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Chloe smiled at the doorman as she walked in. She hit the elevator button and hoped it would be a while. Damn. It opened immeadiatly. She sighed and stepped in, pressing 18 as the doors closed.

Chloe had been to the apartment plenty of times, but mostly just to meet with Jasmine and Alek. This time, however, she had received a text from a number she hadn't recognized. It had turned out to be Valentina, and she wanted to meet with her. Chloe had no idea what she was meeting with her about, and she was practically trembling. She liked Valentina, but the woman could come across harsh. Their relationship was nothing like Chloe's and her mom's. Valentina made Chloe realize why Jasmine could come off as harsh sometimes.

The elevator dinged. Chloe took a deep breath, stepped out, and knocked on the only door on the floor. She heard Alek grumbling from inside about being early. He opened the door.

"You're ear-" Alek stopped as he saw who was there, "Chloe. I thought you wer- What are you doing here?" Alek asked surprised.

Chloe stood there for seconds just staring. Alek was only wearing a towel, his hair still soaking wet. "Valentina asked to see me." Chloe was sure her face was turning bright red.

Alek's eyes showed recognition. "Oh," he said. Chloe was pretty sure he knew why she was here. Everyone always knew before her.

"Can I come in?" Chloe raised her eyebrow at him.

"er…yeah." Alek said realizing he had been blocking the door.

Chloe walked in and saw Valentina talking on the phone. She motioned to Chloe to wait a minute, as she walked in to her office. Chloe made a beeline for the couch, needing to sit down. She was way to flustered around Alek.

"I'm ah…I need to…yeah…" Alek said awkwardly motioning at the door of his room, feeling just as awkward. Not that he was uncomfortable with how he looked, he just hadn't expected Chloe to be at the door. Alek did not like being caught off guard.

Chloe sat on the couch thinking about Alek. She was finding herself falling for him more and more. He was a large part of the reason she hadn't talked to Brian for a month.

Chloe had always found the blonde jock attractive, and when he had spoken to her two years ago, she had had a crush on 'the new kid' for a while at the point. But when he didn't speak to her again she had been crushed, and decided he was an asshole jock. Of course now she wondered if the real reason he hadn't spoken to her was because he was Mai. Humans were off limits after all. Chloe could help but realize her crush was back, and it was back more than ever. She was wondering if what she was feeling was love. Certainly seeing him dripping wet in only a towel hadn't helped those feelings. She just hoped he hadn't hear how fast her heart had sped up.

Of course Alek hadn't noticed her heart speed up. He had been too focused on his own rapid hearbeat. He stepped in to his room and quickly texted his friends. They would have to find a different place to watch the game. He had to "help his Aunt."

He turned to his closet, deciding on what to wear. The t-shirt and shorts he had decided on pre-shower were no longer going to cut it. He pulled out a navy blue button down shirt and a pair of jeans that he knew put an extra emphasis on his back side. He rolled the sleeves of the shirt up, and left an extra button undone. He winked at himself in the mirror, making 'finger guns' at his reflection. Looking good, Alek. He heard his phone buzz. Most of the guys had responded to his text earlier, but he was still waiting for one more reply. He checked the text:

Tyler: Chloe's there isn't she? *Pounce*

Alek groaned. Tyler was probably his closest friend, but he could be a pain in the ass. He played basketball with Alek, but he was also one of the few Main in San Francisco. Alek's phone buzzed again:

Tyler: If you don't I will ;)

Alek growled, and shot a text off:

Alek: Stay away from her.

Tyler: Meow! Haha :P

Alek smirked. Alek: You think you're hilarious.

Tyler: I do. Hey! You need a wingman?

Alek: Jasmine's not home.

Tyler: Damn. Nevermind.

Alek chuckled. Tyler had been infatuated with Jasmine forever, but Jasmine had a stick up her butt. She had always been too focused on her "Mai duties." Things seemed to be changing, though. Chloe seemed to be able to pull Jasmine out of her shell more.

Alek left his room and flopped onto the couch next to Chloe.

Chloe eyed him, raising her eyebrow. "Got a date?" She asked, trying to hide the jealousy in her voice. She noticed he looked especially good today.

"Nope. Just chilling." Alek said as he lounged on the couch. He leaned back, getting comfortable, and laid his arm on the back of the sofa, around Chloe's shoulders.

Chloe rolled her eyes, but made no move to remove his arm. "So, who are you waiting for?" Chloe asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Huh?" Alek asked confused, then realized he was referring to his greeting at the door, "Oh, I was supposed to have some guys from school over, but they're not coming anymore."

Chloe blushed, embarrassed. "You didn't tell them not to come because of me, did you? I'm just here to speak to Valentina. If you're embarrassed to be seen with me, I can wait in her office."

Alek was shocked. "I'm not embarrassed to be seen with you. Something just came up." He said vaguely.

"Oh." Chloe spoke, turning redder. After a moments silence, she turned to Alek. "I didn't know you hung out with your Jocko friends outside of school."

"I didn't join the basketball team just for shits and giggles. Just because I'm Mai doesn't mean I don't live a mostly normal life. I just run around on roof tops after hours." He smirked at her.

Chloe laughed. "Then how come you seem to have such an issue with my being friends with humans?"

"Amy and Paul? Amy comes off incredibly strong, and Paul thinks I'm a superhero." Alek sighed.

"Most people would like to be superheroes. But I was thinking more like other humans." Chloe said.

"Brian? I would hardly call your relationship with him a friendship." Alek growled. "And you're not supposed to be with him."

"Why not!" Chloe asked. "Who are you to dictate who I'm supposed to be with?" It wasn't so much about Brian. She was done with Brian. But it was the principle of the thing.

"You're Mai. He's not. You kiss him, he dies. One way or another, you're going to end up hurt." Alek said in a low voice, looking into her eyes. This was serious, she needed to recognize it. "I don't want to see you get hurt."

"Too late." Chloe stated rather unemotionally.

"What did he do?" Alek growled.

"He told me he loved me. And I told him I didn't feel the same way. I couldn't lie to him. He didn't react to that well. He acted like an ass. For a week he came in every other day to the store with this girl, trying to make me jealous. I haven't seen or spoken to him in a month." Chloe said. She wasn't crying. She barely felt anything when she thought of Brian, now. She thought she knew him, but when he couldn't handle the fact that she didn't love him, and then he tried to make her jealous, it had only made her mad.

"I'm…sorry." Alek said, unsure what to say. He wasn't used to being at a loss for words. He had never felt so flustered around a girl. He hadn't earned the nickname Cocky Bastard for nothing.

"Don't be. It opened my eyes. I don't think I ever really care about him. It just seemed to be a piece of normal at the point when my life was anything but." Chloe smiled at him.

Valentina walked in. "Sorry. Why don't we talk in my office, Chloe."

Chloe took a deep breath. Alek reached out and squeezed Chloe's hand, relaxing her. He could tell she was tense. It didn't surprise him. His aunt wasn't the most cuddly person.

Chloe followed the older Mai. Chloe sat down on a leather couch in the office, trying to make herself as comfortable as possible.

"So, Chloe," Valentina started, taking the seat next to her, "Have you ever heard of a coming out party?"

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