Title: Surprisingly, The Cake Wasn't A Lie
Author Name: BithaBlu
Characters: Jo, S.A.R.A.H.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Language (?)
Disclaimer: Don't own Eureka. Don't own Twitter.
Summary: The 'pre-season warm-up comment fic' over at Eureka_Tag on LJ involved various ways to use some of S.A.R.A.H.'s tweets (yes, our favorite smart house has her own spoilerific twitter account). I decided to use this one:
_S_A_R_A_H_: When I say I am going to bake a cake, I actually bake a cake. There is no trickery involved.
because I am gods-damned addicted to Portal and I love any/every reference to GlaDOS quotes. I even went after the achievement on WoW because of it. I am that damn nerdy.
Oh yeah- fic. Here it is. I even added stuff to it. Like more words and better grammar and stuff-

Before Eureka, Jo never played video games. Her brothers had been bugnuts about them but they didn't interest her at all until a LAN party had taken over Cafe Diem. Vincent had every available inch of wall space covered in screens and it seemed like most of the town had turned out for a Soul Caliber tourniment.

Jo had picked up a controller that night and had been hooked ever since.

Strangely, first person shooters weren't her preferred choice. RPGs and puzzle games were her thing. Admittedly, zombie shooters were her favorite form of catharsis but, despite Fargo's various attempts, the rest of the FPSes bored her. Real combat had killed that joy before it had even began.

Sorry, Tom Clancy, but virtual Vegas can't compare to actual Afganistan.

Her favorite game, though, was a game that Zane had introduced her to in an attempt to explain violations of physics. He had been babbling about some project involving temporal relocation and Star Trek tech back in the old time-line and she just couldn't wrap her head around the insanely complicated ideas he was talking about. Instead of getting frustrated with her lack of understanding, Zane had grabbed a controller and showed her exactly what he wanted to do.

It took less than twenty minutes for Jo to volunteer to test out any portal guns- should he actually be able to create one.

It took Zane less than thirty minutes to figure out how to turn a single player game into a competative strip version that resulted in a full weekend of naked video gaming.

Though there wouldn't be any of that kind of fun going on any more, Jo still missed the game. She occasionally played a few levels when she had a chance but the replay value was wearing off without the added clothes-optional challenge. But then, joy of joys, Valve announced the release of Portal 2 and Jo couldn't help but pre-order it.

When the game arrived, Carter was spending the weekend visiting Zoe at college and Jo planned on a weekend playing Portal and Portal 2 on the big screen.

Unfortunetly, Jo didn't even make it all the way through the first game before S.A.R.A.H. started vocalizing some issues with GLaDOS. Lots of issues. Nitpicky shit too.

But when Jo realized that S.A.R.A.H. was more concerned that the cake was a lie than the fact that GLaDOS was trying to kill Chell, she turned off the game and went to go read instead.