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Chapter 3:

Explanations; Will they reject me?

"Come with me, all of you," Dr. Stein ordered, "I believe that Miss Griffin owes us some explanations."

The eight of us followed Dr. Stein to our classroom. I grabbed my laptop from under my desk and sat one the professor's favorite chair, since it had been abandoned at the moment. When I saw his furious face, I just giggled and said, "No, MY chair!"

"It's no use, Dr. Stein. Once she sets her heart on something, there's no stopping her. Unless you know her weakness." Liz clarified as he tried to pry me off.

"What's her weakness?" The poor scientist asked, as he had even tried bribing me with $50, which I took and stuffed in my bra. Liz shrugged.

"Let me try," Kid stated as he walked over. He grabbed one of my arms that was blocking my body, forced me still, and tickled me.


"Will you give Dr. Stein his chair back?" I just noticed that Kid's face was extremely close to mine. Blushing, I whispered,

"Yeah… Just… Um…" Kid noticed too, and blushed slightly. He let go of my arm and I stood up, walking over to my desk-row, and lying down on the tops. The others were in shock.

"I know her tickle spot. So what? I've lived with this girl for the last three years, so why shouldn't I know?" Kid asked, bringing them to reality. My computer played a little song clip from I'm With You by Avril Lavigne.

"Sophia, you yourself said you would explain some things to us so, explain," Dr. Stein said, now thoroughly curious as to what I would say. Sighing, I started to tell them my story. My past.

"Well… When I was younger, I was nine, my parents were killed. I had a little brother named Ian. They were killed by a Kishin. I ran, and kept running. I tripped multiple times…



I was running. I didn't know where I was but I kept going.


I have to get away!


I tripped again, for the 268th time.


I have to get up!


He'll catch me! Get up, Sophia!


"My heart…"


"… I can't…"


"… Get away…"



"… the Kishin…"


He's got me… but I… I cannot be afraid. Mama and Papa… and my brother… Images of their spirits flashed through my mind. Papa and brother had blue spirits, I think that was the name of the color. Mama had a purple one, and mine… mine was different… I looked at the Kishin, and saw his red soul bounce up and down. Tears fell off of my face.


"I am not afraid."

I stood, heart steadily beating. The Kishin looked human, from what I could see. Though he had razor-sharp nails and cat aspects. I could tell from his wavelength that he was confused. I had just realized something.

"Are you truly not afraid?" He asked, his voice watery.

"Yes. I am not afraid of you. We are alike, you and I. We have no one to care for us. Most people reject me the second they meet me, and I don't know why. I think that the same thing happens to you, and that's why you hunt down the blue souls. I am not afraid. I want to be… your friend?" I asked.

"Yes. That would be nice." I started to feel fever-ish as I walked over to this Kishin. I fell over onto him as everything went dark…

End Flashback

I had told them everything from when I made friends with the Kishin. Except I didn't tell them about the souls. I kept quiet.

"Later on, that same Kishin and I made a permanent camp by a lake, near a village. When I was young, I had a strange… disease, I guess. I was color-blind, and I couldn't see people. They all looked like gray stick-figures, but I could see souls."

"How much can you learn from souls when you look at them?" Maka asked.

"How much does Dr. Stein learn?" I grinned as I came up with a brilliant part of my story, Heart Journal. I giggled as I re-read what I had just typed. It's so cute!

"What's so funny?" Soul asked.

"Nothing's funny. I just typed down the MOST romantic moment in the HISTORY of romantic moments!" I looked at Soul, "Want to hear it?"

"Is it rated Blair?" He joked.

"I don't think it's even close to that."

"Then, yeah, sure." The others nodded. They were curious.

"Okay, well one character is named Mitsuki and the other is Allen, and they were arguing when Mitsuki accidentally blurted that she loved Allen, there was an awkward silence, then Mitsuki asks, 'Do you like me?' Allen says 'No.' Mitsu: 'Do you think I'm pretty?' Allen: 'No.' …' Do you want to be with me?' … 'No.' … 'Would you care if I left?' … 'No." The others looked a bit surprised, especially Tsubaki and Maka.

"Mitsu turns and runs, crying, but Allen grabs her arm and forces her to look at him. He says, 'I don't like you. I love you. I don't think you're pretty. I think that you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you. I need to be with you. I wouldn't care if you left. I would DIE if you left.' Then they kiss." Tsubaki was in tears.

I smiled and said, " Almost any girl would LOVE to hear this from a guy. LOVE. Seriously."

"Can we get back to the topic at hand, please?" Dr. Stein asked.

"A month after Kish and I- Yes I nicknamed a Kishin Kish- had made our camp, I discovered a nearby village, cut off from technology. I had just bought some food when a girl that was eight ran into my nine-year-old self…"

Another Flashback

"Ah! I'm so sorry Miss!"

"It's my fault!" My stomach growled as I started to pick up the fallen food, "Ugh my stomach…"

"Looks like you're hungry! I was just heading home to eat… Want to come with me?"

"Thank you. And yes, please, let me come with you!" We laughed as if we had known each other forever. I wonder what she looks like…I followed her to her house as I smelled something good. My mouth started to water.

"Momma's making stew, and garlic bread! MOMMA! I BROUGHT OVER A FRIEND!"

"OKAY!" A lady's gray figure popped through a door that must have lead to the kitchen.

"Hello there. My name is Sophia." I introduced myself and curtsied. The older woman giggled a bit and said, " Nice to meet you Sophia. Are you staying for dinner?"

"If it's okay…" I whispered. My stomach growled and the lady noticed quickly.

"It's okay as long as you're hungry!" She said in a singsong voice. A few hours later, we all sat down to eat dinner. Just after, the kind girl that I learned was named Scarlet gave me a beautiful, old-looking mirror. (http:/ thumbs. dreamstime. com/ thumb large _ 527/12808 81169Zk930X .jpg)

"It's for you! I want you to always remember me!" Scarlet said.

"But I'll be coming back to play again. You sound like I won't come back."

"I get dreams that always come true. Usually. You won't be coming back. I know so." I gave her a sad look.

"I know how that feels. It happens to me too."

So I went home to Kish, saddened by losing my new friend. I prepared some food for him and got in bed early. I stared at my face in the mirror, the only face I had ever known. A number popped up in my head and I fogged up the mirror.

"…42-42-564..." Nothing seemed to happen, so I went to sleep.

End Flashback

"The next day was the first time I met Kid." I explained.

"You said 'first.' What does that mean?" Maka asked, immediately noticing what I said.

"Well, I didn't start living with him right away." I said, before continuing, "It was really weird…" Kid had a sudden interest with his pants


"Kish, I'm going to go take a bath, okay?" I informed my friend. He nodded, and continued trying to catch fish. I grabbed a towel and some organic soap. After making my way to the pond that was close to the lake, I stripped and got in. The water was cool. I scrubbed my body hard with the soap. Slowly, but surely, the dirt came off my skin. After about a half an hour, I was finished cleaning my body. I started to clean my hair, standing at my full height, my chest just above the water. I kept my back to the camp where Kish was, when I heard a rustling.

"Hello? Anyone there? Or is it just a rabbit?" Out of the bushes came a boy with two pistols. I was shocked. He had an extremely strong soul wavelength. He couldn't have been more than two years older than me, judging from his face and height. He stared at me, looking bored, when his face suddenly turned red. It took me a moment to realize why.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed, ducking so far into the water that only from my nose, up could be seen.

"What's wrong Sophie?" I heard Kish call. I brought my mouth above the water.

"IT'S A MEISTER! RUN KISHIN!" I yelled, not thinking about using his nickname.

"Heh. So there's my target." The strange boy said, his cat-like yellow eyes glinting as a smirk crossed his face. What a minute…

"OHMIGODS HE HAS A FACE AND I CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE COLOR OF HIS EYES!" I screamed, before slapping hands over my mouth. Kish ran up next to my spot in the pond.

"Kish, I told you to run!"

"If he is a meister, and he finds out what you are, he'll take you away… or…" He trailed off, not wanting to think of what the other possibility was.

"Too late Kishin." The boy said, before shooting Kish in the chest. I watched in terror as he faded into a red soul.

"Why? Why did you have to kill him?" I shouted at the stranger as his weapons turned human. Then I noticed something. I can see his face but not theirs…

"His soul had become home to a Kishin egg. I had to stop him before he got even worse." I grabbed my towel, put it around me, as I got out of the pond, and got in the taller boy's face.

"He stopped eating human souls when he became my friend…" I whispered, trying to keep the tears out of my voice. It didn't work. I walked over to Kish's soul.

"What are you doing?" The boy asked as he saw what I was about to do.

"Kish wouldn't want his soul to belong to one of your kind." I felt tears go down my face as I ate his soul. I felt instantly better after that.

"Maybe I should eat souls more often…"

"Don't. You would turn into a Kishin. The fact that you were able to both see and eat that soul makes me certain that you're a weapon. Therefore you need to come with me."

"I can't." I stated, walking back to camp. His silent weapons and himself followed me.

"Why not?"

"I promised."

"You promised the Kishin?"


"How were you two even able to become friends?"

"None of your bee's wax."

"I am a Grim Reaper, so that makes it my right to know."

"I am a weapon with magical talent for some unexplainable reason and I can curse you."

"You can't curse a Grim Reaper."

"How much you want to bet?" He froze as I turned around again to continue our dispute.

"Listen here, I lost everyone that I loved to that Kishin though through some act of insanity I made friends with him and he became someone I loved, the person you just destroyed, and how we became friends is no business of yours, unless you are my brother, which I highly doubt." He stared into my eyes.


"Fine." I answered. He stalked off. After a moment I looked back after him, unsure as to the decision I made.

End Flashback

"Wait, so Kid saw you shirtless?" Everyone exclaimed. I laughed, Kid blushed a deep enough red I thought he may have been trying to suffocate himself.

"Why is that so funny?" Tsubaki asked.

"The looks on your faces was priceless…" I muttered, still smiling, "But yeah, Kid saw me shirtless. But it was long enough ago that it doesn't really bug me anymore." I said.

"Are you going to continue?" Kid asked, refusing to look me in the face.

"Yeah. But look at who feels betrayed!" I laughed some more.

"You swore you would never speak of it!" Kid glared at me.

"Pfft. You saw~"


"You saw Me~" We continued this way for a few moments, which included me chasing Kid out of the room. Once the others had us back in the classroom, I had to keep explaining.

"Okay, okay. Well, about 2 months later, I met Kid again. I still had my weird 'disease' but I could still see Kid's face. When I saw him again I was on a bridge, had just lost everything and I sang in the darkness while I cried. Then I saw Kid, basically begged him to take me here, hoping he would keep the offer he had given me, and I started living with him."

"What was the name of that song?" Kid asked.

"Can I sing it?"

"… Fine." Dr. Stein allowed. I fist pumped and started the song on my laptop, standing one the middle row of desks.

I'm standing on the bridge

I'm waiting in the dark

I thought that you'd be here, by now

There's nothing but the rain

No footsteps on the ground

I'm listening but there's no sound

Isn't anyone trying to find me?

Won't somebody come take me home?

It's a damn, cold, night

Trying to figure out this life

Won't you, take me by the hand

Take me somewhere new

I don't know who you are but I,

I'm with you

I'm with you


I'm looking for a place

I'm searching for a face

Is anybody here, I know?

'Cause nothing's going right

And everything's a mess

And no one like's to be alone

Isn't anyone trying to find me?

Won't somebody come take me home?

It's a damn, cold, night

Trying to figure out this life

Won't you, take me by the hand

Take me somewhere new

I don't know who you are, but I,

I'm with you

I'm with you

Yeah yeah…


Why is everthing so confusing?

Maybe I'm just out of my mind

Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, YEAH!

It's a damn, cold night

Trying to figure out this life

Won't you, take me by the hand, take me somewhere new?

I don't know who you are, but I



Take me by the hand, take me somewhere new

I don't know who you are, but I,



Take me by the hand take me somewhere new

I don't know who you are, but I

I'm with you

I'm with you

I'm with you…

The song ended. I knew what I had to face next.

"Guys, I'm-"

"-going to go back to the cafeteria to get more cake with me!" Dr. Stein interrupted. I jumped down and left the room with him as I remembered the cake.

"Sophia, you don't have to tell them yet if you don't want to." Dr. Stein said.


The past is revealed! MUHAHAHAHAAHAHA!

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