Of Kings and Partners

A FMA one-shot

Written by Aspendragon

Antoinette, or Ann as she preferred it, was unprepared for her introduction to the next Fuhrer the next day. In fact, Bradley had not been prepared for her either. The two were complete opposites although by society standards, they were within the same circles. It was only a matter of time before they eventually crossed paths.

Yet Ann did not expect his forward gestures and had slapped him across his face.

Another unexpected twist, Bradley fell for her literally and figuratively the moment she showed no sign of bending to his will or trying to rise above him. Ann was down to earth and gentle, she could be naïve in the ways of the world but tried her best to see eye-to-eye with others, whereas he, Bradley, would be superior to all once he was titled Fuhrer.

That did not impress Ann much.

After their introduction Bradley found Ann difficult to get out of his mind. Interrupting his thoughts and coincidently bumping into him occasionally in Central at his favorite spots, they came to find they enjoyed many of the same activities.

Activities such as walking through the park, window-shopping, talking about a number of things ranging from how Ann's sister's canary sang to politics, laughing, sitting at a nearby store, sharing bites of food, enjoying one another's company, smiling, more laughing, holding hands, Bradley stealing his first kiss from her when she turned to tell him something.

Ann laughing at his attempts to grow a beard so he settled for a mustache instead, reading, tender kisses, their first argument they could hardly remember was initially about, making up, attending Ann's sister's wedding, smiling into their kisses, talking about children and canaries, Bradley remembering the mild pang of dread of not being able to reproduce, more kissing, that one stroll through the park a few months before their wedding when he proposed.

Yes, they were very much in love and only they knew it.

Their hearts knew they would come to love each other, but even a homunculus was ignorant to such blossoming emotions at the beginning.

These interludes did not deter Father much, the arrangement between Bradley and the future Mrs. Bradley would only settle things much quicker and give the country of Amestris a time of reprieve from war – calming any possible questionable waters.

Ann remained oblivious to her fiancé's true identity, she would never know of him until the time of his death when that young Elric handed her the remaining remnant of her "son" wrapped meticulously in his jacket.

Ann loved King, she said so every day at every meal and every night. Due to Bradley's sometimes-frivolous nature, they would "escape" their manor and have night-time adventures. Walking near the canal and holding hands beneath the moonlight and well out of sight. Bradley was sure to be alone during their private time together. Not even Pride nor Father took the initiative to discover the first human-based homunculus still held true to his festering human emotions.

When the transmutation array is completed by Sloth, he would be sure to protect Ann.

Funny how she had that effect on him.

But she was his queen and he her partner.

With God as his witness, as Ann whole-heartedly believes one exists and has Selim pray every night with her before he goes to bed, Bradley nor Wrath would have Ann in harm's way.

"Any last words for your wife?" the young Xingnese girl naively questioned.

Bradley almost laughed at her foolishness.

Disclaimer: King Bradley and the character of Antoinette belong to Arakawa. "Antoinette" is my fan name I came up with for Mrs. Bradley.