Title: Weasels and WAHbulancing
Characters: Zane, Parrish
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Language
Disclaimer: Don't own it. Spoilers for 4.20
Summary: Parrish tries one more time to get to Titan. Zane wangsts some more. Again. Seriously. WTH, brain, WTH?

"You know, you don't have to leave her."

Zane's eyes darted sideways to catch a glimpse of Parrish standing next to him and then quickly returned to watching the quickly retreating figure. Despite the swarm of busy people, a path miraculously appeared before her.

Ok. Maybe it wasn't a miracle. Maybe everyone was just used to getting out of her way.

"You could just stay and figure things out with her."

Oh, he could stay all right. But the chance of figuring out this thing between them was 'slim' to 'no fucking way'.

"Six months is a long time to just leave things like that."

The past six seconds had been long and it was looking to seem even longer if Parrish didn't take the hint and fuck off. Trying to manipulate him into ditching out on Astraeus wasn't going to work and continuing to try was just going to piss him off.

"Can you seriously tell me that you can wait six whole months to come back to that?"

Zane sighed as Jo finally turned the corner out of sight and glanced back over at Parrish. The man that he had occasionally called a friend just didn't get it. As Zane turned his attention back to checking the last of his personal inventory, he muttered, "What makes you think she's going to be here waiting for me?"

There was a pause and, while Parrish worked through what he had just said, Zane tried to place why that last kiss was bothering him so much. Kissing Jo should not make him feel like the floor was dropping out beneath him.

Except that she had kissed him exactly the same way she had right after he had signed his parole papers. The same way she had when she thought that he was going to be leaving. It wasn't a 'I'll miss you kiss'. It had been goodbye.

"What do you mean? Is Lupo leaving Eureka?" Parrish's incredulous tone didn't surprise Zane. The thought of Eureka sans Lupo was too strange to contemplate. It would be like Cafe Diem without Vincent or a group of junior physicists without large hadron jokes.

Zane gave up trying to stuff the rest of his crap into his bag and looked up to see the deserted hallway. It was hard to believe that something so crowded just a few seconds ago was now completely empty but the truth was hard to ignore when it was literally right in front of him.

"She's already gone."