Welcome to The Kliss Challenge!

For anybody who doesn't know, I write Kiss, which is my prompt oneshot story currently sitting on 109 chapters and set to double that. I have a reader on that story (and others) called Chasing Aspirations who decided that they wanted to set me a particular challenge. Basically, I'm going to get a prompt every night for fourteen nights, and I have 24 hours on each prompt to get it written before I have to post it. The prompt will be a few random words or phrases that I'll have to work in and the story will be about Kurt and Blaine's first kiss.

So basically, I have my work cut out for me!

Just to make it clear, this isn't a story for anybody else to prompt on. I'm only taking the 14 prompts from Chasing Aspirations

Day 1: A Collection of some kind, Starlight and a Musical

"So, Mr. Warbler. I think you have a bit of explaining to do."

Blaine frowned, glancing across at Kurt. "Did I do something wrong?" he asked, suddenly afraid to hear the answer. "I mean, I know it was our first date and there's always room for improvement and all that -"

"Blaine!" Kurt practically laughed the word out, and Blaine realized he had never heard Kurt sounding so carefree. "You did nothing wrong, and that's what I'm getting at. You told me you were hopeless at romance."

Doing his best to suppress his sigh of relief, Blaine smiled, swinging their linked hands slightly as they walked. "I guess I... got lucky?" he suggested.

"No, getting lucky would be picking the right restaurant... or the right musical... or walking me home because it's more romantic than driving... not all of them." Kurt rolled his eyes. "So are you going to tell me your secret or not?"

Blaine smirked playfully, giving Kurt's hand a light squeeze. "A gentleman never reveals his tricks."

"Oh, so you can, right?" Kurt squealed as Blaine elbowed him lightly. "I kid, I kid! You're the perfect dapper gentleman, right down to the waistcoat. Which I thought I would have an aversion to considering how many Mr. Schuester wears all the time, but you pull it off rather well, I must say."

Blaine ducked his head, tugging at the edge of said waistcoat with a smile. "I'm glad you approve. You look stunning as always."

Kurt took the compliment in his stride as always, but Blaine saw the pale pink flush on his ears which he knew meant Kurt was pleased. "Anyway, you haven't distracted me," he continued. "Secrets?"

"Well..." Blaine trailed off before receiving his own elbow to the ribs. "Alright, I'll tell you! You told me yourself that you love Thai food more than any other, I asked Rachel which musical you loved the most and then just planned the date for the night that they were doing Hairspray... and I chose to walk you home because it meant we could have more time together."

He could tell by the look on Kurt's face that they were the right answers. "I'm impressed," Kurt murmured softly. "You remember something I said offhandedly ages ago, you dare to approach Rachel Berry for help even though you're the competition, and you are romantic at heart."

They walked in comfortable silence for a few moments until Blaine couldn't help but ask the question that had been nagging at him. "It wasn't too much though? I mean, we normally just get a coffee or something, and I know you've always been a bit iffy about accepting my money and -"

"Blaine," Kurt interrupted again, his voice soft. "It was perfect, alright? I always worried a little about dates like that - I mean, you see it in the movies, a normal couple goes into that kind of setting for their first date and they clam up and don't know how to be themselves around each other - but none of that happened with us. We spent the first twenty minutes talking about our Vogue collections after all... which might have led to talking about your blazer collection and how I think you need rehab for that, but it was still amazing."

Blaine let his sigh of relief be heard this time. "I'm glad. I don't want you to ever feel uncomfortable around me."

"I don't, and I couldn't." Kurt squeezed his hand again. "It doesn't matter where we are, Blaine. It's always going to be you and me."

Blaine could feel his heart swelling with emotion and knew he didn't want this night to end. And while it was obvious that it was going to have to, Blaine also knew there was a way to prolong that inevitable moment. So he tugged lightly at Kurt's hand, taking him down a different route than usual. "Where are we going?" Kurt asked, looking around. "Isn't Dalton that way?"

"I know a shortcut," Blaine said quietly, his mind going back to that fateful day when they had met. Apparently Kurt remembered too as his grip tightened in Blaine's. "Trust me?"

"Always," Kurt whispered.

Blaine turned to smile at him again as they walked past the last set of streetlights and into the dark. He pulled Kurt a little closer, walking carefully until his eyes adjusted, then stopping and turning to face Kurt fully. They were in the middle of the road, but Blaine already knew that nobody came out here at this time of night. "So, am I allowed to make another attempt at romance?" Kurt nodded silently, barely visible in the soft starlight. "Look up."

Somehow, the perfection of the night had just gotten even more perfect. Blaine's eyes had adjusted just enough to see the look of amazement on Kurt's face as he stared into the brilliant night sky filled with thousands of tiny specks of light. Blaine himself was always in awe of the sight, but right now the more beautiful sight to his eyes was Kurt.

"Blaine... it's gorgeous."

Releasing Kurt's hand, Blaine wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's waist, tugging him a bit closer. Kurt rested his arms around Blaine's neck with a sigh, curling his fingers into the loose curls at the nape of his neck and causing Blaine to temporarily lose power of speech. "It is," he agreed quietly. "So are you, and I would give you every one of these stars if I could, because you deserve them. You deserve the perfect first date and I just hope I gave you as close as I could to that."

And Blaine couldn't mean the words more. Kurt had come from a school where he was ignored, hated, bullied and rejected. He had never really found his place, and nobody had ever taken the time out to just take care of Kurt unless there was an ulterior motive or if it was out of guilt. And somehow Kurt had just kept on going, kept being his amazing self and never let anybody change that. That was something Blaine had never been able to do and he was so proud of Kurt for it. So Kurt did deserve this, and so much more. And Blaine was going to do his best to give this amazing boy everything he could and show him that even though life wasn't going to treat them right, he could. Yes, Blaine was going to screw up at times and already had, but he was going to do what he could to give Kurt what he wanted and needed.

Kurt was still staring up at the stars and Blaine just watched him, the light glowing on his face emphasizing his beauty. "You did. I never imagined I'd get something like this, only in my wildest dreams."

And then Kurt was lowering his head, staring straight into Blaine's eyes. "And this is the part of the dream that would always follow," he whispered before leaning in to press their lips together. And Blaine knew the night was complete.

He tugged Kurt as close as possible, kissing him softly and steadily, throwing every single emotion he had towards Kurt into that one kiss and trying to show Kurt that he was his everything. And the same feelings came to him from Kurt, strengthening that bond that had been forming ever since Blaine had gotten his act together and asked Kurt out, ever since their friendship had started to form, and ever since that fateful day on the staircase.

As they broke apart gently, Blaine opened his eyes to see Kurt staring back at him. No words were needed, or would even be able to be found. Instead, they simply unwrapped their arms, linking hands against instantly, and continued walking.

After all, there would be plenty of time for kissing later; for kissing and touching and discovering each other in a whole new way. But right now it was just them, the empty road and the stars.

So, did I pass? Let me know!