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Chapter 13: Poof! That's all!

Julius, the exhausted and workaholic clockmaker looked at the role-holders, with glaring eyes. He held Alice in one arm while dragging Gray's unconscious body in the other. Nightmare was standing behind him, holding a bloody handkerchief. Black-san walked over to White-san.

"These f***** b****** interrupted my 'alone' time!" he cussed into the air and basically everyone there started scolding him except for Ace, White-san, and Blood. Ace yawned and left the tent to get some popcorn... but he got lost. . . (now back to what they were talking about)!

"Why would you even cuss at a five year old?" said Julius, his voice starting to get loud.

"It's your damn fault!" said Black-san, cussing again.

"Stop it! It's bad enough that she has seen you do 'that', now she has the ability to actually cuss!" said Julius. He dropped Gray onto the ground and put Alice-chan on her feet.

"What do you mean by 'that'?" asked Peter. Julius whispered into his ear and Peter blushed, and pulled out his gun. "You evil, sick and twisted man!" he started to shoot at Black who brought his whip out.

The other role-holders watched in awe as the two were having a duel. Vivaldi was yelling at them to keep order, but no one listened. Ace, the bloody twins, and Boris egged them on while Blood and Julius just scoffed at them. Elliot's ears just dropped, smacking his forehead with his hand. White-san on the other hand wasn't too happy about this.

"CAN YOU GUYS NOT DO THIS IN MY TENT!" roared White-san. He may be the nicer side of Joker, but he will not tolerate noise. Everyone froze.

"He f****** started it!" Black-san yelled. He didn't even want to listen to the other's complaints and walked over to the trailer and shut the door.

"How dare he!" said Peter with a discouraged face. He went to Alice-chan. "Alice-chan~~ Are you okay? He didn't do anything weird to you, did he?"

The little girl shook her head. "No he didn't. He had sex with a woman though. He was putting his p***** into the woman. And he said f*** a lot. Is he a different kind of pedo-pedophile? Is he a raping pedophile?" The little girl said most of what she learned from the role-holders into one saying.

All of their mouths went wide open. (Except for Gray, he was still lying on the ground passed out.)

"Alice-chan?" Gowland had eyes wide open at the girl. "Where did you learn that stuff?"

"Mary oba-chan~" giggled Alice. She ran over to him and hugged him. Pierce and Elliot were in shock, and soon they joined Gray onto the floor of the circus tent.

White-san started laughing along with the twins, Boris, and Nightmare while Blood, Julius, and Vivaldi were as frigid as ice.

"Oba-chan, did I do something wrong?" The little girl gave an innocent look and a cute tilt to her head. Gowland's eyes flew up into flames.

"BLOOD! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" He immediately brought out his violin/gun and started shooting recklessly at the mafia boss. He was able to shoot his hat off, but after that, Blood took out his gun and started shooting at Gowland.

Alice-chan started giggling at the scene. She thought they were 'playing'. Then, one of Gowland's stray bullets almost hit White-san.

"Watch where you're shooting!" said White-san with an angry look on his face. He started to shoot at Gowland. It was two to one and Boris wanted it to be a fair fight so he joined in on it too.

"The old man's not gonna die here. Not here, not now!" said Boris as he started shooting at Blood and White-san. "Cool! Let's join brother!" said Dee. "Yes, let's!" said Dum with excitement written all over his face. They switched into adult forms and started shooting at anyone except for Blood. Peter was almost shot at and due to his instincts, he started shooting as well. It turned out to be a huge fight. Many stray bullets flew out of the tent, hitting random faceless people.

"Stop shooting so carelessly! I'm going to have a lot of work!" said Julius with annoyance written all over his face. If they kept shooting at this rate, his desk would be over flowing with clocks by now.

"This is barbaric! We will not join this fight, come Alice-chan!" said Vivaldi who was not interested in getting her hands dirtied by men.

"But-but-but I wanna stay! Julius onii-chan!" whined Alice-chan. She ran across the fight and towards the clockmaker, who was standing next to the three passed out people. As she was doing this she was careless. She tripped and bullets were flying everywhere.

"Onii-chan!" cried Alice. Julius saw her and ran over to her, shielding her and walking away with her at the same time from the fight.

Suddenly, a stray bullet hit the trailer that Black-san walked into. He stepped out, eyes all red and mad. He held his jacket with a bullet hole in his left hand and held his long whip in his right hand.

"Someone is going to get hurt tonight!" he roared. Everyone was too busy fighting (or for Vivaldi, she was drinking tea and watching the fight) to see that he was going to whip them.

When Julius walked with Alice away from the scene, Black-san cracked his whip and bright light surged towards the two.

"AHHHHH!" They both screamed on instinct when they saw the whip headed their way.

"ALICE-CHAN!" screamed Vivaldi. She saw the whip heading their way. But it was too late and bright light blinded everyone in the circus tent.

When the bright light finally died down, all the role-holders seemed to be dazed (except for the three that were still passed out.)

"Alice?" Black-san had no idea what his whip had done. When he looked over to where Julius and Alice were, his eye went wide open. "S***!"

They were still there, but Alice and Julius had transformed into tweens! Julius looked like he was about thirteen while Alice looked like she was eleven years old.

"What am I doing here?" asked Alice in an annoyed tone. Julius had a nonchalant face on. "Yeah, what are we doing here?"

"Alice! Alice! You're alright!" said Peter with joy. He was about to hug attack her, but she kicked him the shin and yelled "pervert" at him. "Why Alice? Don't you remember anything?"

"No I do not! Now get away from me!" shouted Alice. Peter came to his senses and realized that Alice and Julius were not the right ages. "Nooo! Alice! It's your fault!" He aimed his gun at everyone and started the shooting brawl again. Everyone was too distracted to see Ace sneak into the tent. He finally arrived.

"What did I miss?" Ace looked at the two young tweens. "Oh, I see now." He smiled at them.

"What up with the creepy smile?" said Julius. He looked annoyed and his face said 'I really don't want to be here right now'.

Ace just grinned and picked up the two. "HEY!" they both yelled and kicked.

"Aww! Look at our baby, Alice-chan! She grew up!" said Ace in a teasing voice. "And you too Julius! It seems like you grew a up a bit haha!"

The two tweens tried to struggle out of the knight's grip, but it was no use.

After two hours of non-stop shooting, the role-holders stopped and took a breather. They looked at each other with glares before resting again. The three that had passed out finally woke up. Gray looked around. "Where's Alice-chan?"

It hit everyone really hard on the head. She's gone. . . along with Julius. . . and Ace isn't in the tent. . .


The End!

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