This story will be a re-telling of the events of Dragonball Z where Tien not Goku made the ultimate sacrifice during the battle with Raditz and how that one change affects the entire DBZ universe. It is also a story where the earthlings, including Piccolo, are the main focus of the story instead of the saiyans. While the saiyans while still be a part of the story, they won't just completely leave all the earthlings in the dust like they did in the manga/anime. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

A space pod was racing towards Planet Earth. There was a loud boom as the pod entered the atmosphere. The pod had fire surrounding it as it went tearing through the atmosphere of the small blue planet. The pod crashed into a green grassy field, creating a huge crater from the undignified landing.

A short fat farmer slowly crept over to the large crater. He carried a shotgun, just in cause he might need it for protection against whatever had just crashed into his field. If only he knew what terrible evil lay at the bottom of the giant crater. He looked over the edge to see that a spherical shaped spacecraft that was still smoking from the extreme heat of entering Earth's atmosphere.

"It's no meteor. It's made of steel," observed the farmer as he gawked at the space pod that had crashed into his field. He was caught by surprise when the pod began to open and a shadowy figure emerged from inside of the spacecraft. The figure appeared to be a man with extremely long hair, and he seemed to be wearing some sort of armor, and it also seemed that he had some sort of furry belt. The long haired man slowly began to float up to the top of the crater and he gently settled his feet down right in front of the terrified farmer.

The man stared at the farmer in front of him with a cold expression. "So the creatures on this planet are still alive. Kakarot has failed us." angrily muttered the long haired man. The farmer was trembling, seeing as how this man looked dangerous and didn't seem to take too kindly to humans.

"Get off my property," stuttered the famer silently as he cocked his shotgun. The farmer had said it so quietly that he was sure that the man hadn't heard him but it appeared that long haired man had super hearing because his eyes darted straight for the small farmer.

"Is that so," sneered the man as he touched a strange device that was attached to his ear. What looked like some sort of weird alien writing began to flash on the green screen that was over the man's eye. The long haired man snorted and stated, "Your power level is puny. It's only five, to bad."

"Don't you come any closer I'll use this thing," threatened the terrified farmer as the long haired man began to walk towards him. With a yell, the farmer closed his eyes and fired his shotgun. To the farmer's surprise, the strange man just caught the bullet. The man laughed as he took the bullet out of his fist and put it between his thumb and index finger.

"Here, catch," calmly said the long haired man as he squeezed the bullet back at the farmer. The farmer's shotgun was completely ripped in half by the force of the speeding bullet and the farmer was knocked back into the front of his truck by it.

"What a fragile breed of people," snidely remarked the man. His screen began to flash again and the man turned his head. "Humph, there's a high power level over there it must be Kakarot." The man blasted off into the sky and yelled, "Prepare yourself Kakarot, I'm coming.


Tien sat in deep meditation as the water from a waterfall cascaded over him. He was pleased with how his training was going so far. He had nearly doubled his power level since the 23rd. World Martial Arts Tournament and he was still getting stronger. It was as if something had finally clicked inside of Tien that allowed him to make these great strides in his training.

An alarm went off inside Tien's head and his eyes snapped open as he felt a dark energy. It was far away and it was not moving towards him, but the power was like nothing Tien had ever felt before. It was far more powerful than anything Tien had ever felt before and he could tell that it was up to no good.

Tien looked at this training partner, Chiaotzu. The small pale little man still had his eyes closed and Tien could tell that he had obviously not felt what Tien had. "Chiaotzu." His pale friend opened his eyes and looked at his friend. "I'm going to go check something out. You stay here, alright."

"Sure thing Tien just be careful," said the pale little man in his high pitched voice. Tien nodded to his friend and blasted off towards the strange dark energy.


In the middle of a huge wasteland, a tall green man stood on top of a plateau. He looked out over the sight of his training grounds. He had grown much stronger, but he knew he hadn't yet surpassed Goku. He growled at himself, and told himself he had to train harder. He was about to return to his training when he felt it.

He whipped around, his face one of complete terror. "It can't be," mumbled Piccolo to himself, "I've never felt such power!" Piccolo turned his body to face the direction the huge power was coming from. "It can't be Goku," growled the tall green warrior, "It's too horrible!"

"Uh oh," muttered Piccolo as he saw what he thought must be the source of this huge power. The source of the huge dark energy was flying straight towards him, and Piccolo knew that it could only mean trouble. A man with long spiky hair that reached down below his back landed right in front of Piccolo. The man wore black armor with brown shoulder, abdomen, thigh, and groin guards. The man also had red bands around his biceps and his thighs, and had what looked like a tail around his waist.

"Excuse me for dropping in. I'm trying to find a man named Kakarot, I thought you might be him." said the man. Piccolo tried to not let his fear show as he addressed the man.

"You're excused. But maybe you should get glasses for both your eyes," insulted Piccolo as he noticed the green screen across the strange man's eye. Piccolo stared this man down, returning the stoic expression he was receiving from the long haired man.

"You're a very funny man," commented the man, his expression not changing in the slightest as the two warriors continued their stare off.

"Yeah I wouldn't count on that if I was you. Now beat it, I don't have time for interruptions like you." The long haired man laughed at the subtle threat Piccolo had made. He pressed a button on the device attached to his ear and golden figures began to flash on the green screen accompanied be little beeps.

"You would like that wouldn't you green man. Power level of 347. I can tell you're not from this planet, but you would be a fool to attack me with such an insufficient power level."

Piccolo began to worry as the long haired man brought up the prospect of them fighting. He knew he had no chance against this man seeing as how the strangers power completely overshadowed his own. "Now listen to me, you came here. I have no interest in starting a fight," Piccolo said as he crouched down into a defense position just in case the long haired man decided to attack him.

The man smirked. "I do." Piccolo's face was drenched in sweat as he prepared for the man to attack him. The man just stood upright, not even bothering to get into a position, smirking at the green warrior. Piccolo couldn't take it anymore and as his arm bulged, he fired a Destructive Wave at the long haired man. The golden beam completely covered its intended target and a cloud of dust rose up.

Piccolo smirked a little when he thought he had killed the annoying man. But his face turned to one of horror when the dust had settled and the man stood exactly as head before Piccolo's attack had hit him. "Goodness, I think you managed to singe some of my leg hairs," mocked the unharmed man.

Piccolo stood frozen in horror as the man just smirked at him. "Allow me to show you a more effective attack." The man brought his right hand up. "I call this one; keep your eyes on the birdie. Now keep your eyes on the birdie." Piccolo trembled in fear, knowing that this could be the end.

Piccolo was saved however when the green screen began to beep again. The long haired man took his attention away from the green warrior as he checked the information his device had just given him. "I sense a stronger power that must be him!" exclaimed the long haired man as he took off into the sky.

This guy could be a problem, thought Piccolo as he stood immobilized by fear.


As Tien flew he noticed that the huge dark power was on the move again, and it seemed to be heading straight for Kame House. Tien picked up his speed and headed towards Kame House as fast as possible. As he got closer, he was able to notice the others who where at Master Roshi's home. He noticed that Goku and Krillin where there and he hoped that once he got there they would be able to fight this evil together.

While flying, Tien felt Krillin's energy drop. Tien's stomach turned over as he also felt Goku's energy fall significantly as well. Tien arrived shortly after to find Goku lying in the sand, and Krillin lodged into Kame House. Tien landed on the beach and helped his friend to his feet.

"Thanks Tien," mumbled Goku as he struggled to stand on his own. Tien looked over to Kame House to see that Krillin had pulled himself out of Kame House and was heading over to Goku and Tien. Tien looked around to see Master Roshi, Bulma, and Turtle looking terrified.

"What happened here Goku?" asked Tien as he searched for the powerful dark energy he had felt before. Tien looked into his friend's depressed and angry face. He knew something terrible most of happened.

"That monster took my son," answered Goku as he cried out for his flying Nimbus. Tien had a puzzled look on his face. Krillin decided to take the initiative and told Tien the whole story about the saiyan warrior Raditz and how he was Goku's long lost brother. He also told Tien about how Goku was sent to Earth, to kill everyone on the planet but because of an accident he turned into the Goku they knew today. After hearing this, Raditz had gone into a rage and attacked Goku and taken his son Gohan, and demanded if Goku ever wanted to see his son again, he had to bring him one hundred dead earthlings by tomorrow. At the end of Krillin's story, even Tien's third eye looked troubled.

"So you're telling me Goku is really an alien and now his older brother wants him to join him as a planet broker, and destroy entire planets just for money?" Krillin nodded his head, and Tien looked over at his friend sadly, who had throughout the entire story been shaking in anger over the loss of his son.

"Well Goku I'm with you. I'll help you fight this Raditz and get your son back." Goku lifted his head up at Tien's words and a smile broke across his face.

"You really mean it Tien. I'm sure if we work together, this Raditz doesn't stand a chance!" Tien gave a little smile at his excited friend.

"So how are we going to beat this animal?" asked Tien. Goku sat down on the porch of Kame House and thought for awhile before speaking up again.

"His tail." The others looked over at their friend who stood back up. "His tail that's his weakness. Remember how I was when someone grabbed my tail. I couldn't even move!" The others all nodded their agreement.

"We're with you boys, right Krillin," announced Master Roshi as he approached the two younger warriors. "Right!" confirmed Krillin. They all smiled, thinking they would have the perfect team to fight this new threat with until Goku remembered something.

"Wait that won't work." Everyone turned to the now stoic Goku. "You've both been brought back by the dragon. He won't grant the same wish twice and if you died then we wouldn't be able to wish you back." Everyone's head dropped as they realized their chances of victory where slipping away. That was until another unexpected guest arrived at the island.

"You'll never succeed! You're too weak!" exclaimed Piccolo as he decided to let his presence be known. He had followed the long haired saiyan to Kame House and had overheard the gangs plan to defeat the saiyan. He heard the bald midget say his name as he floated down to land in front of the surprised group.

"What do you want Piccolo, I don't have time to deal with you today." said Goku as he and Tien both crouched down into a stance. Piccolo just stared at the two fighters in front of him.

"Well then you might want to make some time. You two can't beat him, I've seen his power." Piccolo and Goku now stood face to face, staring at each other trying to guess the others motives.

"Win or lose, we must try and stop him!" stated Goku and Tien nodded his agreement. Piccolo just snorted at the two heroic fighters.

"You're all being foolish." observed the tall green man. "There's only one chance you'll beat him, and that's if I go with you." Everyone was taken aback by Piccolo's suggestion. "I know we're enemies, but listen. I want that guy out of the way because I have my own plans to conquer the world and you two want him out the way so you can get your kid back. So we should team up, agree." Piccolo walked past both Goku and Tien as he presented his theory.

"Wait, how do we know you're not going to turn on us?" asked Tien. Piccolo laughed. "Don't worry Tien. There will be plenty of time to get rid of you and Goku. But only after our work is completed."

"I don't get you Piccolo." said Goku as he turned around to face the green man. "I don't know why you want to control the world. It's wrong, and you're wrong if you think you can defeat me." Goku smiled at his rival. "But in this case, you're right. Let's team up."

Piccolo smirked at Goku, who was returning the smile. Tien however, had his doubts. He wasn't sure of they could trust the green demon who had tried to kill them all at the last World Martial Arts Tournament. With Goku with him however, he was sure the two of them could handle Piccolo and they would need all the help they could get to beat Raditz.

"Alright then let's consider it done." Piccolo turned back around to look at his two new allies. "If you two can stand to work with me, then I can bare working with you. But remember, after this our alliance is terminated." Goku and Tien nodded at the green man

"Bulma, we need the dragon radar." said Goku as he hoped onto the flying nimbus. Bulma threw Goku the radar and he turned to look at his two allies. "Hey Piccolo, Tien. Do you think you can keep up with the flying nimbus?"

Piccolo chuckled. "Please, I would be embarrassed if you could out fly me with that toy." Tien smiled and nodded his agreement. He really thought his friend needed to start flying without that thing. The three allies took off into the sky, Tien and Piccolo following Goku as he used the dragon radar to find his son.

The three fighters traveled the rest of the way in silence. Goku only gave a shout when they neared the location of the dragon ball resting on Gohan's hat. As they flew down towards the location, Tien saw for the first time the saiyan named Raditz. The long haired saiyan was standing at the edge of a large crater. The three allies flew past the saiyan and landed behind him. After they landed, the three allies turned to face the saiyan who had also turned around to meet them.

"Well you're a little bit more resourceful than I thought," Raditz calmly said as he threw an orange and purple fruit up and down in his hand. "More foolish as well."

"We'll see about that," replied Goku.

"Fair enough. So Kakarot have you come to say that you'll join us."

"I'm here to get my son back!" yelled the angry spiky haired hero. "Where is he?"

"I strongly recommend that you join us Kakarot." snapped Raditz who was growing impatient with his little brother's resistance.

"I don't care what you recommend! The answer is no!

"You should listen to your big brother."

"I would if I had one but I don't!"

Raditz began to squeeze on the fruit he was holding harder. "Alright then, have it your way then Kakarot. I didn't come here to make trouble, but you give me no choice. To bad little brother, I think you would have found the life of a saiyan to be invigorating." Raditz took a bite out of his fruit as he waited to see what his brother and his friends would do.

"Alright, enough of your mumbling, I've heard enough of this trash." said Piccolo as threw his weighted cloak to the ground behind him, and took his turban off his head. After taking off his weighted clothes, Piccolo revealed the sleeveless purple training gi that was underneath his cloak and his green antennas that had been hidden by his turban.

"I agree its obvious Goku doesn't want to go so why don't you just give his son back and leave." Raditz turned to stare at the three eyed man who had just spoken to him, while Goku turned to Piccolo in surprise. Raditz checked the three eyed man's power level and found it to be 435. Raditz continued to stare at the three eyed man, who was not wearing a shirt, but only wore green pants.

"Huh, Piccolo I didn't know you trained with weighted clothing." Piccolo turned his head to look at Goku.

"Yeah, you're not the only one." remarked Piccolo as he threw his turban to the ground. "Yeah, I feel much lighter now." Raditz turned his attention back to the green man after his scouter warned him of an increase in his power level. It was now at 440. Raditz frowned as he tried to figure out how his power level had increased so much.

Goku also began to take his weighted clothes off, leaving him in only the orange part of his outfit. Raditz noticed his power level also rose to 440. Raditz however was not worried though; a few added weights would not be enough to stop him!

Raditz tossed away his fruit as he began to laugh at the three fighters before him. "Do you two really think your any stronger now just because you removed a few items of clothing!" Piccolo and Goku both looked up at the saiyan trying to figure out what he meant. Of course they were stronger, without the weighted clothes they would be faster, and stronger.

"Jokes! Who do you think I am? Do you think a few weights will change the outcome of this fight!" Goku just smiled at his older brother.

"Your bluffing, I'm twice as fast now."

Raditz just crossed his arms. "You don't know what fast is little brother. But you'll see and so will your two friends. It's time for your lesson. Now pay attention, I can only show you this once and then it's over!" Raditz's hair began to blow and the three allies could tell he was beginning to tap into some of his unbelievable power. "Alright, ready or not here I come!"

The three fighters dropped down into their stances as they prepared for the long haired saiyans assault. Raditz suddenly raced past the three fighters and delivered two elbow strikes into Piccolo's and Goku's back and sent a back kick at Tien. All three warriors were struck, and Goku did a handspring to recover while Tien and Piccolo both just skidded to a stop.

"Now tell me one thing gentlemen," said Raditz as he watched the three fighters recover. "Which of you will scream for mercy first?" Piccolo hissed at the saiyan, Tien sneered at him, and Goku growled at his older brother. Piccolo's arm began to bulge again as he prepared to throw a destructive wave at the long haired saiyan.

Raditz laughed. "Go a head green man; you'll just waist your energy again."

Piccolo snarled. "He's right. I tried this once before and it had no effect I'll think of something though."

"Ha-ha," laughed Raditz. "Don't give up now, the fun is just beginning!"

Goku smiled a little bit at the cocky saiyan. "Say you're pretty confident. That's going to be your downfall!"

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! Don't worry I would be much more cautious if you weren't such a wimp little brother."

Piccolo snorted at the saiyan's cockiness. "Some brother. I don't think your mom gave him enough spankings when he was a kid."

Goku laughed at the green man's joke. "Yeah, the creep! You'd think he'd make up for lost time. He never even took me to a ball game!"

Tien smiled a little bit. "What a shame Goku. I'm sure he would have been such a nice person if you had just gotten to know him."

Raditz just smirked at the three fighters as they made their small jokes. "Sure, I'll make up for lost time by teaching you how to fight...the hard way!"

Goku began to grow impatient with the saiyan. All he really wanted to do was find Gohan and make sure he was out of harm's way. "I'm ready for you," shouted Goku, "but first tell me where you've hidden my son!"

"I haven't hidden him anywhere. I shut him up in my pod because he was being a whiny little brat. You really must teach your children some manners Kakarot. He's in that crater right behind you." The three allies all turned to look at the crater that contained the saiyan's space pod and Gohan.

While Goku flew up into the air to get a better view of where his son was being kept prisoner, while Piccolo and Tien continued their stand off against the saiyan. No one took their eyes of the other and each was inching for a chance to resume the action. The stand off was broken when Raditz turned away to mock his brother who just called out to his son.

"Ha-ha, you'll be down alright but you won't be helping anyone. Unless you've changed your mind about joining us that is."

Goku landed on the ground again and dropped down into his stance. "You don't have to worry about that. Now let's get going!"

"Now your talkin Goku," agreed Piccolo as he also resumed his stance. Tien also got into his stance and three allies readied themselves to battle the dangerous saiyan once again.

Raditz just chuckled at the three fighters as he remained completely upright, not even bothering to drop down into a fighting stance. With a yell all three fighters charged the saiyan and they all released furious blows upon the long haired saiyan. Raditz however was able to dodge every single one of the trio's attacks with minimal effort and movement.

As Tien continued to attack from the front, Goku and Piccolo both moved as fast as blurs and got behind Raditz. They both charged the long haired saiyan from behind while Tien tried to keep him occupied. Raditz however noticed the strategy and merely bent over and kicked both of his legs back sending both Piccolo and Goku flying away from him. Tien saw his chance and tried to attack the saiyan while he was hovering, with neither of his legs on the ground leaving him vulnerable. Raditz however just vanished as Tien tried to deliver a powerful blow to the long haired saiyan's back. He reappeared behind Tien and gave him a powerful roundhouse kick that sent the three eyed man flying across the crater.

As Goku and Piccolo recovered from the blows they received, they noticed Tien falling on the other side of the crater and he was struggling to stand. The two fighters then flew at the saiyan who was taunting them by returning to flying with his stomach facing the ground. Raditz began to fly up higher into the sky and the two fighters from Earth chanced him into the sky.

Raditz stopped flying and waited for Piccolo and Goku to get closer. He straightened his body and raised both of his hands above his head. He smiled as he saw the two fighters following right for his trap. He proceed to perform an attack called Double Sunday were he launches two powerful purple energy waves from both hands. One wave was launched at each of the fighters flying towards. Piccolo's and Goku's eyes widen as they noticed the deadly energy waves that were heading straight for them.

The both tried to dodge at the last second and Goku was able to completely dodge the entire energy wave. The wave went behind him and destroyed a mountain that was several miles behind him. Piccolo wasn't so lucky, and as he dodged part of the purple wave hit his left arm. Piccolo screamed in pain as the wave went right through his arm like butter and also continued until it hit a mountain, completely destroying it.

As Goku landed on the ground he looked up into the sky trying to find out where the evil saiyan had gone. "Where did he go?" cried out Goku as he searched the skies anxiously. All of a sudden he heard the saiyan's voice.

"Right here," answered Raditz as he appeared right behind Goku. Before Goku could even turn around, Raditz kicked him in the back and sent flying over a hundred feet and then Goku crashed into the ground head first.

Raditz began to laugh manically as Piccolo grabbed what remained of his left arm as he landed on the ground. He kneeled on the ground to help support his injured body. Tien had finally recovered and was helping Goku back up to his feet.

"What's the matter with you three? I thought you would make better sport than this. It must be humiliating to be beaten so easily." Raditz continued to laugh as Tien pulled his friend up.

"How are we going to beat him Goku?" asked Tien as the two fighters looked at the evil saiyan who continued to laugh at the trio.

"I don't know, but we've got to find away to beat him." Goku stood up straight and looked over to where Piccolo was. "Piccolo are you alright?" asked Goku but he and Tien's faces had shocked expressions when they saw the green man. He was holding what remained of his left arm as green blood dripped down onto the ground.

"Well I've been better but I think I'll be okay. I think I can still fight." answered Piccolo as he stood up straight. The three fighters all turned in glared at the evil saiyan who was still laughing his head off and his laughing only doubled when he saw what had happened to Piccolo's left arm.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! Excuse me has anyone seen my arm? You can't miss it, its green! Ha-ha-ha-ha!" The three fighters all glared at the saiyan, Goku was shaking with anger.

"What's wrong, don't tell me you've finished your attack already?" mocked Raditz as he looked at the trio with contempt.

"Hum," huffed Piccolo. "What do you think you guys? Don't either of you have a new ace in the hole that you could use?" Both Tien and Goku glanced over at the green man. Goku laughed a little.

"Sorry wish that I did." Tien just shook his head, his third eye keeping tabs on the long haired saiyan who was watching the three fighters strategize with amusement.

"Ha you slackers. While you two have been taking it easy I've developed a new attack." Both Goku and Tien turned their full attention to Piccolo who had an evil smirk on his face. Their planning was interrupted however by an interjection from a certain saiyan.

"Fools all of your planning will be futile! You're all going to die!" Goku turned his attention back to Piccolo.

"Do you think this new attack of yours will do any damage?" Piccolo nodded.

"Can you do it with only one arm?" asked Tien who was looking at where Piccolo's left arm use to be.

"Yeah that's not the problem. The problem is that it takes me a while to gather the energy for it. You two would have to last alone against him for five minutes, it's up to you."

Goku nodded but Tien continued to stare at the green man. "Alright but are you sure it's going to work?" he asked.

Piccolo let loose an evil smile. "Well I haven't tried it out on anyone, because it's the one I was saving it for Goku."

Goku glanced at the green man, "I see and now you're using it to help me. You must be terribly disappointed."

Piccolo chuckled. "Don't worry if it works then I'll use it on you next time."

Goku laughed. "Alright it's a deal but in the mean time you give me your best okay."

Piccolo nodded. "I will. Good luck Goku, Tien."

Goku turned to look at his three eyed comrade who just merely nodded at his friend. Goku nodded back and both flew at the long haired saiyan. Raditz grinned as he saw the two fighters charging at him. Piccolo in the mean time was beginning to gather the energy necessary for his ultimate attack. He curled his hand into a fist except for his index and middle finger as he brought his hand up to his forehead. His body began to pulsate with energy as he brought as much energy as he could to the tips of his fingers.

While Piccolo was powering up his attack, Tien and Goku hit Raditz with everything they had. They were throwing punches and kicks as fast as they could, but Raditz just evaded every single blow. Then Raditz began fighting back, throwing lightening fast punches and kicks that Goku and Tien couldn't even see. They're bodies were being whipped around by the force of Raditz blows. Finally Raditz kicked Tien away and then delivered a palm strike to Goku's chest that sent him flying back.

As Tien recovered from the blow he had just received, he decided to attack the saiyan with one of his special attacks. He pointed one finger at the saiyan and shouted, "DODON RAY!"

Raditz was warned by his scouter of the rising power level that was behind him. He couldn't believe his scouter when he saw that there was a power level of 1,050 behind him! He turned around to see the shirtless triclops firing a golden finger beam out of his index finger. Raditz leaped into the air and the golden energy beam passed between his legs and continued on till it connected with a mountain and took the entire top half of the mountain off.

Raditz breathed a sigh of relief in till he was alerted once again of another rising power level. Raditz looked up higher into the air where he saw Goku with his hands cupped and a blue ball of energy was forming in between them. "Impossible! His power level is skyrocketing!"


"900, 950, 1,000!"


"Damn! He can raise his power level by concentrating his energy into one spot!" Raditz turned to Piccolo, whose fingers were now glowing gold and his entire body was surrounded by energy. "His power level has gone up as well. It's over a 1,100! Unbelievable and it's still going up!" Raditz turned his head to Tien who was now panting and watching as Goku prepared to launch his Kamehameha. "That three eyed freak also could do this, his power level was over a thousand!"

"HA!" Goku screamed as he released his blue wave at the long haired saiyan. Raditz, who had returned to the ground, tried to run away from the blue energy wave. Goku however just changed the direction of the wave to follow his older brother.

"That's enough of this!" yelled Raditz as he realized he couldn't out run the attack. He turned to face the attack, sticking his right hand out to catch the attack and using his left hand to brace his arm for the impact. Raditz grunted as the attack made contact with his hand as he felt himself being pushed back by the force of the Kamehameha wave. He dug his heels into the ground and continued to try and block the attack as a huge explosion erupted.

The explosion completely obscured Raditz from the trio's sight. Goku smiled as he thought he may have defeated the saiyan or at the least caused some damage. Tien however had no such hopes as he could still feel the saiyan's evil energy. His suspicions were confirmed when the long haired saiyan emerged from the explosion, shaking slightly but otherwise unharmed.

"Ugh," groaned Goku as he saw that the saiyan warrior was unharmed. "He canceled it out."

Raditz lowered his hand, completely forgetting about the injured three eyed man that was behind him and the green man that was beside him. "Brother," yelled Raditz up to Goku, who was hovering in the air in fear. "Let me show you how it's done!" yelled Raditz as he threw as left arm up towards Goku. A ball of violet energy came out of Raditz's hand and flew straight towards Goku. Goku had no time to dodge and he was hit square on by the blast.

Goku slowly fell to the ground and landed with a thud. In a flash Raditz was over him prepared to deliver a devastating blow that would finish his brother. However Goku was saved by Raditz's scouter as it reminded its owner of Piccolo who was done charging his attack. Electricity sparked around the tips of Piccolo's two fingers as they pulsated with a golden energy.

His teeth were bared in concentration as he set his sights on the long haired saiyan. "Let's see you stop this one."

Raditz stared in horror at the green man. "How foolish, I underestimated these guys! Power level 1,400! I can't block that!" Piccolo laughed as he heard the long haired saiyan, he would be able to kill him with this one attack. Raditz snarled. "Alright got on with it you green bean head!"

"It's all yours. Beam cannon fire!" screamed Piccolo as he pointed his fingers at the saiyan. Out from the tip of his fingers came a spiraling orange energy beam. Every one stood in shock at the power of Piccolo's attack. Raditz readied himself and everyone was blinded by a bright white light as the attack got closer to the long haired saiyan. A mountain in the distance exploded and another explosion happened right on top of the area where Goku, Piccolo, and Raditz stood.

Piccolo looked over to where Raditz had been standing when he had fired his attack. As the smoke cleared, he could see the debris of the mountain his attack had just destroyed and then he saw what he had feared. There was Raditz standing slightly to the left of where he had been standing earlier. His right shoulder guard was gone and he had a large burn on his shoulder, but he was not mortally wounded.

"He…he dodged it!" said Piccolo as he stood staring in awe at the saiyan. "He's faster than the speed of light!"

Raditz sneered at Piccolo. "Why that was quite a little trick. Look how easily it pierced my armor. Luckily your aim was a little off. Now I have a trick I would like to show you. Remember, it's the one I was going to show you when we first met!"

Piccolo nodded in fear. "Yeah I know."

Raditz smiled evilly as he raised his hand into the air. "Now, keep your eye on the birdie." The saiyan began to shake as he gathered energy for his attack. A white ball of energy appeared in his hand and it began to give off beams of light. Raditz yelled as he prepared to throw his attack, but as he was about to release the ball of energy in his hand, he felt an immense pain coming from behind.

Raditz turned his head around to find Goku holding his tail. Raditz trembled in pain as he saw his brother laughing as he squeezed on his tail. "You were careless. Ha-ha. I'll never forget how much it hurt when someone squeezed my tail." Goku gave his older brother's tail a good squeeze that brought the older saiyan down onto the ground.

"You shouldn't do that." growled Raditz as he lay on the ground in complete pain.

"Piccolo can you manage that attack one more time?" asked Goku.

Piccolo smiled at his rival's cleverness. "Yes Goku, with pleasure. I see you had a surprise attack after all you sly dog. Hold him tight, this is the last time I can do this." Piccolo brought his two fingers back up to his forehead and began to gather energy again.


Tien watched as Goku held onto the evil saiyan. Tien who was out of energy and had gotten several broken ribs from the last kick he had received from Raditz smiled as he thought they had won. He heard the long haired saiyan beg for mercy from his little brother as Goku held him tightly.

Tien saw Goku's good nature begin to get the best of him. Tien having once been a bad guy knew that if that was him, he would say anything to get away from certain death. Piccolo knew this as well and Tien heard him trying to warn Goku, but it was no use as Goku slowly let go of the saiyan's tail.

Goku was instantly kicked back and Tien watched helplessly as Raditz jumped onto his friend's legs, instantly breaking them. Then Raditz began to stomp on Goku's rib cage breaking every rib in Goku's body. He heard his friend cry out and then Raditz's evil laughter as he continued to torture his brother. Tien was about to go and try and help his friend until he heard a loud explosion coming from the crater.

Out from the crater came a small child that Tien assumed must be Goku's son. The small child looked extremely angry and Raditz's looked completely shocked. Tien looked the kid over again as he felt a huge power coming from him, even stronger than Raditz's! He watched as the kid screamed "Leave my dad alone!" Tien was in complete shock when the super powered kid charged straight at Raditz and severely damaged him with a head butt.

Tien watched in complete shock as the kid fell down to the ground, and Raditz stumbled back a few steps because of the force of the blow. Tien watched in horror as the kid's power suddenly dropped back down, and then Raditz back handed the kid back to the ground. Raditz slowly walked towards the kid who was now unconscious power pulsating in his hand as he prepared to kill the child. Tien looked over to his friend to see Goku trying to move to stop him but couldn't because of his broken legs and ribs.

Tien knew it was time to act and he rushed towards the saiyan at full speed. He managed to lock his arms underneath the long haired saiyan's shoulders making the saiyan unable to attack the kid.

"Why you wretch! I should kill you for interfering you three eyed freak!" Tien could feel the strain in his muscles as he tried to hold the saiyan in place.

"Piccolo!" cried out Tien as he continued to hold the struggling saiyan. "Your attack, hurry do it now!"

Piccolo laughed. "Tien, I didn't know you had it in you. Now hold tight, this will take some time. And don't listen to anything he says."

Tien laughed. "That trick may work on Goku, but it would never work on me. I know exactly how this guys mind works. Now hurry up I can't hold him much longer." Raditz growled as he continued to try and free himself from Tien's iron grip.

"Are you a fool, how do you except to dodge that beam and hold me at the same time?"

Tien laughed at how scared this "warrior" was of death. "Ha your right, I guess will both have to go huh."

"What! Are you a fool?" yelled Raditz as he struggled with Tien. "You'll get killed. Are you nuts?"

"It's the only way we can beat you!"

"Hold on Tien, I'm almost ready." informed Piccolo. "So your going down with the ship. We'll forgive me for not trying to stop you but it's convenient for me."

Tien laughed. "Well even though you have one strong fighter out of the way, you still have Goku to worry about so I'm not too worried."

Piccolo admired the three eyed fighter's courage. He was staring death straight in the face. Welcoming it in fact, just so they could save the Earth from this evil saiyan.

"Piccolo, my ribs are broken hurry!" Tien used the last of his strength and knew it was only a matter of time before the saiyan would be able to escape from his grip.

Piccolo answered the brave warrior, "I'm almost there Tien, just hang on." Raditz checked the green man's power level as Piccolo neared finishing the charging for his attack.

"What! 1,500! If that hits we're finished!" cried out Raditz. "Hey freak, we're both going to be history if you don't let me go right now!"

"You seem a little scared there. And if you want someone to do something nice for you then you might not want to call them a freak."

"Are you crazy? Don't sacrifice your life for these pathetic earth dogs. I can tell you're not from this planet. You're far to strong and the third eye kind of gives it away." pleaded Raditz.

"Actually I am one of those earth dogs! Now prepare yourself for the next dimension you coward!"

"Prepare yourself Tien it's time!" Tien yelled as he poured every last ounce of strength he had into holding Raditz down.

"Special Beam Cannon Fire!" The spiraling orange energy beam sped towards the two struggling warriors. The beam first went through Raditz's heart and the long haired saiyan had his mouth open and his face was one of shock. He couldn't believe he was going to be killed by three total weaklings! The beam went straight through Tien's heart as well and continued on as far as the eye could see.

As the beam ended, both the saiyan and the three eyed fighter dropped to the ground, lifeless.

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