what-"

"Ssh, Harry, relax, you must relax." Harry immediately saw why, as Draco inserted a finger into his entrance when he thought Harry was distracted. Harry moaned loudly at this new, strange, pleasurable sensation. Draco added a finger, preparing Harry for what was to follow.

Harry began to enjoy himself more as he adjusted to penetration. He found himself thrusting backward onto Draco's hand, moaning lightly in time with his movements. Draco chuckled darkly. "You like that, Harry? Tell me how you like it or I'll stop.'"

Harry's closed eyes flew open. "Draco, no! I love it, it feels better than I imagined. Please don't stop. /Please. More/. "

Draco was becoming more aroused by the second, pumping his fingers in and out of Harry, hearing him moan and beg was just too much. "Say the magic word again, Harry."

"Please, Draco, please..."

"Please what, Harry?" Draco pushed his luck, turning them both on even more. He lined his cock up with Harry's entrance, leaning down and kissing his shoulder blades, whispering in his ear "Tell me what you want..."

"Take me, Draco. Fuck me."

He heard Draco moan deliciously and release a shuddering breath behind him as the head of his cock entered Harry's tight heat. Harry screamed. It hurt. He knew it would, but Gods, Draco was so big. Harry moaned in pain and began to breathe faster. Draco leaned down again, and in a calming, silken voice, however broken by his heavy breath, reminded him "Relax, Harry. Just relax. It will feel good in a minute, promise."

Harry forced himself to obey, closing his eyes, breathing deeply and forcing his muscles to go lax. In response, Draco pushed a bit deeper, then a bit more, all the while caressing and kissing Harry's back and ass, until he was fully inside of him. Harry was suddenly very aware of his fullness. He was still in considerable pain, but under it now was an edge of pleasure at the new sensation. Draco began making aroused, impatient sounds, until Harry gave him the command: "Draco...m-move, p-please." Draco released a breath he had seemingly been holding, drew back and plunged himself deeper into Harry, who screamed again, but this time more in pleasure than pain. "Yes, Draco, yes, again..." he panted. Draco complied and soon found a slow rhythm, thrusting into Harry, moaning and gasping in time until Harry began to push back. "Faster, Draco…hmm." he managed to force out between moans.

"Whatever you say, love." moaned Draco in his ear. A part of Harry's mind briefly wondered Love?..No, no, must be the whiskey talking. before Draco set a more frantic pace. He reached around to Harry's untouched cock and began pumping in time with his thrusts. In the onslaught of sensations and indescribable pleasure, Harry was reduced to an endless stream of unconscious dirty blather and curse words he had never used until this moment. Every few thrusts Draco took to giving him a smart slap on the arse, which surprisingly he found made him want to scream in pleasure. A few times he did. Draco would lean down and say terribly dirty things, but nothing surprised him now, and his body was about to collapse from the pleasure and sheer long-windedness of their lovemaking when Draco ground out "Coming!" and screamed Harry's name a second later, his hot essence filling the brunette below him, who came a moment later, his scream in harmony with the first. And they collapsed, exhausted and finally satisfied onto damp sheets, pulling them up about themselves and, paralyzed by the intensity of the event, lay motionless for the better part of half an hour. Harry was the first to stir, pressing closer to Draco's body, slick with sweat, breathing "Merlin...Draco..." and becoming speechless, laying his head on Draco's chest. A minute later, as if Draco's mind had needed the time to catch up to reality, he said, "I know, Harry. I know. Me too." And that sufficed. And it was in this way, completely exposed and contentedly intertwined, that the new lovers drifted to sleep.

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