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Chapter One: Wah?

Another typical day in Clover Country; it was a sunny day for some reason as Alice walked towards the circus tent. Sounds of people laughing and shouting and scents of cotton candy and funnel cakes filled the air. Alice stretched out her arms, feeling that today nothing will go wrong. Maybe. . .

Alice was meeting up with all of the role-holders at the circus because in the rules, one of the role-holders must hold an event from time to time and today the Jokers were going to hold a circus performance for all of them. She went ahead to meet early with Boris and the twins to play some games before the show started. She walked towards the trio.

"Hey Boris!" said Alice in a cheerful tone. Boris didn't look particularly happy to be at the Joker's place, but if Alice was happy, he was happy.

"Hey Alice, wanna play some mini games before the show goes on?" Boris wagged his cat tail at the girl as the twins munched on cotton candy.

"Sure!" Alice followed the three chatting and avoiding any of the weapons Dee and Dum tried to pull out at her. Finally, it was time for the show and the four of them met up with the role-holders. They had special seats in the front rows.

Vivaldi was squealing happily as she held a cute stuffed elephant while Peter had a scowl on his face (because he was too far away from Alice haha). Ace had his stupid and goofy smile on and Boris mad scary faces towards Pierce, who was hiding behind Gowland. Blood looked pissed off as Dee and Dum annoyed Elliot. Alice sat in between Julius and Gray, who were both giving each other death glares. And Nightmare sat the end, reading the role-holders' minds, chuckling at their thoughts.

Suddenly a loud voice came up on the speakers. The lights dimmed leaving a lone spotlight in the center of the tent. Faceless people murmured as excitement started to build up.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (AND ALICE)," Alice rolled her eyes as the Jokers made this announcement. "WE GIVE YOU A PERFORMANCE OF A LIFETIME!" Confetti fell everywhere and the performance started (You guys can make up any scene you want. I have no idea what performances there should be, besides elephants haha).

It was already the end of the show and the Jokers had a good magic trick up their sleeves. They were supposed to change an apple into a bird (haha), but something strange happened. After white-san flicked his whip at the apple, a bright light came up and the whole crowd started to scream. The role-holders shielded their eyes as they light grew brighter and brighter. Then the light faded. Nothing happened; the apple was still an apple. The Jokers broke a small sweat of nervousness, but they bowed and the crowd still cheered.

"That was strange," Boris said in a suspicious tone. After the show, all of the role-holders went backstage to speak to the two men.

"F***! You F***** messed up the performance!" Black-san was furious yelling at White-san.

"Me? How did I mess it up? You probably messed my whip, the reason why the apple didn't transform!"

"F*** YOU!" Black-san stormed out and pushed through the role-holders and went back to his prison (where he whipped and tortured his prisoners, poor them. . .haha).

After White-san regained his composure he faced the role-holders. "So, how was the show?"

"It could have been worse," said Boris with a smirk on his face. "We liked the dagger knives that were thrown at the horses!" said the bloody twins with lust in their eyes.

"It was stupid and filthy," said Peter (still annoyed that he didn't get to sit next to Alice.)

"No need to be the critic Peter," said White-san slightly offended. "By the way, where is Alice?" All of the role-holders grew wide eyed, realizing that Alice wasn't with them.

"ALICE MY LOVE!" Peter was panicking and ran out of the tent to look for her. All of the role-holders scrambled leaving Ace and White-san backstage. "Why aren't you looking?" asked white-san. "Why should I?" said Ace with his usual goofy smile. White-san shrugged and went to his trailer to rest a bit.

"Alice! Alice! Where are you?" Gray looked frantically along with Nightmare. "Where would she go?" Hearing this question, Julius paused. "Black-san." Gray gave a look and his eyes-widened. All three rushed to the prison.

Boris and Pierce were in the forest yelling Alice's name while Blood was actually panicking, searching for the girl as well. The mafia family looked around the area of the circus, pushing faceless people out of the way. Vivaldi looked more closely towards the cute items, thinking that Alice might have been hiding near them or looking at them.

Meanwhile, no one looked inside the tent. In the front row where they sat was a tiny girl around the age of five. She was adorable, cute, and any words to describe a five year old. It was Alice (more like Alice-chan); D. Her clothes transformed into a cute puffy casual dress that was pink with a ribbon on the front. Her hair was all the way to her waist, held up by two pink ribbons the sides of her head.

Alice-chan eyed the whip that was lying in the middle of the tent.

(Back to Julius, Gray and Nightmare): The three of them rushed over to the prison thinking Black-san was holding Alice captive. But unfortunate for them, he wasn't. They had interrupted his whipping session on the prisoners (sounds sooo. . . hahaha I don't even want to think about it!) Black-san spread a few cuss words into the air before shoving the three outside.

"Where could she be?" Gray and Julius were irritated; Nightmare read their minds still chuckling.

Ace casually walked back into the tent seeing if anyone left "valuables" behind for him to take. As he walked in, he saw Alice-chan. He eyed her as she was chewing on the whip and pretending that it was a snake.

"Alice?" Ace walked curiously towards the little girl.

Alice giggled at Ace. "Pretty boy!" was the first sentence that came out of her mouth. Ace smiled (ooo a plan forming!).

"Are you my oni-chan?" said the girl in a cute voice. Ace couldn't help but smile and laugh at the girl. "Yes I am, Alice-chan!" The girl dropped the whip and squealed at Ace. She spread her arms out to him and he invitingly picked her up and hugged her. "Oni-chan! Alice-chan wants to play!" Ace smiled even more, an evil plot already forming. "Okay Alice-chan! Here, why don't we find more oni-chans (and onee-san haha) to play with us?" Alice smiled and giggled, "Okay!"

Ace propped Alice onto his shoulders finding all the puzzled and frantic role-holders at White-san's trailer.

"We looked everywhere for her but she's gone! chu~" said Pierce. As soon as Pierce said this, Ace appeared with the cute little girl.

"Oni-chan, oni-chan! Are they playing with us?" said the five year old, happiness filling up in her eyes. Ace nodded his head putting Alice down to introduce her. The role-holders looked confused wondering why Ace brought a little girl.

"You stupid knight, why are you kidnapping little girls that aren't even cute?" said Peter with disgust.

Alice's eyes started to water up. "Alice-chan is not cute?" All the role-holders' eyes grew wide at the five year old. "Shhh. . don't cry" said Ace trying to comfort her. "See, you didn't let me introduce her. Guys, meet Alice-chan!" The girl sobbed after the introduction, leaving each of the role-holders in shock.

"I hate that oni-chan!" sobbed Alice as she pointed at Peter.

"Haha I guess Alice doesn't even like you as a five year old!" said Ace with a smile on his face.

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