The first fic I ever wrote... *headdesk* lol Noooooo idea what I was doing, I just wrote random things! yay!

Bumblebee checks the clock for what seems like the hundredth time, sighing in exasperation when he discovers that he's still forbidden from disturbing Prowl for another Earth hour. "He does this on purpose...I know he does..." the yellow Autobot mutters angrily to himself, glaring at the television screen.

"What are you talking about?" Bulkhead asks, startling his small friend out of his thoughts.

"Nothing important," he lies, standing to leave.

Bulkhead, however, knows what Bumblebee is planning on doing. "Prowl's meditating, little buddy. You know how he gets when he doesn't get to finish," he warns as he surfs the channels, looking for something decent to watch.

"I know, I'm just going to make sure he didn't fall out of that tree he loves so much and bang his head or something," Bumblebee says, leaving before Bulkhead can stop him.

Bumblebee successfully avoids the remaining Autobots, not confident that he will be able to fool them as easily as Bulkhead. It's not like he enjoys lying to his friend, but the truth is that Prowl would probably kill him if he let the Autobots find out.

When the yellow mech reaches Prowl's door, he silently opens it and slips inside, locking it behind him. Bumblebee turns his optics to the ninja-bot, memorizing the mech's frame, posture, expression, everything. He crouches down and slinks over to Prowl, sliding up behind him and wrapping his arms around the black and gold Autobot.

Prowl inhales sharply and opens his optics, turning to look at Bumblebee. "I told you to wait another Earth hour."

Bumblebee rests his helm on Prowl's shoulder and sticks out his lower lip, pouting up at Prowl. "Come on, you're usually done meditating by now. This is just punishment...I said I was sorry," he says to the older Autobot, tightening his hold.

"Just because you failed to lock the door, Prime nearly caught us. Indeed, if he had arrived mere minutes earlier he-" Prowl is cut off when his mouth is covered by Bumblebee's own.

Bumblebee breaks the kiss as soon as Prowl begins to respond, smirking when the ninja tries to follow. "I made double sure to lock the door this time. Come on Prowl, it won't happen again, I promise..." he says as he begins to nibble on Prowl's neck.

Prowl's vents activate quietly to cool him off as he tries to stay focused. "Bee, we cannot be careless about this," he says as he tilts his helm to the side to give the yellow bot free access.

"I know, Prowl, and I'm trying really hard...but...slag...have I told you lately how amazing you are?" he asks before he licks a spot right below the ninja's audio receptors, drawing a gasp from the normally collected bot. Bumblebee smirks against the cyber-ninja's neck before his hands begin to wander around, exploring seams and tweaking wires. Prowl's frame becomes more and more heated beneath the yellow mech's servos as he continues to tease the ninja. "Come on, please?" he whispers as he runs a gentle finger along the seam of Prowl's pelvic plating, drawing a hiss out of the otherwise silent mech.

Prowl's sensors were giving him so much feedback that he almost couldn't focus on what the younger mech was saying to him. Yes, Bee had forgotten to lock the door. But, how many times had the young bot remembered when Prowl himself had forgotten? Bumblebee was surprisingly cautious about this whole thing, despite his usual demeanor. Prowl supposed it wasn't so much that Bumblebee cared if the other Autobots knew about them yet, so much as he knew Prowl cared and wanted to respect the ninja's wish for privacy. Bumblebee was careful to avoid treating Prowl differently when they were around the others, knowing it would cause suspicion.

Bumblebee's glossa running over his plating brings Prowl out of his thoughts. The cyber-ninja smirks and spins around, settling himself in Bumblebee's lap. Prowl wraps his mouth around one of Bumblebee's horns while his fingers run over every wire he can reach.

Prowl removes his mouth from the yellow mech and smiles when Bumblebee grinds their plating together. Bumblebee sees the smile too late to react, however. Prowl pushes on his chasis, pressing the smaller mech to the floor. Prowl holds both of Bumblebee's servos above his head with one of his own. "Hey! What are you-" Bumblebee manages before the cyber-ninja puts a finger over his mouth.

"You interrupted my meditation, Bee. We will do this my way," Prowl teases before he trails his finger down Bumblebee's body, his glossa following.

"Nn...Prowl, come on. That's not fair," Bumblebee says, tugging halfheartedly to free his hands. His vents activate as his body begins to heat up.

Prowl kisses the young bot as he grinds their pelvic plating together. Bumblebee's glossa enters Prowl's mouth and the two mechs moan as their bodies heat up. Prowl reluctantly breaks the kiss, both of them panting. "Now, who said anything about 'fair,' Bee?" he says with another smirk as Bumblebee licks his lips.

The cyber-ninja uses that same wicked finger to coax the mini-bot to retract his plating. Bumblebee moans as he complies, his cable freed from the too tight covering. Prowl runs his finger up the younger mech's length, making him gasp. "Please, Prowl, don't tease me," Bumblebee begs, flexing his still pinned servos.

Bumblebee cries out when Prowl wraps his hand around the yellow bot's cable loosely. Prowl kisses Bumblebee again, their glossa fighting for dominance, while the ninja slowly strokes his hand up and down, teasing Bumblebee further. "Why wouldn't I tease you? You always take great pleasure in teasing me. I believe the humans call this karma," Prowl purrs.

Bumblebee can't help but thrust into Prowl's loose hand, desperate for friction. "Please, ah! Prowl, come on. Nn, I never -ah- pinned you down. Mmm Primus...Please," he begs, vowing to himself never to tease Prowl again if it meant he'd have to deal with this sweet torture again as he arches up, throwing his head back.

Prowl licks his little yellow mech's neck, making Bumblebee shudder as he continues to thrust into his loose grip. "Hmm, so desperate," he whispers into Bumblebee's audio receptors. The ninja retracts his own pelvic plating, sighing when his painfully hard cable is finally released.

Bumblebee hears this and looks down, groaning when he sees the lubricant already collecting on the end of Prowl's cable. Bumblebee flexes his servos again, itching to touch Prowl, but knowing better than to challenge the ninja when he's in a mood like this.

Prowl releases Bumblebee's cable, loving the whimper from the yellow mech that he receives. The cyber-ninja presses his heated body to Bumblebee's as the two meet for a passionate kiss. Prowl works a finger of his free servo into his port, thankful that it's already lubricated and he won't have to prepare himself for Bumblebee.

Bumblebee can feel Prowl shift on top of him and he opens his optics, not remembering when he had closed them. He moans when Prowl takes hold of his cable, guiding it expertly to his port. "Prowl..." he moans, watching as the ninja impales himself on his cable. "Nn, Primus...!"

Prowl pants for air once he's taken in all of Bumblebee's cable, his vents whirring quietly to cool him down. Bumblebee cries out and squirms, attempting to thrust upwards, but Prowl keeps him pinned down effectively. "Oh, I'm sorry, did you want something?" he teases, enjoying messing with the mini-bot entirely too much.

Bumblebee's mouth falls open in a pant as he stares up into Prowl's optics. "Prowl, please... Ah! I'm sorry I'm always pranking you. Nn...I'm sorry I forgot to lock the door. Mmm... I'm sorry I, ah, interrupted your meditation. Just, please, move! Ah!" he cries out, not caring that Prowl would never let him live this down. Not caring if he's being too loud. Not caring about anything but getting Prowl to MOVE.

Prowl pretends to think about it, eliciting a dismayed cry from Bumblebee, before he slowly rises on the bot's cable and lets himself fall smoothly back down. Both mechs moan and arch at the sensation. The ninja finally releases Bumblebee's servos so he can use both of his own to help himself rise and fall in a steady pace.

Immediately, Bumblebee's servos are all over the black and gold mech's body, delving into every seam they can find and rubbing every wire possible. Prowl moans, continuing to ride on the younger bot's cable. Bumblebee finally places his servos on Prowl's hips and holds on, thrusting up into the ninja.

Prowl throws his helm back with a cry when Bumblebee angles his thrusts to hit every possible sensor in his port. The ninja meets all of the mini-bot's thrusts with his own, increasing the pace as they both race toward what promises to be a powerful overload.

Bumblebee feels his overload approaching fast, and he can tell Prowl is close too. Determined to make the ninja overload first, Bumblebee firmly strokes the mech's cable with one servo while the other digs its way into seams in the armor plating, playing with overly sensitive circuits.

Prowl's optics flash white and a static filled cry leaves his vocalizer as he overloads. Bumblebee groans when Prowl's port tightens and he overloads after a few more quick thrusts.

Bumblebee catches Prowl when he falls forward, rolling the mech to rest on his side before Bumblebee carefully withdraws from his port. The yellow bot smiles at Prowl, whose optics are still closed, as the two of them pant and vents work to cool them off. Bumblebee runs a hand down the side of the ninja's face, causing him to open his optics. "I love you, Prowl," he whispers.

Prowl smiles and pulls Bumblebee into a hug, burying his face in the younger mech's neck. "I love you too, Bee," the cyber-ninja replies with a contented sigh.

Bulkhead finally settles on watching monster trucks as he opens up a can of oil. Ratchet enters the room and sits down next to him. "Are those two at it again?" the medic bot asks.

"Yep. When do you think they'll admit that they're together?" Bulkhead asks, feeling a little like a gossip-bot.

Ratchet laughs before he answers. "I don't know, but you can bet that Bumblebee will be the one to spill the beans, as the humans say. Prowl's probably just got him on a really short leash," Ratchet answers, still chuckling as he opens up his own can of oil.